Anti-Trump Republican group attacks Trump on race in new ad

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Anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project plans to air a new attack ad blasting the President's record on race relations in the US

The TV spot, backed by a $500,000 ad buy, will air in the key battleground states of Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as in Washington, DC. The ad, entitled"Flag of Treason," targets the support Trump has received from white nationalist groups. One of the group's previous ads delivered a blistering critique of Trump's record on the coronavirus pandemic, playing off of Ronald Reagan's iconic 1984"Morning in America" reelection spot.

Read MoreEach of the Lincoln Project principles aligned themselves with the"NeverTrump" movement in the 2016 election and have been outspoken critics of Trump and the Republican Party ever since.Trump and his allies have accused the Lincoln Project of being a"scam PAC" to draw attention to the principles' business connections, although the President's own operations are not immune from similar criticism.


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Well CNN tells it all! Totally controlled by the liberal, SOCIALIST trying to ruin this great country.

Markist doctrine from CNN Communist News Network

If you can't take the heat of leadership, think of what else you could do. Why endure the stress.

Bone Spurs is out of the basement, spewing hate! Very sad

How is trump tower doing ? Is it on fire yet !

FakeNewsMediaClowns causing chaos in America. Can we vote CNN out in November? How do we get these people of the airwaves

Trump, the biggest fake America ever had.!!


Is he still in the bunker? Goddam coward.

Excellent video depicting some of what Donald Trump has done to this country and all else that is happening on his watch! VOTE OUT TRUMP & THE GOP WHO FAILED TO REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE. They all need to leave their seats in congress and let real representatives of The People in!

CNN has done everything in their power to divide our country. This is what they wanted. They use words that divide people, knowing that most of Americans are good. They focus on the few bad apples and say we all are bad apples. No, no, no!! Protest against CNN. Say no to CNN

Conservative doesn't necessarily mean corrupt, divisive, far-right. Time for decent Republicans to reclaim the party from DT4. Not that I'm Republican

Perfect storm is US, first corona virus and now Mr. Floyd. Grettings from peacefull Europe.

Cnn helps throw gasoline at the fire with his assumptions?

Не круто..

Same old jealous never-Trumpers that Trump won without

Arise! All those who don't want to be slaves! Five demands, No one less! I. Disbanding the police force II. Independent inquiry III. Retraction of riot characterization IV. Release of arrested protesters V. Ending the electoral college system

Democrat propoganda

Trump should be the number one terrorist in the world, he is also a hidden racist! His associates include vice President mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo.

Trump should be the number one terrorist in the world. His associates include vice President mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo.

Don't need the Lincoln project for that. Trump's mouth is his own record

Double up right CNN. Put the pressure on. I hope you all have a conscience and have not sold your souls $$$. Think about where our kids will grow up. I know you see how dirty Democrats are. WakeUpAmerica


Just saw fires, cars on fires, looting is unacceptable and unprofessional -Democratic states - sad to see this -there has to be more arrests made - when they have jail records then then realize they should not have done riots - At night these are no longer valid protests go home

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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