Trump Threatens to Deploy Military to States to Curb Protests

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Breaking: Trump says he is deploying military personnel to the nation's capital and threatens to send troops to states if they can't quell protests

Cities across the country prepared for a seventh consecutive night of a now familiar pattern of peaceful demonstrations turning violent after dark, as President Trump castigated the nation’s governors for being weak and encouraged them to crack down on violent protesters.

New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Minneapolis all either issued or extended nighttime curfews in the hope that it would help quell violence. Six states and 13 cities had declared a state of emergency by Monday, with 67,000 National Guard troops deployed...


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All right protesters. Is it part of protest To loot?

Can we so coast guard first, it is kind of expensive. These looters are not protesters. They used them as shield and commit crime so that the good people will be laid off because they will have no jobs!!!!


Somebody’s has to do something. People being best to death by rioters and people losing their livelihoods by looters.


The WSJ isn’t FOR any of this, is it?

New York what's going on

Incorrect. He stated clearly he supports peaceful protesting but America cannot tolerate domestic terrorism, the destruction of our communities. Please report facts.

Evil grows up eating people's hatred.

It’s not for the Protests. It’s for the looters. Please grow up and learn to report accurately

He can’t unless the state ask for it!

Do it end the anarchy!

Hoooollly crap this is bad

If the US keeps failing its citizens with injustice applying arbitrary police tactics and draconian laws and refusing to reform them or make amends, We the People must overtrow this Government with Its Trump Administration! Victore Halls.

realDonaldTrump you really screwed this messaging up. It was nice having a pro-growth POTUS in office for a few years. Now we’re going to have a human potato in office with that shrew Pelosi pulling the strings. Back to our regularly scheduled programming of collectivism.

Hong Kong police are spraying protesters with blue-dye water cannons to mark them for arrest later

He can’t address the nation on the actual issue at end but he chooses to do this instead?

Good for him!

Insurrection Act, look it up people. Stop being sheep.

He drew a line between the protestors and the arsonists. The media should too!!

Just curious: can your military leaders just say no to your fascist leader? because that would be pretty amazing and honourable. Love and respect from New Zealand

Now if he sents military to states without being asked, do the states have to exercise their second amendment rights with their arms bearing militias per 2nd amntmt?

Not in my United States

Antfia is a domestic terrorist organization that has to be dealt with! The military may not be the best option but they definitely need to be taken care of and justice must be served.

In his confusion he will order to bomb the demonstrators.

He caused many to die needlessly with his handling of the pandemic and he will cause many to die with his handling of this protest. I have said since day one that many Americans will suffer at the hand of the mad president and he's not through yet.

Welcome to Russia

Right-wingers have always fought to protect their 2nd amendment right to bear arms against a tyrannical government. Right-wingers, this is what a tyrannical government looks like.

Or as alternative let all stores to get looted and vandalized.

Good .whatever it takes to stop the arsonist and looters.

This is more “Presidential Apprentice: The White House” BS drama! Posse Comitis Act outlaws military use for law enforcement unless requested by governors!

We all knew he'd deploy the military against us before November. No surprise. The 2Aers were right to fear our military.

Trump the traitor is trying to do a putin. Putin kills his own people and so does trump the traitor.

I just wonder how quickly solve the problem in Trump's way...

Cersei lannister in real life

Funny how all the people saying they’d revolt if the government enforced social distancing are real quiet right now... first class mental gymnastics indeed

Hopefully if he sends troops to the states, then all those white guys that were storming buildings to defend their liberty against covid19, will come back out to defend their liberty again

When Trump passes as in dies people will be dancing in the streets around the world and we can't wait for this to happen as he is very old thank God it will be sooner than later!

Welcome to Hong Kong, U.S.A..

Trump fighting his own people? Idiot? Y'all must get rid of these rubbish asap

Emperor Trump says out of my way u damn peaceful blocking my show

Donald Trump, surrounded by a phalanx of heavily armed officers, waddling off for a photo op in front of St. John's; holding a bible like some manner of cheap prop, during another episode of his delusional reality TV show.

When doesn’t he make cowardly and/or ignorant decisions?

Use American sons and daughters, friends, neighbors to against its people. Such Pres. should step down.

Bullish 🚀 buy stonks

Must be using President Xi's handy dandy notebook on how to quell the revolt

Threatens? More like gives us hope that we will be protected!! People are scared... we don’t want violence! We want PROTECTION. Thankful someone is willing to bring in backup for our governors and mayors that are looking the other way...


This's a coup d'etat, always pretending to restore law and order.

This is too much realDonaldTrump

Tian An Men anniversary is in 3 days. We are supposed to be a beacon of freedom and democracy. This rhetoric / action belies that image.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of realDonaldTrump allies purposely sent their demons to start these riots so martial law could be implemented! It's easy enough plot to do knowing rebellious callous youth would behave/react this way falling right into place thus good excuse!

People who say it’s not illegal to be anti-fascist should take note that the one place it’s always been illegal to be anti-fascist know...every fascist state ever.

The rest of the world is either horrified if they are alies or gleeful if they are enemies

This is a sick man and needs to be overthrown

Quand on pense tout metriser,sa sent la fin!

ResignNow ResignNow ResignTrumpNow resignnowtrump

How many are killed during protests? How much $ looting has occurred? Tiny fraction. Covid-19 deaths - tiny fraction of 350 million population.

Replying to Took long enough knowing the dipshits in charge of those states.

Trump riding hard on whiteprivilege supporters for re-election -Obama made economy run is over -100k deaths is on him -Mexico/China not whore he thought of -reality tv / reality is two diff world Trump TrumpDeathToll100K Riot2020 dcblackout BlackLiveMattters racism blm

realDonaldTrump needs to ResignNow. We no longer live in a democracy. We are ruled by a Facist DictatorTrump in the WhiteHouse. I didn't vote for this. I didn't want this. For the love of people, please VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 AllLivesMatter

Trump is setting up the US for dictatorship. I’m a doctoral candidate in high functioning psychopaths, travel to the US frequently & predicted civil war under Trump. Psychopaths deceive, create chaos, are driven by control and do not feel guilt so their actions are inconceivable

And is there anyhing free, intelligent,peaceful citizens can do?

POTUS turns America into the middle east and Assad he is shooting his own citizens.....nerve gas next ? jack

Orange Hitler just had a crowd of peaceful protestors gassed to clear the way for his photo op at the church. Hating Trump is practically a patriotic duty.

Did you happen to notice him walking across the street to the old church damaged last night? What an incredible statement by a wonderful president!

Such a slanted headline. He also said he was an “ally of peaceful protesters,” and that he was sickened by the death of George Floyd. But it’s cool, you do what you do, Fake News.

Is this true conservatism? I think not. Thanks Republicans.

He can’t. It’s illegal, unless they ask him too. Dictator wannabe sending the military after peaceful protesters.

It's matching Noble Peace prize

Wrong on every count. Just pour gasoline on the fire, why don’t you? Why is this President so monumentally wrong in his decision making. This will lead to even more unneccessary deaths of Americans. Now I am genuinely scared.

The new mission of the US army: to bring democracy to the USA. Of course, we know what happens when the US army brings democracy anywhere. Like Kabul or Bagdad 😅

He is a loser.....we need to get him out of office...

MAGA, the world is loving every minute of this.

Kent State, here we come.

Remember that time Palpatine pretendes to use stormtroopers to 'win' against an “external threat” while all the while his real goal was military authoritarianism, exterminate the Jedi, and quash all rebellion? Yeah, me too.

Blood on his hands

Go back to your safe place snowflake. bunkerbaby.

Hello, Americans. Your 'elected' Dictator-wannabe just matured into one!

Somebody should probably tell him about the First Amendment.

Vote in November.

So Presidential! Why is he still here


CNN was trying to be hopeful before Trump's remarks.....but Don Lemon correctly predicted the type of message he expected Trump to deliver. TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

Jibou BRI w zidou Sa3i9a

Elect a Reality TV star, America.

If the system was for the people, the people would prosper more then the system. Land of the restricted.. Home of the extorted.. Life and Liberty OVER ALL!! 2020 boston tea party ! Revolt 2020 10 'good' cops letting 1 bad cop break LAW =11 bad cops !!


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