Trump says GOP is pulling convention from North Carolina

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President Trump says GOP will seek another state to host the party's convention after North Carolina insists on social distancing amid the pandemic.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper speaks during a briefing at the Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, said in a letter to the top convention organizer and the national GOP chairwoman that “planning for a scaled-down convention with fewer people, social distancing and face coverings is a necessity.” The letter came on the eve of a deadline from the GOP for assurances that Cooper would allow a full-scale event in August.

Wednesday was the GOP’s deadline for assurances from Cooper. Last week, Trump demanded Cooper that guarantee him a full-scale event or he would be forced to move the event elsewhere. But Bitzer said it’s hard to imagine Cooper and Trump will strike a deal that fully satisfies both sides by Wednesday. Still, two Charlotte restaurant owners said they didn’t expect a huge hit if the RNC moves or is scaled back.


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No way

Dear Republican’s go have the RNC in Epstein Pedophile Island y’all can frolic around naked, with no social distancing or mask and quarantine together while taking Hydroxychloroquine with Clorox cocktails...

Another example of how Trump is showing us all that he’s no leader, and only cares about Trump

Is Nuremberg too on-the-nose?

Moscow. St Petersburg Vladivostok. They are all willing to host the GOP Convention. Putin approves. You’ll get watchful guards and constant video of yourself in hotel rooms.

I think North Carolina should do an exception for republicans. Put them into crowded houses might be a huge win in November when there are less of them alive.

Good luck with that.

Please not FLA

He doesn’t even care about his followers! Just pack them into a stadium so he looks good. People are tools or obstacles to him.

Put the entire Republican Party people in one big venue...good luck with that.

----How about Hawaii

Kudos to North Carolina

Forcing a state to max capacity for his venue is extremely dangerous for the country.

Hmmm. Let me guess. Maybe a resort in Florida? New Jersey?

realDonaldTrump Bring it to SC! We support You! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

realDonaldTrump why don't you have it at the WH or Mar-gag-o? You could have UV lighting and supply chloroquine to your guests.

I recommend Georgia. The Russian one...

And by “another state” he means Florida. Mar-A-Lago will be the location where the Republican party completes is decent into Fascist submission to a deranged, insecure little baby man with 4th grade reading abilities.

Yes Please! Plenty other states that welcome RNC/president w/open arms!

trump has insisted that attendees not wear masks and not practice social distancing. The Gov. doesn't want a spike in Covid-19 cases. He's a smart man, unlike trump.

Hey north Carolina dodged a bullet trump wont screw another state out of money and false promises

realDonaldTrump and RNC Just move it to Moscow and be done with it.

JenniferJJacobs They can have it in hell

JenniferJJacobs Florida

JenniferJJacobs Take it to your headquarters in Russia, Vlad will be pleased.

JenniferJJacobs Can’t wait for the plywood stage.

JenniferJJacobs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We don’t need a jerk POTUS who is notoriously well known know for not paying his bills, coming to our state. Whom when we would protest, would sic our own troops on us.

JenniferJJacobs How about Moscow

JenniferJJacobs Nobody wants their nonsense. Good luck finding somewhere else to go.

JenniferJJacobs The GOP was warned and hasn't taken the pandemic seriously.

Perhaps they can hold it in North Korea or Russia. Countries with governments similar to what trump would like to impose in America.

So glad. We don't need all that riff raff here with their CV19 germs

Bye Felicia

nancy2637 Good. Keep more hate out of NC

Huh. It’s almost as if NC thinks there’s a deadly disease ravaging the world right now.

Go to Russia

Pyongyang is probably available.

Good for NC_Governor, keeping his citizens safe. NC would just be the next in a line of Trumpenrallye locations to become a coronavirus reemergence hotspot and get stiffed on the security bill.

Everyone hide

I’m sure they would be welcome in Pyongyang... him and KimJongUn are in love after all. TrumpIsAnIdiot

Hmmmmm, I wonder if they’ll pick Florida?🤔

North Korea, Tiananmen Square, Moscow, or Havana?

It’s like when that garbage barge kept floating to different places, and couldn’t find anywhere that would accept its crap.

Good. Little trump in Florida wants him

We do NOT want the potential of an horrific disease infection spread in Charlotte or North Carolina as a direct result of holding the GOP convention. And the same can be said about the risk of spread of COVID-19 as well......

What ever state that hosts this convention is taking a huge risk.

Thank you NC_Governor !

....because his photo op is yet again more important than Americans’ health and safety?! GOP realDonaldTrump vp TrumpOut2020 TrumpDictator ByeDon2020

Style notes on Trump: Please refer to him by his proper title: PORKUS. On second reference The Porker is acceptable. Always be cognizant of his porcine appearance, low mental state, small hands and penis, and need for XXXXL Pampers.

North Korea, that’s where to hold it, the leaders are ideologicaly twinned.

Well, the Reps from INDIANA vote: HARD FCKING PASS.

POTUS Bye bye GOP Infesting the Communities With Your Ugliness

Good work NC! You tell him to go to hell.

N.C. breaths easily

I hear Moscow is nice this time of year- and I bet he can get a discount!

Maybe Puerto Rico.

I nominate Florida. It miraculously has low COVID numbers though it does have a huge pneumonia epidemic. Well, the best Republicans can go down there and take their chances with the pneumonia instead.

Fuck Trump, Florida doesn't want him. We have enough criminal politicians here already with Rick Scott, DeSantis, Rubio, Graetz, and Pam Bondi jut to name a few.

South Dakota? Trump loves to tour and show off industrial plants. SD has Meat Processing Plants. The Governor says her Plants are completely safe now. I'm sure she'd love to show them off. No? 😐


SOMEWHERE IN RUSSIA realDonaldTrump , ur boyfriend will be thrilled 😁

Guessing Florida will raise its grimy hand...


Try denial.

'I'm taking my massive COVID petrie dish full of fascist douchenozzles and going somewhere else' isn't really the threat he thinks it is.

Good luck in finding that host state for GOP convention. Maybe realDonaldTrump should try Puerto Rico?

The GOP should celebrate its base by holding its convention at a trailer park in Arkansas.


I’d like to social distance Trump right off the planet.

North Carolinians are majority smart people and they actually are not a big fan of trump.

He'll probably take it to Florida and use Doral for it.

Live from the bunker

Maralago? Kremlin? Cruise ships? North Korea?

Try the state of denial. It has a lot of people who don’t mind being infected.

North Carolinians

Who cares? Bye!

rolandsmartin Bye...

I hear their homeland, Russia, has accommodations.

Will they be moving to Moscow?

he'd do better in Western Florida, anywhere really, from Naples to Tallahassee.

Cooper is weak and is killing the NC economy and destroying people life’s

I’m sure one of the lap dog GOP governors will come to his rescue

Adios gop!

I hear Russia is open

Yes. Let's keep this up States. Do not give this fascist and his supporters a platform.

That jackass Bill Lee wants it for Tn. Nashville will not be happy.

10 bucks says they hold it in an old confederate state in the deep south

Good. North Carolina’s residence don’t need more Covid 19 cases!

Have it in Moscow. That's the land they love.

Goodbye, then. Sincerely, a North Carolinean.

It'll be interesting to see what city will be STUPID enough to step forward and offer to host what will be a heavily protested shit show / cluster fuck.

How sweet it is.

Kudos to North Carolina for not giving in to Trump!!!!

My plane geometry is rusty. A 6ft diameter circle for proper social distancing per person say 19,000 people. Area=¼πd² = ¼x3.1416x6ft² = ¼x3.1416x36sqft = 3.1416x9 = 28.2744 sqft per person x 19,000 people = 532k sqft or a little over ½million sq ft minimum. My vote Nome Alaska.

rolandsmartin NC residents like...

Bring in the biggest cruise ship, pack it full of Trump's deplorables, disable navigation, and shove it out to sea. Let them enjoy that convention ...

Who’s cares they going to lose no matter where it is cause HE is a LOSER


Yeah. Good luck with that.

Hold it in northern Alaska, near Russia border, where your leader will be closer to his idol Putin and weather won’t affect you. Your hearts are already cold, your ears deaf, lips silent, and your faces frozen in 45 degree angle from looking the other way on racism and justice

RNC Cruise ship - Staffed with Republicans who want to get back to work. Fast Food served and evangelical services 24/7 🇺🇸

Smart move in a state he won by 3 or 4% in ‘16 -piss people off their because the Governor wants to try to keep people alive.


Cruise ship ? Florida?

Fun Fact: Seven out of ten delegates to the Republican National Convention say they'd gladly travel to Moscow for the festivities if Putin would guarantee the prostitutes would be cheaper than in Charlotte.

The bottom of the Atlantic is available.

ImpeachedTrump wants TrumpFans to die for him


Not so much money lost as he does not pay his bills.

wonder which state will be dumb enough to allow trump in

Good for NC!


Why would anyone want this convention? It will draw protestors. The RNC won't pay its bills

Take it to Alabama, plenty of deplorables there!

rolandsmartin Is Hell a state yet ?

rolandsmartin Mississippi

Good for the govonorer for putting the ppl of his state before trumps ego.

Good, go. NC governor stood up to you. No one wants your convention and all the potential problems.

I hope every State will stand up but we know one won’t. FLORDA.

Boo fucking who

Moscow is fitting.

Come to California!

Quick, states, hide!

Minneapolis. Do it. They'll treat him well there.


this is excellent. The GOPConvention is going to be a big fat FUBAR. Nice going, BunkerBoy.

He can always hold it in hell

o wow wat a shame

What's stopping them from using one of Trump's properties?

Let me guess, Florida..

Congratulations NC! Lucky lucky state. TrumpDictatorship

Take the gop convention to where it belongs. Moscow

N.C. is a swing state. The GOP was going there to get a boost. Bunkerbitch just blew that. Awesome.

Too funny! I’m sure that won’t upset any North Carolinians. With a Senate race probably within the margin of error. Trump sets up a win for Democrats. McConnell must be spinning in his shell.


They can host it in a pig farm

Hee hee...

I keep saying put them on a Cruise ship. No protestors to bother them while making plans to destroy our Democracy and abolish our government programs. The Koch's can afford to lease one.

Might I suggest 👇🏻

Russia? I mean it would only be fitting, right?

Sorry, Utah is unavailable

Who wants to host the racist GOP convention By the looks of the demonstrations taking place, I don’t think anyone will offer up their state...esp since they will stiff them on the bill.

No city wants him, the virus or the protesters. Go home to Mar-A-Loco.

Moscow is a great place for the GOP to go...

Brazil! I vote Brazil.

Moscow ?

I’m sure the CDC has a large enough Petri dish for him to host it.

realDonaldTrump Moscow?

Moscow would be a great place for the assholes of the GOP to have their convention. These bastards are all owned by Putin anyway

YAYYYY!!!!! Stay away, realDonaldTrump !!!!

Go to Florida. Their state has been a great example during Covid and the protests. RonDeSantisFL SenRubioPress realDonaldTrump

POTUS is this true?

Please, Charleston, South Carolina has the arms open for GOP convention

Maybe they should have it in Russia, since the Chump Administration seems to enjoy meetings and 'networking' with helpful/friendly komrades so much. I hear Putin will be a great host.

I hear the State of Denial is nice this time of year and you can get convention space for Kopeks on the Ruble.

Seriously maybe Alaska, or Alabama 🤷‍♂️

Moscow, Russia.

He can take the GOP convention and his followers to Jonestown, Guyana, and open up a nice new Trump Kool Aid stand there.

Maybe they should do it in a cruise ship

TL;DR - Trump mad someone wants to protect the citizens of NC as well as visiting GOP, searches for new House of a death for RNC show

I hear Elba is nice

Is Russia a state?🤣

joncoopertweets The devil went down to Georgia


Please pleaseree let it be Georgia 🙏🏽

Here are 18 (real) places that will be happy to have Donald Trump: Moscow, AR Moscow, AL Moscow, ID Moscow, IN Moscow, IA Moscow, KS Moscow, KY Moscow, ME Moscow, MD Moscow, MN Moscow, MS Moscow, OH Moscow, PA Moscow, TN Moscow, TX Moscow, VT Moscow, WV Moscow, WI

Yay!! Way to go RoyCooperNC!! You totally rock!! So proud of you and happy for NC! 💙🇺🇸😘

Mississippi will take it.

I’m sure the people of NC don’t mind

Moscow Civic Centre, perhaps?

He probably doesn’t want to have foot the security for it nor does he want to spread covid. Good for NC. They need to fuck off from Texas

Congratulations North Carolina.

. . New found respect for North Carolina. NoSociopaths2020 DumpTrump2020 UnfitAndUnstable

I'm sure Steve Wynn in Vegas would be happy to house that late summer plague spreading event.

Fabulous! Good riddance! Mecklenburg County has the HIGHEST numbers of Covid cases in the state. Our businesses and politicians have followed the science in order to protect the state's citizens. Take your germs elsewhere!

Moscow’s available.


Phew! North Carolina, tha was closed. I think you all dodged a an orange bullet.

Please don't bring that crap to FL!

JonLemire His choices are states where they could care less about social distancing..Arkansas, The Ozarks


Good. The GOP can infect each other somewhere else!!!🤮

Florida no masks no distancing. Perfect. Good luck with that

Maybe St Petersburg.

Good. This NC resident doesn’t want him or his trash in town.

Oh please lord let the Republicans find a venue that does not require masks or social distancing. Please!

I’m thinking Alabama.


I'm not from NC, but if I was I'd be like:

How about he does it in the state of confusion because that morherfucker is lost. And I mean LOST.

Good for them. They don't want their citizens to die because of orange boy's overblown ego👏👏👏

Trump is really intent on moving the Republican Convention out of North Carolina because someone told him that NC has a Democratic Gov.

Just wait and see! They will have it in Florida! I wouldn't doubt it if they hold it at one of trump's properties!

* SPOILER* It was A L W A Y S gonna be Mar-a-lago!!! Spineless DeSantis will 100% make it happen

🤔. I wonder which state will step up. 🤔. Hmmmmm. Gosh I can’t think of one that willl directly benefit Trump.... hmmmmmmm

Thoughts and prayers.

My money is on the Banana Republican convention taking to the high seas on a rented cruise ship.

I recommend that the GOP hold their national convention onboard a cruise ship. That way the help out the cruise industry and don’t have to worry about that pesky social distancing.

$ everything. It’s the way of the GOP

JonLemire Girl, bye.

I live in Florida and will be super pissed if it ends up here.

crampell Priorities

Wherever Trump goes, from now till January, hell is going to follow him, 20,000 are going to the convention and 1,000,000+ are going to show up and protest. What city would stupid enough to want him?

To ice this cake, we need every other state to similarly reject any proposal to host the .GOP Call your governors. Call your state lawmakers. Call the venue owners. LEAVE THEM HOMELESS.

This headline is our daily reminder of how petty and unpresidential Trump is. TrumpIsAFailure

Fantastic. Don’t let the door hit you.

JonLemire Two thumbs up for common sense.

What re the odds he’s going to have it at mar-a-lago?

Nobody wants it in their state! And if you do, WOW!

Maybe Russia will host. I hear quite a few republicans are frequent visitors.

My kids have been distance learning for months.. If RNC comes to Charlotte I’ve heard we return to distance learning for that time so resources can be used at the convention. Find another town please!

Ok NC have you been watching all the riots

Congratulations NC. Don’t let the door hit them in the ass.

Who does Trump think he is? Has NC and it's citizens not made plans and put money on the Conventiion?

Maybe the States will act like the astronauts in the 'Right Stuff.' 'Maybe we'll have to change the order and let someone else fly...' 'Oh Yeah? Who you gonna' get?' .. then the barfly at the end of the bar said, 'I'm Florida. I'll do you.'

Palm beach is available?

Russia is available


Knuckle head governor. Jammed pack Memorial Day holidays and a week of riots across 170+ cities show there is no pandemic.

Sounds good to me😄😄😄😄😄

joncoopertweets How much do you want to bet trump will casually suggest bed bug Doral or Mara Lombego

Bet he's taking his Klan to FL.

That’s ok! Wherever it’s held the thousands of people will be exposed to the coronavirus. 🤞🏻Maybe trump will get a bad case of it!!


Moving convention 2 months before to an entirely different state is a logistical nightmare. This will be A REALLY entertaining clusterfuck...

Policing and other security costs will far exceed any financial benefits gained by the host city.

Bring it to California where we can have a heat to heart talk with you and your cult.

Did he ever pay the other states for his rally’s? NC sounds like they saved themselves from a bad debt!

Good. Bring it to FL please.


Wyoming would be a cool spot

Good. I live in NC. We were going to protest the fuck out of it anyway

RESPECT 🤛 North Carolina!!!! The Democratic Party should compensate the state for some of their financial losses. You stood up to trumpty dumpty. Nice job!!!!!

Good, other states need jobs and revenue.

Good luck - doubt anyone is going to want you there with all the protests etc it’s going to bring TrumpResignNow

I'm sure everyone in NC is wiping their heads and saying 'whew,' right now.

Good. Bye GOP we don't want you here.

Any good Republican wont go

Please don’t let them come to Florida. We’ve had enough.

Good, the majority of NCians don’t want it. And F realDonaldTrump !

Maybe his Space Force will find a location out of this world - and they can all stay there after the convention. One way tickets outa here.

Guantanamo Bay.....has great security...maybe a Carnival Cruise ship close by for lodging.

One of his places im sure.

They have to do the right thing. NC has little chance of reversing this rapidly enough.

In other words, Trump is going to hold this at one of his sh*tty hotels so him and his trash family can wring out every dime from his position before we toss his as* out. .

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