Cele: No decision on alcohol sales

[TRENDING] Cele: No decision on alcohol sales

2020-05-23 08:30:00 PM

[TRENDING] Cele: No decision on alcohol sales

Police Minister Bheki Cele reiterated that no decision has yet been made regarding the sale of alcohol.

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44 the 464 , Do these count as Covid deaths? Waiting for feedback from Xi Good This is having severe economic consequences, treasury is losing so much money. I would lift the ban on liquor & cigarettes but make them a bit expensive by pushing up 'sin' taxes to try recover losses. Those that really wanna drink and smoke would then have to pay more.

What the hell does a police minister have to do with any of these decisions anyway? People of South Africa have been more than patient they must open liquor and cigarettes black market has benefited more than enough. Yes my Dr Cele ... U r the cleverest of all Give yourself another feather in your hat Oh golly gosh...what a complete and utter shock... SABreweries are you going to opt for the belly scratch like BAT and see your employees swallowed by oppressors?

Lift the ban you ruining the economy We are led by idiots The local community have the right attitude towards the goverment when they fail to hear them. (BURN) 'Kanti yin le esetshwaleni', Cele (2020) Another alcoholic dies and this is home the ruling government saves lives😡😡😡😡 It doesn't matter will keep on drinking even if you ban it for ever

Khausiyekeee eNCA yhuuu Where do those ministers who smoke get their cigarettes cz m certain they have not gone cold chicken? Prohibition doesn't work ... learn from history! There will always be those who will smuggle banned goods especially alcohol & cigs & there will always be a market ... What is there to decide? It's not only about drinking. It's about jobs as well. When will this shit stop?

The govt really is testing our patience,won't be surprised to see the country march to parliament🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🔪🔪 I will help his department to decide Monday morning. Let's not talk business for now, some of us are drunk and can't make plausible decisions. Hope I'll wake up with no hangover, darn!

ThePeopleShallGovern BhekiCelemustfall, NDZMustFall Patelmustfall, a bunch of ministers who only care about themselves This thing of being told when I should drink and when I should not, is not working for me😪 So it's a collective decision that there is no decision. What a bunch of morons. Bheki cele should be the one that is supposed to be taken to court not Ramaphosa

It’s so strange how every minister that is part of the NCCC wants to make some law that they see fit ... Mara Wena ... Nelson Mandela was a Nobel Price Winner ... Not a man at retirement age trying to run a circus . Tata We Miss you 😭 This Is Done In The Name Of Praising DlaminiZuma And Pleasing GenBheki_Cele Otherwise The GovernmentZA And The PresidencyZA Don't Care Of What Some Of Us Are Going Through. Please Refer To 1st Timothy 5:23 | To Most Of Us RED WINE Is Not Just A Drink But A Remedy...

Make the decision Alcohol an tobbacco will controcept the virus Alcohol does have health benefits Day58OfLockDown Why don't you back off, you will never see sales of alcohol during lock down. If things go Zuma's way this time then I will be convinced Our President no longer has power... Ban or no ban alcohol and booze is sold, every day people are drunk and smoking, at the end we will push a wheel barrow fully loaded with money just to buy bread

But i saw Shoprite liquor doing this today. I don't know who these people think they are to decide what we can and cannot do. This is absurd! Why are we still accepting this? I thought people are hungry and wanna go to work but they want to buy alcohol so it means ppl still has money 'No decision' how ANC these two words sound. The story of their 26 year ineffective government of SA. Indecisiveness.

It is so sad because they are losing their political legitimacy... You'll sell it😁😁😁 this is one government that struggles a lot with making decisions in general Dlamini and cele it can be sold under strict measures like take aways and if caught drinking in the streets arrest them but either way unemployment crimes are coming cele a huge storm is coming ur way then u will next year futsek Anc out we will change this parties everytime

Alcohol ban season 2- staring Cele and NDZ.. coming soon level 3 2021 municipal elections next year folks. Remember these days. We need to evolve to the point where we vote people into power because they are ethically capable of doing the damn job and not because they are popular. Cele needs to feel the country's wrath and disgust. He is an asshat.

CyrilRamaphosa and his anc gov will decide in the next few hours/days, by their actions of continuing the illegal cigarette ban and alcohol ban or not, if they want to continue being the governing party, or call the end of an era of anc rule! They already made their choice. Go read up on what happened when Ceaser got given power. These bans have nothing to do with booze. It's a power trip and they are drunk with it atm. You really think they are going to give that up? Zolling dogshit much?

Y don't url question CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA about this. Ask him wat happened to the review of some levl 4 regs he spoke of almost 2 weeks ago. Hold ParliamentofRSA accountable 4 doing nothinh. Ask the tough questions. Wat happened 2 NoFearNoFavor The decision was made, just now is the matter of how it will be delivered to us.

Whether you lift the alcohol ban or not...we will still get the access of liquor...The government/SARS are the losing parties here...black market will rise🤞🏿 Mboweni should be given a right to this,he knows better on economy some people just talk to get more attention We as a nation truly need understanding as to who is truly in charge? Who is truly making the decisions? Unity in level 5, promises made, people following the rules because of that... and level 4 comes along then POOF! This isn't just about alcohol and smoking anymore...

But why are we gonna loose out on alot of money Level 1 I see you Re nyaka bjalwa This President is a joke Is Cele sharing the bad news now to take pressure off from NDZMustFall Nothing to be decided alcohol sales falls over level 3 The rest of the world is selling cigarettes and alcohol cause that boosts their Economy. We were in recession prior to Covid and have junk status twice. It will lift the Economy is what is important now.

Alcohol will be sold one way or the other Level 3 is Level 3 Sekusele kancane ukuthi singene 😂😂 Cele needs to attend to his OWN HOME Just sell the fvcking alcohol already Which implies that a decision on tobacco has been made and is final. Well Mr Cele if that is the case then where can I send my banking details because we do not qualify for government help or food parcels.

Why pin point people! It’s the decision of the collective! Mxm Lelena gape le busy banna Are yol gonna talk about alcohol everyday😂 Him and NDZ are making the president to look like a joke. Eyi somile scela ukphuza, sife sdakiwe City_Press says alcohol will be sold It is not his discussion to make!!!! Who the fuck made him President?

Kanti How long is the country gonna be on forced rehab🙄

ANALYSIS: Cele downplays police violence – says ‘police are not sacrificial lambs’At a media briefing on Friday, Police Minister Bheki Cele did not dwell on incidents of jackboot policing tactics that have become a blight on the Covid-19 lockdown. The man is writing cheques that the guys on the ground have to cash - when will he be removed or controlled?

Five police officers ‘brutally’ killed during lockdown, says CeleThe minister says in one incident a young police officer was shot and killed while responding to an incident of domestic violence in Sandton, Gauteng. How many ppl have died at the hands of the police? Gladdens my heart. Citizens should undoubtably start turning as is warranted so any and all are scared to enforce the lockdown GP_CommSafety 'deadly force'. 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

Police will use necessary force when enforcing lockdown regulations - CeleThe minister has responded to incidents of police brutality against his officers, saying while he won’t condone the heavy-handed approach by police, officials won’t be called to be sacrificial lambs. What a stupid comment And more as is shown on videos Rubbish

NEWSFLASH: Bheki Cele denies saying anything illegal to encourage police abusePolice Minister Bheki Cele has denied he ever made any illegal statements that might have encouraged police abuse during the Covid-19 lockdown. He was responding to a court judgment issued last week that was highly critical of the authorities' enforcement of regulations. Cele is not fit for any job, not sure how he landed up in his position, baffles the mind He will deny till he dies truth is not one of his favourite subjects. Primary school qualification se dingers

Bheki Cele tight-lipped on unbanning alcohol, cigarette salesPolice Minister Bheki Cele says police will request receipts from people found smoking cigarettes in public and has remained mum on alcohol and cigarettes being sold legally during level 3 lockdown. | Day57ofLockdown Here's a bright idea for you MYANC - ban smoking in public until level 1, and make sales legal again- now you're going to spend man power on checking for receipts Unbelievable So if one bought enough before lockdown, you can’t carry it without proof of purchase? And what will happen if they don’t have receipts?

Smuggling of alcohol, cigarettes on the rise since lockdown began, says CelePolice Minister Bheki Cele said SAPS and SANDF members had intercepted and confiscated R2.6m worth of alcohol and tobacco between March and April. | Day57ofLockdown Good job Mr minister now lift the ban on alcohol n cigarette what did they do with all that stock? I was anticipating that you will said' of Drugs and unlicensed firearms' Gen. Any way salute ✊