Trump Administration Limits States' Power To Stop Oil And Gas Pipelines

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In recent years, states have used the Clean Water Act to block pipelines and other fossil fuel projects. But a new EPA rule makes it harder for states to do that.

last year, aimed at speeding up approval processes for energy infrastructure. Trump has expressed skepticism about climate change and he campaigned in 2016 on helping the coal and other fossil fuel industries.

Wheeler says the new rule will specify timelines for state review and require final action within one year of receiving an application. It also limits the scope of the Section 401 review, directing states to look only at direct effects on local water quality, not larger issues such as climate change.

The Natural Resources Defense Council says the action undermines the foundation of how environmental laws work in the U.S."The federal government should be setting baseline standards, while states apply and enhance them to the benefit of their unique natural resources and residents," says Jon Devine, the group's director of federal water support of the proposed changes.


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The head of the EPA is an industry lobbyist. He must resign.

What can we do


Terrible guess we’ll let them destroy everything

Because the *Environmental Protection Agency* is doing all it can to raise pollution levels. This is trump's idea of what America and our agencies should be

Remember BP’s spill into the Gulf of Mexico? Then the British Queen briefly visited & it was all Fixed: their wildlife mass-murder & its impact so horrific that even data went scarce. That is how it all started but against the indigenous Nations 3S

Remember BP’s spill? The British Queen briefly visited and it was all Fixed: their wildlife mass-murder and its long-term painful impact. That is how it all started just against the indigenous Peoples 3S


Because poisoning the environment is good. Shall we have a nice DDT cocktail with our radium cake?

Comes the fracking again, next stop Karoo SouthAfrica

Just turn the country into one big pipeline and poison us all.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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