Trump: GOP 'forced to seek another state' to host the Republican National Convention

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President Donald Trump criticized North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper for refusing 'to guarantee that we can have use of the Spectrum Arena - Spend millions of dollars, have everybody arrive, and....then tell them they will not be able to gain entry.'

NASHVILLE – While the Democratic Party is working to decide whether it will even have an in-person convention, Republicans are looking at changing the location of theirs to ensure a splashy event.

with Cooper, a Democrat, who wants the party to demonstrate it can safely hold the convention amid the pandemic. On the other side, Democrats have generally urged caution, noting the lack of a vaccine and urging Congress to appropriate more money for testing., 94% of Democrats said they were concerned about the coronavirus in the United States compared with 76% of Republicans.

McDaniel said last month during an interview with The 19th News that under the party's bylaws,"we have no option except to do an in-person convention."


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No one cares what realDonaldTrump says! The safety of our state is more important! 105,000 American citizens are dead to his negligence!

Have him go to Nashville and not pay his bills. Trump’s standards MO all over the country. Spreading COVID far and wide. TrumpOut2020 TrumpIsANationalDisgrace WorstPresidentInHistory


Nashville? LOL, the only places he can look are in confederate states. That sums up everything pretty much.

It will cost the city and state that host more than it brings in to the local economy. We’ve see how important paying what’s owed is to him and his traveling group of idiots. AdiosMoFos

they're gunna try something

Trump has no regard for American lives.

trump has learned how to exploit msm and make them unwittingly spread information on his behalf. now millions of nc'ers will know this went down even without following his twitter. and even if usa today spins it negatively, there are enough independent thinkers to see through it

Ok when thousands of rioters gather together. lol


America has never witnessed such protest in it's history, a protest that touched both the white house, president trump and all races all over the world... the question I ask... Have they killed a reincarnation of the gods?Èsù 🤔 Yoruba people of Nigeria will understand!

Go to Moscow.

You know who hasn't said a peep about this? COUNTRY MUSICIANS. Do you know who their target demographic is? WHITE. PEOPLE. Looking at you billycurrington mirandalambert kennychesney ericchurch tobykeith brantleygilbert ChrisStapleton garthbrooks

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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