Syntech: Weathering the Storm in South Africa's Tech Industry

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Syntech, a leading technology distribution company in South Africa, has successfully navigated through challenges such as loadshedding, the pandemic, and unfavorable economic conditions. They have not only handled big name international brands but also brought lesser-known brands to the local market and helped them become popular among consumers.

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The world of technology has always been a tumultuous one with the unmatched speed in new tech and the unparalleled pace at which the entire industry can shift. Over the past few years this rocky ground has been made all the more difficult to navigate as continued loadshedding and the pandemic both hit South Africa hard.

While a vaccine for COVID-19 now exists and it seems loadshedding has been slightly abated, the effects of these problems still loom over the country, as do unfavourable economic conditions. Weathering all of this and coming out stronger than ever is Syntech, a leading technology distribution company that not only handles big name international brands like Intel, MSI, LG and more, but also brands that Syntech has had a key in bringing to the local market and turning into everyday names. GIZZU, Redragon, and Winx are just some brands that were unknown locally until recently when Syntech brought them into the country and helped promote their unique mix of features – and competitive pricing – which made them perfect for local consumer

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