Trump Says He'll Deploy Military To States If They Don't Stop Violent Protests

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President Trump declared himself 'a law-and-order president' as he delivered remarks in opposition to the ongoing demonstrations, describing the unrest as 'acts of domestic terrorism.'

Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Trump delivers remarks in front of the media in the Rose Garden of the White House Monday.Escalating his rhetoric during a period of roiling national crises, President Trump on Monday threatened to deploy the United States military to cities or states that don't take"necessary" actions to halt violent protests, saying the armed forces will"quickly solve the problem for them.

President Trump holds a Bible as he visits outside St. John's Church across Lafayette Park from the White House on Monday.Trump's remarks, which lasted less than seven minutes, came after days of protests in dozens of cities across the country following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis a week ago.

He added:"Our country always wins. That is why I am taking immediate presidential action to stop the violence."


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There is a difference between a peaceful protest and a riot. President Trump has repeatedly said he and his administration support the peaceful protests.

The situations in Portland, Seattle and other Democrat-led cities continue with violent anarchists rioting on the streets as federal law enforcement officers work diligently and honorably to enforce federal law; they do so by defending federal property and the lives of officers.

NPR who praises Antifa leader's, BLM, and Media cooperation and collusion to glorify the burning of minority owned businesses and striking terror in the American people!

Impeached coward cheeto says what?

lets see how law enforcement is handling all this

Law and order? He better start at home.

You need to hone your listening skills or 'clear' your cognitive filter. He didn't say he was against the protests. In fact, just the opposite. He said he was against the thugs, criminals, arsonist, looters, and thugs that were blemishing the peaceful protesters.

Law and order except for him or anyone around him. They will just get pardoned.

Vote him out

Same man who said that SOUTH AFRICA is a dump!!! 😬 Welcome to your own jungle !!! Hope the Military turns their back on you and stand for justice!!! Wish every weapon will be placed down and you be taken out by the 'GOOD'. Suffer... So you can feel pain!!!

Can he do that if they have not requested military assistance?

Considering Robert Harrity of the FBI testified under oath to AOC that Americans can't be tried as domestic terrorist, unless they have ties to a foreign terrorist group. He testified the Supreme court must define Americans terrorizing Americans as terror

I listened and Trump used some big words. Who wrote that speech for him?

They burned down a church and the media is still pandering for them. Wake, up people the media is sponsoring state terrorism.

Didn’t he just a few weeks ago say they were on their own with the COVID-19?

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. Notice it didn’t say “who commit the crime”

I thought he was a 'war-time' president?..Oh right, that was last month... or was it 'perfect economy' president, or 'perfect pandemic response' president, or 'Super Duper Missile' president? Hard to keep track of his kicknames. I'll just stick with 'idiot con-man president'

The failed presidency continues another day with the promise of American blood being spilt to keep him in power.

'President Trump took his first steps in becoming a dictator.' I fixed your title for you

Then fix the problem, stop the police from murdering people.

realDonaldTrump is the TrueDomesticTerrorist bunkerbabytrump BUNKERPRESIDENT


He is the biggest criminal in the country. Five months people, just five months and we can vote him out of office for good.

Something like that happened long ago in Italy. PBS has a great documentary about fascism and the power of the people.

Lookwhomis talking. Orangy skid marks.

Let the cities burn. Governors & mayors are 100% responsible for safety of life & property. NO federal bailout for burning cities. What type of mothers raised these young Americans? Where's dad?

He thinks his tan is real too!!!

Trump read section 8 of Article 1 of the Constitution, which he disregards in his words. Congress holds his powers in check, they declare war, they provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.

What a disgraceful turd.

'Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child' (Ecclesiastes 10:16, ESV).

Whoever voted for this scumbag must be feeling proud right now.

Leftists, anarchists, criminals and opportunists are tearing down our cities and using the tragedy in Minneapolis to tear down the very institutions we rely on for a civil society. We need LAW and ORDER and most of the victims in these cities would agree.

He wants to declare himself president for life, of a police state.

Completely and utterly unmoored from reality.

npr is no better than the CCP

This is factually incorrect. He did not oppose the ongoing demonstrations. He verbally distinguished between the peaceful protesters and the violent rioters for which verbally showed support for the former and condemned the latter. Something the media and NPR has failed to do yet

Just to be clear, if the protesters carried guns and tiki torches instead of signs he'd be calling them very fine people right now.

Democratic mayors and governors can't stop the rioting, vandalism and looting, because they have a conflict of interest. The people engaging in the rioting are the Democratic Party's voting base.

Well that is another lie from the genius!

Where was Mr law and order when a bunch of dudes brought assault weapons into government buildings as a threat?

He's nothing.

What a Reagan wannabe

The only thing he did is violate civil rights and the 1st amendment...not like they mean anything. Had there been white only he would gave walked out without military. What a coward and a piece of shit. Great way to use anything called insurrection with black folks!


Trump said we stand with the peaceful protesters, while opposing the riots and anarchy that NPR refers to as “ongoing demonstrations”. NotPrintingReality

realDonaldTrump & the GOP have declared war on America & they are not Americans and are traitors.

This just in, Domestic Terrorist responsible for 100,000 deaths, calls protestors terrorists.

realDonaldTrump just declared himself a dictator?

No matter what, you will always blindly hate him. Such poisoned minds.


I’m offended, disturbed and shocked by the blasphemous act & “for tv” performance D. Trump displayed by using religious symbols for false & political purposes & for sending law enforcement & U.S. military to forcefully remove peaceful & lawful protestors.

You failed to mention that he delivered those remarks while literal jack booted thugs in police uniforms beat, gassed and shot peaceful protesters in a park feet away so Trump could get a photo op at a church

Let’s get this straight. He’s the terrorist!

The Adolf Hitler playbook continues.

This is disgusting. Stop giving him air time


The quick and clean solution would be to hang the guilty red neck racist cop and do it live on TV for the whole world to watch. To make a strong LESSON to be learned for all the cops on the planet ‼️

Please Resign 🙏🙏🙏🙏realDonaldTrump

don-the-con trump IS NOT: a lawyer, teacher, brave, compassionate, minister, doctor, ex-military, historian, scientist, literate, benefactor, honest, tax payer, trustworthy, farmer, a loyal husband, decisive, psychologist, nor physic.

The National Guard is not going do 💩but protect state and city property. MAGAts will believe anything their cult leader say. Worry about the violent police action.

Witnessing the end of the United States of America.

More like 'golf lawn and disorder' president.

The biggest crook in the White House since Richard Nixon declares himself the “law-and-order” president. How do you say “that’s rich” in Russian.

PLEASE STOP CALLING HIM PRESIDENT! He denigrates the moniker president.

I thought he said he was “the president of law and order” but of course that is Dick Wolf

Did he emerge from the bunker?

Sooooooo, Agent Orange is calling Peaceful Protesters domestic terrorist. But the white nationalist actually causing the destruction Agent Orange never mentions. White Folks storming state capital with guns Agent Orange called them hero’s because they couldn’t get a haircut!

If only he had sincere motives. But we all know he's a reactionary who's upset because he looks bad. He cares almost nothing about citizens's lives, but he cares a lot about private property. More pandering to people's basest motives from an inept administration.

He's a fraud and a failure. He needs to get the f*** out now.

He’s trying to emmulate his buddies... Putin and Kim Jong-un

Another “law and order” leader.

A clown in order?

Trump is a domestic territorist

What’s the alternative I just want a white liberal to tell me. Malcolm X tried to warn people.

Don is a “religious man” he trusts the old school “Jesus- prince of peace ”wisdom of maime,mace and murder them all and we’ll let God sort out the innocent...

domestic terrorism is all I've seen for days in America. Rioters are killing, looting and setting homes on fire with children inside. Fact check that shit.

Can we call on assistance from the UN to counter this mad man? PosseComitatusAct

Speaking of law and order

Irony... a cruel cruel mistress

I’d like to hear him call the 4 police officers domestic terrorists

This is not law and order this is a dictator using tear gas as a photo op.

SOS president

Was your show reaction after these remarks too measured? Others are discussing martiallaw and the InsurrectionAct InsurrectionAct

And had his own citizens gassed for a photo op because he didn’t like the hiding in the bunker image? That’s cowardly not law and order!!

This fucking guy

We want law and order but not anarchy!!

he is inciting the civil war. he should be trialed for treason and crimes against humanity. take him out like you did all the other dictators. wake up, america! FakePresident

He who thinks he is above all law cannot be described as a law and order president

Many instances instigated by the police themselves, not the protesters. Let’s include headline accuracy

Does he realize what a joke he is?

the police are the terrorists and they're taking their cues from a criminal, white supremacist president. he must be impeached again now.

He should have taken SpaceX

Yo, SenatorCollins ya think realDonaldTrump has learned his lesson? HeyheySusanCollinsMustGo

He had peaceful protesters gassed , shot with rubber bullets . Women , Kids, Senior citizens hurt. Just so he could walk to church for a photo. He is a fascist lunitic . Milatary should be ashamed of themselves.

The money-laundering serial rapist and tax fraud cares about law and order?

Finally the Americans are accused as terrorists by their own country.


Please stop giving this man equal footing. He is dangerous and you are, in trying to 'represent both sides,' giving him a dangerous platform to spew his invective. Please do better!

realdonaldtrump is the real terrorist.

He is almost done destroying America, and our leaders are going to let it happen.

Well that went well.

trump's slipping in battleground states. He's desperate to try anything.

Nice headline NPR, no mention of the unwarranted attack on peaceful protesters and threat of attacking his own citizens with their military

We are now under fascist, authoritarian rule. The president just declared war on the American people.

Wait, isn't it he who tries to violate every law in the book when it comes to profiteering off of unsuspecting innocent people?

Shameful act by Trump. Very Very Sad. Lets END Racism PoliceBrutality & RacialProfiling GeorgeFloyd PeacefulProtests BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests2020 AmericaOrTrump Plz No Riots2020

Failed presidency.

We should all be in the streets tonight.


'Tin soldiers and Trump is coming, we're finally on our own, this summer I hear the drumming, George Floyd is dead, Oh no.'

Coming from a traitor who has killed many of our fellow Americans.

He actually said he would deploy them to protect the protesters and their right to protest! He would deploy the military if governors did not get the rioting from antifa and other anarchist organizations under control! How dare you spin this as aimed towards the protesters?

We are under attack by this President. MAGA🤣🤣🤣

Law and order so he can pillage and plunder

TDS Is there a vaccine?

Trump is the opposite of law and order. What sucks is this country really needs leadership right now. Not some coward hiding in his bunker threatening violence against Americans. It’s easy to tell that trump has no clue about what he should do so he wants the military to hurt

Terrible headline

I’m more of a Curb Your Enthusiasm guy

Commander Bone Spurs lacks a spine. Daddy handed him everything that he has ever had in his entire life. We can't take a man-child and expect him to be the leader of the free world.

Remove him.

Maybe the time has passed to constantly play at being civil and print dispassionate, gentle headlines when an unhinged fascist hides behind a bible and calls for deploying the military against citizens for talking back.

Tin soldiers and Trump is coming We're finally on our own This summer I hear the drumming...

As a wannabe Musolini or Hitler he's really a sad example. His racist followers should ask more of him...

Why would you call “burning and looting” ongoing “demonstrations”? Why does NPR minimize violence and destruction?

I think INCELTantrum2020 is done


The terrorist-in-chief is the man at the podium.

Arrest the douchebags

Enough is enough. He's a danger to this country, he needs to go, now.


*RUSSIAN, KGB-STYLE* law and order. Trump is a coward and a failure. Go back to hiding in your basement. Report back to Putin in a week or two.

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