Mondli Makhanya: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is no dainty daisy

One thing most people can agree on when it comes to Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is that she has no problem with being disliked.

2020-06-01 07:30:00 AM

The idea that holding Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to account is an “attack” on her is ludicrous. One thing must be clear: South Africa is not some absolute monarchy where the powerful are immune from criticism, writes Mondli Makhanya

One thing most people can agree on when it comes to Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is that she has no problem with being disliked.

If ever there was a politician with the hide of a rhino, it is Dlamini-Zuma, and smiling is not something that comes naturally to her.A recent study by a reputable research institute compared the number of times she smiled with the number of times former ANC spokesperson Carl Niehaus told the truth.

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Carl Niehaus. Picture: Felix Dlangamandla/Netwerk24The research, soon to be published in an academic journal, found that Niehaus told the truth more often than Dlamini-Zuma smiled. So it comes as a great surprise that people are rallying around her and asking for her to be protected from “attacks” related to controversial Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown decisions.

Her supporters’ response to the barrage of criticism of her has been nothing short of hysterical.The SA Communist Party (SACP) said it had come to the conclusion that the “attacks on Dlamini-Zuma were underpinned by dubious intentions” intended “to project the Cabinet as divided and pit the president against the minister or vice versa”.

Sounding a clarion call, the SACP urged the ANC-led tripartite alliance “and all formations of our movement to close ranks, and decisively confront and expose the attacks on Dr Dlamini-Zuma for what they are – a divisive agenda that seeks to weaken the entire ANC-led movement and divert government from leading the fight against the coronavirus pandemic”.

A bit much, wouldn’t you say?The ever-calm and considered ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte was her usual rational and measured self when she told the tobacco industry to “back off”.““As far as I’m concerned, this woman, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has done more for this country than the tobacco industry has or will do for any country, anywhere in the world, ever again, other than making people ill,” the epitome of serenity said.

Jesse Duarte Picture: Denzil Maregele“So, why don’t you back off? Why don’t you allow us, as country, as a nation, to make a democratic choice and decide who we want as our leadership? And we’ve done so. We chose her.”She even got support from the EFF’s Julius Malema, who said the party had “been observing an unnecessary attack on Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. It’s nonsensical and unacceptable.”

And so it went on and on. On social media, in newspaper columns and on radio stations.It was almost as if a dainty daisy who could not defend herself was being roughed up by schoolyard bullies. How legitimate challenges of contentious government measures were seen as an attack and attempt to destabilise governance is beyond comprehension.

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And how one of the most seasoned politicians on the continent became a hapless victim is a mystery.It is worth going back in history to understand the person we are talking about.Dlamini-Zuma has been active in politics since her student leadership days in the early 1970s, when she faced up to the worst elements of the repressive apartheid state.

After going into exile later in the decade, she rose in the ranks of the banned ANC and, by the time it was unbanned in 1990, she was considered to be one of the grandees of the liberation movement.When she was minister of health during Nelson Mandela’s presidency, she took on the most powerful interests – including the tobacco industry – and mostly won.

As foreign minister under Thabo Mbeki, she had to be at the front line when defending some policy positions, such as the policy of quiet diplomacy towards Zimbabwe, that put her on a collision course with world powers.She hardly ever flinched.The decision by South Africa that Dlamini-Zuma put her name in the hat to chair the African Union (AU) Commission earned the country and the candidate scorn from many quarters as it was breaking the protocol that said powerful countries should never contest.

One thing most people can agree on when it comes to Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is that she has no problem with being dislikedMondli MakhanyaThere was major mobilisation against her across the continent. When she did win, she became one of the most unpopular heads of the AU in its history.

She didn’t care and rammed all the necessary reforms down the throats of a dysfunctional bureaucracy.The downside of this was that, even though she improved governance and effectiveness, she was so despised that those who remained behind began to undermine her work as soon as she came back home to run for the ANC presidency.

The idea that holding Dlamini-Zuma to account is an “attack” on her is ludicrous.Save for a few racist fools on social media, the questioning of the minister has been above board and through legitimate channels.Those challenging the national command council – which she in effect chairs – have used the courts, lobbying, and traditional and social media platforms to get their voices heard.

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She has been singled out because, as the custodian of the Disaster Management Act, she is currently the second most powerful person in the country – if not the most powerful.She is the face of the lockdown and – in the absence of a president, who cowardly hides behind a teleprompter – she has had to take much of the flak for the national command council’s inexplicable decisions.

One thing must be clear: South Africa is not some absolute monarchy where the powerful are immune from criticism.In a vigorous democracy such as ours, citizens, civil society, lobby groups and special interests WILL question executive decisions. Read more: City Press »

if you cant take the hear f out of the kitchen, away from the stove the griller and pots and pans, when you accept a responsibility do it with competence and when critisized, show leadership, If you can... A pile of BS, wasn’t aware that on top of doing your job one has to be a dainty daisy, not forget to smile and strive to be liked.

Yini dainty daisy Deni707 NDZ if you want to run with the Wolves don’t Piss like a puppy ! Pull up those Granny panties (or they Nappies)and take accountability for your stupidity Bruceps Stop your S. We are tired of you. We don't need you or the goverment because you add no value what so ever. We pay your salaries and you work for us but this will be over soon... watch out government must fall.

Just watch this will come months after corona that she made millions with her China’s on can’t produce real evidence for it so tends to leave the taste of something fishy going on. U can try but we still see you rubbish newspapers. Minus Nkosazana issue still I’m tired of your rubbish Deni707 Clearly the author isn't South African, has never lived in the country and certainly has never taken their head out the ground.

Deni707 Leave Dr Zuma people we all know that smoking kills and those people with big mouths saying NDZ must fall or fired. They are the ones selling and buying illegal cigarettes. Drink beer and sleep. The comments here really speak to the sheeple mindset! These are Billionaires and you are supporting them in a time when the stupid decisions they make have huge repercussions! The poor are not going anywhere even less so after 26 years!

'Not an attack' but you only criticize her? You must be slow. It's a personal attack . Why are you not questioning the mess that is in Minister Zulu and Minister Motshekga's mess Why? We will never be fooled again It's an attack vele. You and that Mondli Makhanya are attacking her hiding behind analysis and reporting. STOP IT SHE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE

A question stands ' who else do u hold accountable Mondli Ever written about God-done? Why not so its when we willstart taking u serious. Lets all sing along 'Mondli Makhanya is a dog of WMC, Mondli Makhanya is a puppet of WMC!! On this I agree, however where I differ is on insults - An outlet that leans on the biases of News24 🚮🚮. Nothing here worth wasting time on.

Mondli is a house nigro SamSoleZA “A recent study by a reputable research institute compared the number of times she smiled with the number of times former ANC spokesperson Carl Niehaus told the truth.” 👏🏻👏🏻 Someone must tell me, why is this personalised? Anyone who lies must be accountable to answer for their dishonesty...nothing to do with race/gender/age...or the how many-ieth wife you are...etc. With age comes wisdom and if you's actually worse for you.

I hate her, now I have to buy a pack of fukced up cigarettes ka R120. She can go to hell for all I care. Yal keep on getting crazier by the day Mondli Makhanya is just a useless educated dog of white He is good on making noise on white men media this useless dog. You can see he is calling bad things that his musters call Doctor NDZ as accounting. He is too blind to see bcs his brains is not working He do what boss says.

She's not my mother, auntie, she won't consider me as her family or part of her community... So she can't say shit about what I drink or smoke... So tsek! Criticize but don't insult....❗ The attacks on her is all about the tobacco business....this is one lady that is not intimidated by the noise of those who think that they own the country. They dont. History is a total lie and that vindicates us all....

Useless article. mthombothi As they say, if you present yourself like a toffee, then everybody will chew you Dr Dlamini-Zuma... Mondli se 'Uncle Ruckus' po.s! Yeah I said it. Mondli makhanya u are so stupid SamSoleZA She is definitely, deliberately singled out. I do not agree with her politics but I disagree more with what I see to be reducing her leadership, career, person, competencies to Jacob Zuma’s ex wife. - this ‘holding her accountable’ is a red herring : ALL can see

When a stooge is pleasing the master, it vomits monarchy, even in democracy. And the dunderhead Mondli Makhaya is... Bruceps But they are... that is the insane part!! Ignorance is bliss it seems.... True that👍👍👌 ANC of Ramaphosa is dangerous to our society What about load shedding liar? errolbsk They MYANC have come to believe they truly are some monarchy. That we're its subjects. Beholden to a vow before God to hv them as our everlasting leaders. They jostle for leadership positions as if they truly believe that they really will rule this country until Jesus comes back

Mondlis problem is a pure lack of self worth. He is so hell-bent to cheer white people wishing to be loved by them. Not only does he write negative stories about black people in power, he even go around speaking ill about them at functions on invitation by white executives 😂😂😂 That's crazy mare mondli makhaya obua masepa

U can hold her to account without being racist or infinging on her right to dignity You really don't see her as a doctor, huh? Like you purposefully leave her title out when you address her. 👀 _ForeignService Including depicting her as a monkey ?😢 HOLD PRAVIN ACCOUNTABLE. LETS SEE SOMETHING Who else are you holding accountable? Mondli we see you

If we give leaders a sense of immunity from their actions then we must be fenced and ruled viciously so Those who criticised malan verwoerd botha , were labeled terrorists n sent to jail. What has Cyril accounted for thus far cr17bankstatements No, it's not. But being afraid to attack your man and attacking Nkosazana is wrong. When lockdown started we were told about NCCC which is lead or chaired by Cyril. So it's either we attack the head or we attack them all

Bloody Stratcom Mondli wa nnyela Utter nonsense, this piece is. NDZ is a government minister, she is only implementing collective decisions. This was elucidated on by the SA president himself but no, that was apparently not satisfactory to the anti-NDZ gang. They're labelling her as some authoritarian. Stop it.

Politicians are not royalty; they are only temporary public servants Bo Mondli la lapiša yerrrr The cadres are untouchable; the cadres with struggle creds is beyond untouchable. You omitted her title there Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma Doctor Trying hard to please your white buddies If insults and racism define 'holding someone accountable ' then Mondli Makhaya is a Dick.

Holding her to account is fine, baseless attacks on her character are not. And the media at large has done a lot of the latter and very little of he former. yakballs DlaminiZuma when you refused the AZT drug for pregnant mothers with aids you were WRONG, when you sanctioned R14 million to Mbongeni Ngena your good friend for Sarafina 2 you were WRONG & now banning tobacco sales AGAIN you are WRONG!!! NDZMustFall

Who reads articles written by Mondli in 2020, fellow as nothing to offer anymore. africaupdates Why not hold these western cape politicians to account for being half hearted in implementing covid-19 regulations resulting in the province becoming this infested? Holding minister to account does not mean condoning racism

The people must government, not GovernmentZA kakistocracy When she makes decisions based on her opinion and not on facts, she must expect criticism. RGRSA She has been exposed. There is zero leadership qualities in her, just another corrupt individual in government. Thank you! This needed saying!! Mondli is going to really upset politicsblahbla with this one ...

The part about her not smiling enough is sexist. Learn to critique female leaders without resorting to sexism. White peoples dog barks. Mondli Makhanya is a tea boy for white people always on their side he must go to hell... Such a long useless article from an editor.we have no journalists in South Africa

This is a fair piece from Mondli. Why are people angry at Mondli for this? It is true, No one is immune from criticism. We may love her & defend her when it is distinctly racist & mysyoginistic attack but constructive criticism is exactly to hold leaders accountable. Thank you. I am yet to come across a news headline criticizing CR since the beginning of new dawn regardless of the fact that he hasn't achieved anything in his presidency...we have seen anything that has to do with numbers going the wrong directing e.t unemployment,recession.junk status

JackLon09169906 Criticism comes with the task, so does praise..... They, she and them has done NOTHING that constitute our praise, We see their ethics,we know their history,and we can “fo sho” calculate their mind trajectory And it all boil down to .... YOU FIRED !!! margzstarpie To hell with MYANC

Yah White people's favourites are doing everything thing in their powers to please their masters - Genesis 3:15 Tell that to the parrot nose Jessie Duarte cci_network a civil servant whose salary is paid by the taxpayer, perks by druglords, other flesh harvesters (and who knows what else...) - neither a queen nor an empress. Just a bought and sold DelusionalCivilServantsGoneRogue FFS

True people should know that and that's the absolute truth Lol another irrelevant clown that is still yearning for recognition after all this time The WMC lap dogs are barking now JackLon09169906 as soon as anyone questions their competence it becomes a racist issue. It would seem that being black in SA is a free pass to be corrupt & completely useless

All because she touched white people in their studios,”how dare a native tell us what to do” their dogs are out to insult her QuotedReplies MiniZuma must FALL It's just incredible that people should be constantly reminded about this. We're a democracy; not a monarchy. Mondli...? Yet president Zuma was made to account all by himself while Cyril was dawned and an Angel by the same Mondli, see where we are today.

This is the ANC.. you are not allowed to criticize..😂😂🤣🤣 I read the article. I struggled getting past the number of times she smiles as a journalistic & critical point of critisism. It was downhill from there. Congrats on gaining my click, thats as good as it gets The ANC and it’s government is the pit toilet of political and cultural history of this country. Even apartheid looks good compared to the past 25 years of ANC politics.

if tobacco companies have a spine, show us the damages you are claiming in you court papers, and personal cost order against CyrilRamaphosa and DlaminiZuma which should be 20% of profits lost for all the companies included in this action !! Actions have consequences for idiots That one stopped being a journalist kdala. NDZ we stand with you when they abuse you for doing your job

ALETTAHA When you say or command stupid things that effect everyone, expect feed back. And this one is an arrogant, pompous lying thing. Mondli Makhanya has been deep in the asses of abelungu to an extent of being stenched with wastage gas odour. Only an African fool would take Makhanya seriously Not surprised coming from this house negro

IFC_org BBCWorld WHO EU_Commission eu_eeas AusGov NewZealandGov EnglandGov MoodysInvSvc stat_world questCNN MinPres NEDemocracy Look who is talking most boring out of touch person he is still around to write useless pieces. Mondli has never been sane in his head and behaves like an Askari what is the point of thrusting fragile ministers on our throats who can't take criticism?

Anyone who is part of SANEF in this country can not be taken seriously, just a bunch of toothless dogs who bark for whoever has the fattest pockets. No, it's not an 'attack', it's just a sponsored campaign to discredit her going to the 2022 NEC conference, correct? My future President... Amandla These people have tarnished the image of what they once stood for, beyond repair. They are out of touch with reality, rude, arrogant and their entitlement is an embarrassment on this democracy. They need to retire and allow the youth to rise to the occasion.

ALETTAHA I doubt that the ANC will recover after all the damage that this person has done. With more power, comes more responsibility. If you don't use that power well; you pay the ultimate price! Yes that's correct but she must not be subjected to racism and called names. It's absolutely unfair that some are calling her names etc.

Thank you Mondi. DlaminizumaMustBeFired dlaminizumaMustFall NDZMustFall Shes one dum thing of a human being Exactly.she's not and can't beyond reproach

ANC slams 'racist' attacks on Nkosazana Dlamini-ZumaThe ANC has called on police to take action against social media user Danie Herselaman for an alleged racist post aimed at minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Good move. Some comments to the minister are not oky. We need to remember she is the mother and a grandmother to a lot of kids. We need to respect the spirit of ubuntu ANC must lay charges against this Racist individual. They only feel it when it's directed to them after hugging and protecting FW de Klerk in parliament recently. racism BlackLivesMatter COVID19

ANC slams 'racist' attacks on Nkosazana Dlamini-ZumaThe ANC has called on police to take action against social media user Danie Herselaman for an alleged racist post aimed at minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Herselman must be charged and punished appropriately there is no place in society for rascist trash Sbu87 If you want a professional website kindly DM me Come on, people! If you are going to throw race into the attacks you are simply going to make NDZ a living martyr. Martyrs get sympathy and power....she deserves neither.

ANC slams 'racist' attacks on Nkosazana Dlamini-ZumaThe ANC has called on police to take action against social media user Danie Herselaman for an alleged racist post aimed at minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Hopefully the action is not like that taken against Vicky Momberg 😴😴😴 When is the ANC going to do something about her lying to the country

'The president should have announced the changes' - Ramaphosa on the cigarette U-turnPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has conceded that the backtrack on cigarette sales in level 4 should have been communicated by himself and not by cooperative governance & traditional affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. jsteenhuisen mynameisjerm RomanCabanac Can u guys free this man abeg.ther is too much on his plate Sorry but he has become hard to believe, a man I once respected I find it hard to now. I think he has been bullied by NDZ and this is all a cover up for her.

KHAYA SITHOLE: Does Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma have 3,500 reasons to ban tobacco?Minister’s submission to court needs to be clear and concise if the government wants to convince South Africans of its stance Is her decision? Nonsense. Also 3,500 people with out work and food Just the minutes of the meeting, nothing but the minutes of the meeting... zolgate cigarettes humanrights

KHAYA SITHOLE: Does Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma have 3,500 reasons to ban tobacco?Minister’s submission to court needs to be clear and concise if the government wants to convince South Africans of its stance 🙄 Muhle shem logogo...indoni yamanzi...