Haven’t mailed your ballot yet? Here’s what you can do in each state.

.@chrislhayes explains your options if you’re worried the mail won’t deliver your ballot in time or if you changed your mind about voting absentee.

10/29/2020 6:21:00 AM

.chrislhayes explains your options if you’re worried the mail won’t deliver your ballot in time or if you changed your mind about voting absentee.

Changed your mind about voting absentee? Worried the mail won’t deliver your ballot in time? Here are your options to make your vote count in each state.

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Transportation nominee: 'possible' U.S. could raise gas tax to fund road repairs

Pete Buttigieg, Democratic President Joe Biden's nominee to head the U.S. Transportation Department, won bipartisan support from senators at a Thursday confirmation hearing, where he said it was possible new gas tax revenue could fund infrastructure.

chrislhayes I just successfully changed my vote from Biden to Trump! Can't believe the level of corruption from the Biden family. Can't believe he made it this far before getting stopped. Wow, I can't believe we almost got duped. MSNBC, you need to get to work and get the word out!! chrislhayes AndreaChalupa chrislhayes Missouri 👏🏻take Absentee Ballot to your county/city Election Board’s absentee office. Mail-in ballot or absentee ballot, can be brought (ballot w/ envelope) to polling place. Election judge will “spoil” ballot/envelope, then you can vote in person. Call Election Board if unsure.

chrislhayes 🙏🏽 Chris. This needs to be vastly disseminated and immediately. I wish everybody with great twitter following retweeted this. Please do. It could mean the difference between democracy or Trumpism. Retweet 🙏🏽 chrislhayes And for those who can’t drive themselves to a ballot drop box or polling place, Uber has a special package to drive people to and from the poll.

chrislhayes Doesn't Matter! IT'S OVER! Hell, even Covid picked realDonaldTrump over JoeBiden. Trump2020 chrislhayes How about vote in person & boom!!! Problem solved... 🙄

Millions of mail ballots not yet returned in key statesJust days before the presidential election, millions of mail ballots have yet to be returned in key battleground states, and election officials warn that time is running out for voters who want to avoid a polling place on Election Day. At least 35 million mail ballots had been returned or accepted as CC: marceelias protctdemocracy SallyQYates NoOneIsAboveLaw votevets RepAdamSchiff JohnKerry tribelaw Mimirocah1 mayawiley Sifill_LDF LawyersComm DerrickNAACP AARPadvocates CC: usmayors MayorGallego NYCMayor mayorcantrell chicagosmayor MayorGallego OurMayors ACLU CC: SierraClub WallOfMoms ACLUofKY ACLUofLouisiana ACLUofWisconsin ACLUMN ACLUOK ACLUTx aclutn ACLUofNE ACLUVA BlackVotersMtr ACLU_NorCal ACLUofGA ACLU_SoCal acluutah aclupa ColorOfChange RockTheVote acluohio ACLUofMichigan ACLUofIL ACLUofColorado

Haven't mailed your ballot yet? USPS recommends you do by Tuesday to make state deadlinesVote by mail deadlines vary by state but the USPS is recommends one week between putting your ballot in the mail and your state’s deadline. So today great heads up The USPS endorsed Joe Biden. There is ZERO chance they are getting my ballot! Vote in person, folks! Don’t let the Democratic Party & the USPS cheat the American people. Can anyone name 1 postal worker that's not a Democrat? Privatize the post office and watch things become less expensive along with better service. USPS sucks billions of tax dollars to overpay employees and promise killer pensions. WRONG

Grant Me the Grace of Lizzo Casting Her Mail-In Ballot in a Star-Spangled BraletteYep, lizzo cast her mail-in ballot in an American flag bralette and glittery boots. ✨

Elizabeth Warren says Supreme Court's Wisconsin decision undermines democracy as polls show Biden with strong leadMassachusetts senator criticized the Supreme Court's rejection to extend deadline for counting mail-in ballots in the battleground state. she's so corrupt, she has no credibility! Keeping votes from being counted is the Republican way These are two different things, Newsweek. 1. Biden has a lead, yes. 2. But the Supreme Court's decision does, indeed, undermine democracy. Why is this so hard for you?

Supreme Court leaves in place Pennsylvania's Nov. 6 deadline for return of absentee ballotsThe action sets ground rules for mail-in voting in one of the nation&39;s key battleground states, where 2 million ballots already have been returned. A lot of Republican voters are voting for BIDEN. I hear it in the conservative FL retirement neighborhood I live in. Voted for Trump last time, voting for Biden this time. Tired of the lies and the chaos - want decency restored. Trump failed on COVID. Elections are up to the state. SCOTUS shouldn’t have any say over this...😤 FOR NOW... They may decide to review it after the election. Don't start celebrating yet!

Don't Panic If You Missed the Mail-in Ballot Deadline. Here's How to Make Sure Your Vote CountsYou can still return your ballot in person. Here’s how to get your vote counted in key states across the 2020 battleground. This is too important to be behind a paywall.