Cuomo, De Blasio Spar Over Handling of New York City Protests

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio clash over the city’s handling of looting in the wake of George Floyd protests

The latest night of unrest left broken windows and looted stores in the heart of Manhattan as well as portions of the Bronx.

Thousands of New Yorkers—along with people around the country—have taken to the streets to demonstrate against structural racism and police brutality after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on the neck of George Floyd,...


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Anyone who opens a business in NYC after this is completely crazy..the Democratic Party will not protect private property.

Get down in the trenches with protesters and lead peacefully

Big deal. Cuomo can override de Blasio and call in National Guard troops to control the rioters, but both apparently refuse. The duo are letting NY be leveled, be destroyed, slowly but surely.

NYGovCuomo why aren’t you calling the national guard?

Anyone who is arguing with the village imbecile NYCMayor BilldeBlasio is on the right side

Two morons trying to run a state and city. Lead to the most deaths of COVID 19 in the country and some of the most violent riots...good job guys

Cuomo has to stop watching and listening to his brother on CNN and start being a leader. Stop the violence stop the looting. Stop the insanity. Once again like the coronavirus. Florida has it more right than New York.

Thanks for running NY to the ground.

Such a useless people!!

Let’s get it together New York ! Your on the Front Page of the Worlds Newpapers ! Solidified Front looks good for the worlds view!

While the city burns

NYGovCuomo you’re going to call the national guard over hs kids. Spend the money on overhauling the DOE instead. If they had a future they wouldn’t risk it busting glass at Zara. NYCMayor

Its quite obvious they are handling it terribly. They’re allowing the angry mobs to destory the local community and skew the public’s perspective on what the protests should have been for; raising awareness to the rising police state.

anjaranjado Well of course one or the other would take a step to the middle

They both do nothing.

More like 40% unemployment

David Dorn, George Floyd. Protect local business. BlackLivesMatter

I. Arrest 3 Police Officers for Accessory to Murder II. Federal Mandates& Consent Decrees Against Racism *Get Law Enforcement Knee Off Our Neck III. Raise the Minimum Wage Above Poverty Line IV. Create Jobs Re-Build & Innovate America Infrastructure V. Affordable Health Care

For cuomo! The police seems not to know what is the appropriate forces to be used to control them. Please at least use the film from security camera to post those looters outside the windows of the stores they loot! Shame on them to attack the fragile economy!!

They’re both a disgrace. One is more incompetent than the other

These clowns need to get their act together!! Disgrace, they are failing the citizens of NYS on every level.

The Mayor and the Moron. Between the two of them , they now fight each other for more air time to say the same damn thing word for word every day. Just give us the numbers and go.

Both ineffective leaders....experts in politics but terrible leading a crisis

This is fun news. WTF happened to COVID? People were dying like crazy in it’s ok to stand right next to someone without getting it?

A pair of jacka—es trying to out do each other

Come on guys, flip a coin on who is going to piss off the fan boys.

New York Tuff! ❤️🤍💙 Stay strong !

They both need to resign

How is Cuomo expressing the need for more protection not a contradiction of any other Republican expressing the need for more protection? When will the hypocrisy end and when will both sides realize maybe...sometimes...we agree

Robert Di Nutso, and the rest of Hollywood's couch interview winners, want Cuomo to be a player on the Democrat team. Bill de Blazio is the worst employee ever. Everybody knows that this slug is useless. The fix is in. Fox and CNN are on a mission to oust fall guy de Blazio.

Rioting and looting is not 'protesting' -- that's just liberal news media covering up violence. Like a domestic abuse victim making up excuses for her wife beating husband or boyfriend.

Protestors don't spray paint their peaceful messages on buildings and then burn them down.

10 million arrests last year & 85 police officers were murdered. 9 Unarmed black people were killed by cops and 19 unarmed white people were killed By cops. Media is lying to you. Think & research for yourself.

Now is not the time to blast DeBlasio Governor Cuomo. I know you've been on fire lately, but it makes Trump happy when you fight. Is that what you want, hmmm? Trump laughhing it up at your squabbles? Hmmm?

Say his name! David Dorn!

Eating each other up

Pretty much y’all fucked up.

They both belong in prison with the killer rioters.

No good no good bye-bye

RIP David Dorn DavidDorn

They're not 'handling' anything. They have abandoned NYC, NYC business owners, NYC residents, and the NYPD, all of whom had nothing to do with the injustice and death of George Floyd.

You can't even take sides with these two. They are equally inept and dangerous to there citizens.

David Dorn was murdered. He's black. How many people posting black squares on their timeline have mentioned him? How many reporters have covered his story? Do black officer lives matter?

The two of them are a menace to New York! Not one is better than the other. I hate living in nyc. Thankfully not for long.

Horrible leadership

Cuomo is allowing the destruction of New York ! He has so much power behind him and won’t lift a finger to do anything! Stop lecturing! It’s enough. Do your Job!!!

They can't agree on who else to blame, when everyone else is looking at them.

Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio starring in the remake of Dumb and Dumber

Ur right President Trump

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