Day 57oflockdown

Bheki Cele tight-lipped on unbanning alcohol, cigarette sales

Police Minister Bheki Cele says police will request receipts from people found smoking cigarettes in public and has remained mum on alcohol and cigarettes being sold legally during level 3 lockdown restrictions.

2020-05-22 05:47:00 PM

Police Minister Bheki Cele says police will request receipts from people found smoking cigarettes in public and has remained mum on alcohol and cigarettes being sold legally during level 3 lockdown. | Day57ofLockdown

Police Minister Bheki Cele says police will request receipts from people found smoking cigarettes in public and has remained mum on alcohol and cigarettes being sold legally during level 3 lockdown restrictions.

ShareJohannesburg - Police Minister Bheki Cele says he is not at liberty to comment on whether the ban of the sale of alcohol and cigarettes will be lifted at the end of the level 4 lockdown.Cele says his job and that of police, was to ensure that regulations were adhered to. 

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The ban of the sale of alcohol and tobacco products has been in place since the national lockdown began on March 27, 57 days ago.The ban has been seen as controversial as the government did a U-turn last month after President Cyril Ramaphosa had announced that tobacco products would be sold under level 4 restrictions. 

A week later, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma announced that the National Coronavirus Command Council had decided to keep the sales ban in place, citing health risksand comments from thousands who called for the ban to continue. She also said smokers shared cigarettes, leading to the heightened risk of the virus spreading. 

Cele was asked about his thoughts on whether the ban on alcohol and tobacco products would continue under level 3 following a report that the issue had led to a debate at a recent NCCC meeting.A News24 report on Friday said that Dlamini Zuma had pushed for the ban on alcohol and tobacco products to continue until level 1.

Cele said it was not up to him and that regulations governing level 3 would be announced soon."I am a member of the NCCC, therefore my contribution will be made to the committee. The president or minister responsible for the regulation will make that announcement. Our job will be to enforce what is decided," he said on Friday at a press briefing.

Cele also clarified that people would not be arrested if they were seen smoking cigarettes in their homes. He said if a person was seen out in public smoking the police would request that the person provide a receipt showing when and where the cigarettes were purchased.

"It is not illegal to smoke cigarettes in your house. The only problem is when you fail to show us when and where you got the cigarettes. Buying cigarettes and the sale is illegal. Until those regulations are removed it will remain an offence to do such," he said.

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On transporting alcohol, Cele reiterated that this was illegal and people would continue being arrested if alcohol was found in a car.The illegal smuggling of cigarettes and alcohol was on the rise on the country's borders with Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Bostwana, Cele said. SAPS and SANDF officials had confiscated illegal cigarettes and alcohol worth R2.6 million between April and March.

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Marttwit Instead of fighting corruption in his department his wants receipts for cigarettes Why don't you monitor the crime in the country Marttwit 😅😅😅😅don't you have something better to do with your life,please wipe off the BS what comes oit of your mouth to youe mask,or repalce the mask😄😄😄😄😄

Let me get this straight. In the middle of the lockdown you banned smoking, people bought enough according to the date of the end of the lockdown that the ANC government gave.CyrilRamaphosa said that would change, the next day Zuma said no and now you want receipts? WITAF? 🤡 Pathetic I can’t believe this moron is in charge of the police. It begs the questions “What is the end game here” “What do all these politicians have on each other”

Is this the cops are acting so faulty. This guy is their boss. Since when did the police become SARS. Sorry office NDZ son does not issue receipts How can a man who does not understand the basic principles of the legal system be minister of police? Most STUPID statement I've ever heard! It is legal to smoke! Dont bring an illegal thing into a legal thing. Cops can only arrest seller/buyer in the act, nothing else. Don't make your own law. Bring cops we must sue the police department & hang it dry! Dont know what you doing!

Minister Cele has completely lost the plot and the courts will not forget. Ridiculously irresponsible statement even for him. I wonder if my neighbor has receipts to supply after I bumped her for an entjie. 🙄 Starting when? And whilst your people are out, ask them to enforce all the pre-Covid Laws and by-Laws too - as they should unrelentingly be doing!

2 huge idiots on a power trip The smugglers will just sell fake receipts with the cigarettes Receipts ...yes .like for Nkandla ...Or wait I left my at Saxonworld ..when I went for an interview for Minister Stupidity is infinitely more interesting than intelligence, intelligence has its limits, stupidity has none. Cele’s thinking is a wonderful illustration of what Claude Chabrol meant when he said it.

This man is mad. receipts , but why mara They can ..but it is not a law that you have to have a receipt . smoke this bhuti Pepper Spray This Mad Hatter is off his Rocker. Drunk in power all corrupt the enriching themselves government loosing billions and profit going to them General, please go to Mannenburg, stop one of the gang members who are smoking, and ask him for a slip. I want to see something.

So am I correct in saying not one single person in cabinet are a smoker PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa or drinker SAPoliceService Abramjee strange policeman drive around and smoke no problem. Someone with the surname Cele and NDZ must wake up and grow up The fact that these idiotic utterances are allowed to go unchecked speaks volumes about the people who put him there in the first pace. Hlaudi was no different...

Lol I'm not even a smoker but this is too much now. Under what law was that again? Message to all smokers find a receipt from before lock down !!! 🖕 Is there anyone on this thread, who is a) calm enough to see this b) an actual lawyer who is well versed in constitutional law C) can tell us: IS THIS LEGAL?

CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA really are we back 40 years now ... this is pathetic Until recently it was illegal to sell undies too. Imagine they pulled over motorists to check for panties, and receipts. Let's ignore for a sec how stupid both these rules were to begin with and think how outrageous that would be! They can actually just fuck right off with this.

It's risky to sell alcohol, but it's okay for our kids to go to school. 🤔🤔our government Has the SA govt gone mad? They have been unable to police corruption, capital crimes and violence against women now they want to police cigarette purchases? Only when he learn to read, we might consider it. This is a democratic country, so you can't force the people to stop.

MasekoThembaJ This is karyn's headlines, but people want to tell us that we have diverse media, that IOL is different What crap is this now- what you going to do if the person does not have a receipt- pls just stop talking crap We will see him in court. 😉 This is a sick joke. Really. Going around asking smokers to produce slips? Wakanda nonsense is that?

Cele u n t Smoking is not a crime. But how can someone be a smoker without smokes? If a smoker is caught with cigarettes or smoking he can be charged. Irrational madness. Big Joke ! CeleMustFall Belaglik Oh ya. Because we all keep every single receipt. Especially cigarette receipts. Because they have always come in handy before. 🙄

Undosi uyaphaphalaza manje who keeps those slips This is beyond stupid This is what happens when things are not well thought through and rules are made up on the fly. Do the right thing and allow the public to make submissions on your proposed strategies such as this one. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The whole minister! We live in hilarious times... zol

Ndosi✊ It seems like this is the plan for ministerial speeches lately: 1) Say something about facts, but don't really have proof of the facts. 2) Say something controversial to take attention away from factless facts 3) Flex a muscle just so the public knows who is in charge Sarcasm TheCouncilWolf And receipt for police headquarters rentals...are they necessary you ...

ThugInAHat takes the lead in the Peak Stupid race from Crop Bottom Patel. lt's gonna be close. They can but it is not law that you must carry receipts with your Dompass Cele, Zuma PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa, Your people are busy pissing the country off, you guys are pissing on our human rights, as my father always say'you pushed him to hard mr President, your people is going to cause an up rise of lawlessness, ons is gatvol

Ay foot sek man... Shocking. Dafuq must we find receipts from 2 months back? The man is a dribbling imbecile. WTF! 😡 This one is smoking something stronger than cigarette, Cigarette slip? Psychiatric evaluation should be his first stop, Water has leaked in to some sensitive components upstairs. The worst scum that even the ANC could create.

Could someone rid us of this bothersome lunatic. Then he should have said that the day of the ban. Too late. Oh but wait they make up the rules as they go, like toddlers Can these idiots in the police read receipts So they give slip when buying lose draw? So distant from reality, take ur hat out, maybe ull get some brains

That sounds good was this the corrupt prick that had leases off his mates for police headquarters jmtros What an absolute cretin! Why would anyone need to keep a receipt of an item that has no guarantee or warranty beyond the exit? Please tell him to go to hell.. Make your own till slips. Also claim VAT on fake transactions. Fight your war and revolt with tax fraud.

This is becoming totally unacceptable! Drunk on power! Cele CyrilRamaphosa One more example of the petty mindedness of this govt. Why are they incapable of seeing the bigger picture, & learn to prioritize what’s actually important. Imagine using SAPS resources to enforce this instead of chasing real criminals! Ludicrous insanity!

Tomorrow it will be receipts for people seen with drinks in their hands on social media. We are based in Shop B15 Retail park menlyn Pretoria for more information please Call/WhatsApp on 0638500888 Bheki Cele has climbed to the very top of dumbass mountain! Shouldn't he be is jail? No court will find any person guilty if a receipt could most be produced, only one reason needed; 'At the time I bought the sigarettes it was not compulsory for me to retain it for future evidence'. The burden is on the state to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Selling and distribution of tobacco is prohibited, BUT theres no regulation in the nda stating purchase or use of cigarettes are illegal. Read trough the entire thing twice. Definitely not included there. No receipt! Mbophe!!!! Bathong smoking has been causing cancer, there is no cure for cancer, but it was never banned. This doesn't make sense

Receipt from whom, I bought mine days before the lockdown, am I expected to ,still, have the corresponding receipt everywhere I go? My understanding is that restrictions were on those that sells them and not those that smoke. Is Minister Cele saying we must laminate all receipts & keep them in our pockets? What nonsense is the ANC government doing? They must be voted out next year. I have plenty of cigars & alcohol. Can Ndosi show us receipts for the damn hats?

😂😂 this is a joke now MasekoThembaJ This is really pushing it now. Secure the borders and stop abusing citizens Here's a copy of my most recent receipt if anyone wants to save it and show the coppers later And what if the slip was also smoked what then So they gonna have to walk around with till slips in their pockets 😂🤣🤣 o mo godimo ga bone

😝 Police minister Bheki Cele can now, with respect, go and fornicate himself. 😅😅😅 Sure, because I kept receipts of my vape products from 2 months ago. Since when is this law? Cele has shown to be mad with power since lockdown, and is becoming more and more insane with each passing moment. This isn't about the law anymore, it is about ego.

He is now smoking alone I'm selling receipts. My price is 10 % of what you paid for your smokes, I'll give a receipt as well lockdownSA covid19SA theancisalegacyofapartheid After 2 months at home, smoking from your stash, aquired 50+ days ago, who still has a receipt for the smokes, another well developed idea.

Ffs. Let’s defy the laws of “justice” in the same context as the ANC breach the constitutional rights of the legal citizens of South Africa Policeman will hmget a pk finished and klaar Whatever he is smoking I also want some. If you take an old receipt of anything that you bought do you think he could read it ?

This is now not a powertrip anymore. You now will have to scratch vir jou entjie receipts wat jy weggooi as jy die entjies oopmaak. Bheki Cele is mal befok! En as hulle jou vang in jou yard roek, gan hulle jou seke moer soos die arme Mr. Khosa. Se gat man! We are tired of this crap!! Piss drunk on perceived power. What a puss!

Daar is altyd 'n drol in die drinkwater. Jy is n poes. Time to take Cyril up on his offer, time to take the government to court. Where do I make my donation? طيب حاليا المكاتب مقفلة مافي حل من الموقع O tswere ke sbabo O yena Receipts 🙈😂😂😂 Time that he step down. Enough is enough This person fired by zuma of all people for corruption is truly a vulture's arsehole !

honestly think they're winding us up so that when they do allow it under level 3, they're seen as heroes sure. Bheki Cele tell your wife and kids to bring receipts in your house we are not kids period Daar word meer geworry oor cigarettes en alcohol, los dat ons rook, dus ons besluit. Gee meer aandag wat saak maak COVID19 and people that are struggling.

I swear I'd petrol-bomb the police station if I were to be arrested for smoking 🤞 dlaminizumamustfall and Cele is enjoying this PoliceStateSA. We agreed to surrendere our civil liberties for 21 days. Now it's day57oflockdown , time to take it back. Seniyahlanya ke manje 😂😂😂😂 Get stuffed ANC Cele is running mad, people must go around with receipt, they are drunk of power and controlling us as their kids

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 un - fucking - believable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don't you have better things to do, like feeding your starving voters? Phezu kwabo Ndosi. 😂 Receipt please or i am not buying.. Fokkit, die ou is dom jong... Yours is to deal with criminals thst have been terrorising the SAns and Drugs,as for Liquor&Cigarettes,We are proudly and comfortable with the manner in which Mma Dlamini-Zuma has been handling the matter. Stay in your Lane.

🤣 CyrilRamaphosa your appointee, Minister of Police Bheki Cele is mentally unstable. Get rid of him before more harm is done. How many more deaths are going to be on your conscience? They do it already here. So what's new! He is making sure we know the power is in his hands! Circus Why don't you monitor the crime in the country

Huh!!!! Fuck him The spaza shop owner I bought from is at home on Somalia how do I get my tax invoice now . Can I set up a zoom meeting for this ? Just asking SAgovnews PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa .. This is really becoming some sort of a circus . Parliament is closed so now u want to entertain us with your lock down rules and regulations . PLEASE RETIRE ...

I feel like such a child Lol you can let go of that plan together with the ridiculous mustache Cele you and Dlamini-Zuma is totally bizarre and obsessed with your new found positions of feeling important. Under normal circumstances you cannot control anything, now you misuse your power under disguise of COVID 19, shamefull

Really I must get a receipt for my stash I bought at the beginning of the lockdown how exactly this is ridiculous Dessie163 Please reveal your bank balance as well as Ndz wtf is wrong with these two ..on a power trip. My question is after the ban of alcohol what will they do with the alcohol and tobacco stores in police station

bekicele and if I bought it 7 weeks ago? How the fuck must we show a receipt for a packet of cigarettes.... what communism is this. How many murder cases did you resolve during the last 7 weeks? How many innocent people did you arrest during the last 7 weeks? By the time level 1 comes around maybe his mustache will be fully grown

Clearly we did not vote for freedom I South Africa eyakho bheki Cele no nkosazana zuma .......... and if I bought the smokes 7 weeks ago? I do not have the receipt.. what communism is this? dlaminizumamustfall Deal with the supplier not the smokers same police officers are the ones who are helping smugglers to smuggle Mazzotti cigarettes in the country

This is now becoming a joke😂😂😂😂 So the illegal cigarettes and alcohol sales will continue to grow much stronger before Pinocchio announces the lockdown level, the police minister has so little knowledge of what happens on the Black market then I'm means our intelligence is in the dark too

When you can't be effective in your job you find meaningless shit to make you seem busy. U sure of that Cele! Come u know the sure if that! Are we in Russia? This is absolute horse shit. Enough is enough My goeie fok...hierdie hele KLUG raak net al hoe meer belaglik! Wanya The world should see this😂 let them join in and see what a joke NCC is😂 BBCWorld cnni please tell the rest of the world how SAn's are being made a fool of, look at what we are supposed to call leadership🙌😂 please tag as many news agencies as possible

rylandfisher Nou moet almal hul entjies skelmpies in die toilet moet rook soos skool dae😂 Ag nee wat, dis belaglik. I think corona affect the mind of some politicians now This is worst than the apartheid regime Until it is legislated he has no right to demand proof of purchase. They have no basis to confiscate smokes until then. So much energy spent on this by them on this issue rather than fighting something they cant get to grips with

same police are smoking in public what u gnna do abt them 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Craziness 🤪💩 Cele as you are close to NDZ could you request her family and friends to issue same in order to be compliant Receipts? 😂 SMSP Uyanya lona sizoke sbone lombudane yakhe izophelelaphi

Im done with this lock down rules, go out and see the amounts of people and vehicles on the roads? We must stay indoors. No smoke or drink. Unhuman new Rules daily, from 'experts' who are non-smokers. 😑 This is insane. So my taxes are going to paying police to do this? UNFUCKINGBELEIVABLE 🤓 The smoking of cigarettes is NOT illegal, define 'out in public' If I'm in my car I'm not in public

This man is a f&king nut job!! 👆🏻 If it wasn't so sad, it would actually be funny. Gobsmacked ... Get a life GenBheki_Cele Time for you and that Zuma creature to retire. Minister,you dont have to complicate things,Cigarettes a big No No,with or without a receipt. This becoming too much now. Someone on here said these idiots would go further with their power mongering since they've tasted it. I disagreed with them citing 'democracy'. WTF, I was wrong, it seems they just not abt to let go of their new found power.

Outrageous. Going to ask murders for receipts on their weapons as well. Oh wait that's right, we don't catch criminals anymore, only taxpaying citizen's. Rich from a force that cannot arrest farm murderers Yeah and tax payers want life style audits on all ANC government in parliament published you work for us we don't work for you we pay your salaries you don't pay taxpayers

This shit is getting out of hand! Can we please organise a big fat pin to burst their power bubble? The onus then is to prove innocence, and not for law to prove beyond the reasonable doubt. Is is not unlawful to possess, only purchase... They need to prove it. Looking forward to the 1st case in court. Will take the day off to hear this one

What a fucken joke these people have become!!! You want to arrest the innocent who dont have receipt for cigarettes but free 19000 criimals . Focus on real criminals unless u are scared of them. Oh FFS stop treating your people like 4yr olds Tell Cele to f off. I don't have to produce. He who alleges must prove so f that. Tell him we are getting gatvol of him and his fat bee quota police. The people will make him pay at the ballot and like the old np politicians he may be asked to account. SAPoliceService

I don't smoke cigarettes. But if I did I would have bought all of it 5 years ago. What receipts ? 😂😂😂😂 Bheki and Nkosazana are having a rap battle honestly Fook die regering maak my so die blou bliksem in met hulle kinderagtigheid en power trips. 😡😡😡😡 Is he serious. Who keeps till slips anyway even if it was bought before lockdown. I would go to court with him. It is case of what the reasonable man would do. Onus is on them to prove that it was illegaly bought. He is shooting from the hip

If you need booze or cigarettes, go to your nearest police station and ask for sales That is inlawful. A citizen does not have to produce proof of purchase for a packet of smokes. What BS. Last time I looked we were a free nation. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Is this man a mental case? Is this what people signed up for when they became police, for goodness sake it beggars belief!

The circus are back in town yho 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤡 🤡 🤡 So, who keeps receipts for cigarettes? If you bought cartons before lockdown, will Cele's thugs arrest you for not producing a receipt? What nonsense. Ridiculous dlaminizumamustfall does this Fukc know that what they are doing is a torture and a crime against humanity?! They are contravening the constitution and the Bill of Rights for Gods sake! What is wrong with this Nazi MYANC ?!

We threw them away long time! While people were panic buying some of us panic bought cigarettes! Ngathi seziyamshiya manje lo That same police officers are not that stupid. They are there for crime prevention not people who smoke cigarettes or drinking alcohol Yes yes Good I am sure we can get a good lawyer and crowd fund a case against these doeses because BATPress and JTI_global don’t seem to have a back bone after all the support we have given them over all these years

What a joke It's not practical though, what if I had bought before lockdown in anticipation of what is to come. Must I still have a receipt or should I go around with it Lord please give me strength for these idiots grrr. Not legally required. Lawsuit I wonder who is keeping registers of all the confiscated cigarette and booze. Will they be held accountable for the goods?

Lol 😂😂😂😂 They clearly want civil war This Nazi is going berserk! Lidom eli khehle, but qhubani... clap for him And what will happen if they don’t have receipts? So if one bought enough before lockdown, you can’t carry it without proof of purchase? Here's a bright idea for you MYANC - ban smoking in public until level 1, and make sales legal again- now you're going to spend man power on checking for receipts Unbelievable

WATCH LIVE | Bheki Cele on SA's compliance with lockdown regulationsPolice minister Bheki Cele will brief the media on the levels of compliance with the lockdown regulations in SA. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

WATCH LIVE | Bheki Cele on SA's compliance with lockdown regulationsPolice minister Bheki Cele will brief the media on the levels of compliance with the lockdown regulations in SA.

Five police officers ‘brutally’ killed during lockdown, says CeleThe minister says in one incident a young police officer was shot and killed while responding to an incident of domestic violence in Sandton, Gauteng. How many ppl have died at the hands of the police? Gladdens my heart. Citizens should undoubtably start turning as is warranted so any and all are scared to enforce the lockdown GP_CommSafety 'deadly force'. 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

LIVESTREAM: Cele briefing on lockdown regulationsPolice Minister Bheki Cele will hold a virtual media briefing to give an update on police conduct during the lockdown. 🤦🏼🤦🏼 we are watching 👀uuu🍷🍺 Reading ijoooo haaai lost interest

Cele: Provinces with most Covid infections ‘almost mirror’ arrests for lockdown violationsMinister Bheki Cele has briefed the nation on crimes that have occurred during the pandemic, and the lockdown has apparently been bad for business for robbers and murderers too. Can you make this shit up? Since when is the crime rate related to Covid-19 figures Making things up does not make it true Basic stats: Correlation is not causation

R2.6m in illegal cigarettes or alcohol seized on SA's borders since start of lockdown: CelePolice minister Bheki Cele says organised crime syndicates have taken advantage of the lockdown to expand ilegal trade in illicit and counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes. R2.6m seized, yet how many millions have been sold and no revenue for SARS? I will listen on the radio. Where is all this ciggerettes though being recycled by fucking thieves ! who is making that fashion statement mask, can we see the tender, which crime syndicate are fooling you this time?