Why the price of gas keeps going up in most provinces | CBC News

2022-01-29 4:00:00 AM

The price of gas continues to go up in Canada and, in some regions, is breaking records.

Experts say geopolitical tensions are behind the recent increases, and that 2022 will see even higher costs.

The price of gas continues to go up in Canada and, in some regions, is breaking records.

Posted: Jan 28, 2022 6:16 PM ET | Last Updated: 2 hours agoA woman fills up her tank at a Vancouver gas station. The two-day average price at the pump per litre has gone up in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I., according to the Canadian Automobile Association.

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'Experts'. In other words, you sought out some people who held the precise view you'd like to push. Justinflation I’m sure the carbon tax implemented by Trudumb has nothing to do with gas prices being so high. Another BS piece of reporting by CBC Or maybe policies put in place by sunny ways incompetent government as usual putting the cart before the horse.

Because we don’t have enough Canadian oil refineries! Dumbquestion Massive taxes are to blame Taxes, that's why GasPriceWizard really? The real issue is that Russia supplies the world with oil and they’re trying to invade Ukraine? Maybe CBC better drink some different koolaid. Keep the liberals’ lie CBC. My taxes pay for your fake news and lawfare.

Fuel tax set to increase in April there was one in December too I believe Real headline: CBC News gives BS excuse to cover truth of corporate greed pushing up fuel prices.

New post-pandemic standards for long-term care proposed to federal government | CBC NewsAs hundreds of long-term care homes across the country grapple with new outbreaks of COVID-19, highly-anticipated draft national standards for these facilities were released Thursday. 1/'Infection control standards for the design & operation of long-term care homes are being developed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which is also looking facilities' ventilation, plumbing & medical gas systems. The CSA's draft standards are expected in February.' 2/'The Health Standards Organization (HSO) report revises standards affecting the quality of direct care. The report calls on long-term care homes to adopt existing HSO infection control protocols for hospitals.' 5/'The HSO's draft standards will be open to public review for 60 days. The CSA's proposed standards, expected in February, also will be subject to public input for 60 days. The final standards are expected to be finalized this fall.'

Ev vehicles need the range( I can't wait to give oil the fu!) How many times has Trudeau increased the carbon tax during the pandemic? Or carbon tax? Wtf Good work WILL NOT REPORT THIS & ONLY PUSHES TRUDEAUS “SMALL FRINGE TRUCKERS”😂 BECAUSE TRUDEAU GAVE THEM $150 MILLION DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY! BUT THE CONVOY RAISED OVER $7 MILLION IN 2 WEEKS FOR CANADIANS FREEDOM👏 KARMA CBC! KARMA IS COMING TO YOU! 🇨🇦🥊🇨🇦🤪

Russia is mad at Ukraine. So we pay more. Got it. To qualify as an expert you need 2 vaxxes ,3 boosters and a pass to a mental institution . Glad I switched to electric cars years ago and no longer have to concern myself with gas prices! I’m also saving a crap-tonne of money every year! And don't forget Trudeau's damn carbon tax which has a huge impact on the cost of food and everything else that is transported by trucks. Which by he way is virtually everything!

Boo hoo poor people. Buy a Tesla.

Trudeau says he's isolating after exposure to COVID-19 | CBC NewsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's isolating for five days after he was exposed to COVID-19. How convenient A fool for the whole world to see Lmao of course knowing the huge amount of people coming down the highway&despite their traumatic yr some first nations r joining this freedom convoy,so unifying run& hide Trudeau but u need to resign

Nothing to do with fking carbon taxes. Nah. That would be too critical of Trudope and his mission to save the earth. “Experts” Too bad Canada wasn't one of the world's leading oil producers. 🤔 State Media! 🤡🤡

Quebec environmental watchdog urges province to adopt 'right to repair' law | CBC NewsThe National Assembly unanimously adopted a 'right to repair' law in principle last spring, but since then nothing has happened. Now Quebec's environmental watchdog says such legislation is crucial to reducing waste in landfills Just wait until electric vehicles become popular. Nobody, but nobody will get to fix any of them except the dealership. $$$$$ BIG$$$$$ Just try to fix your smartphone yourself. Same as most other things. People who knew how to fix small appliances no longer care.

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds in line for Ottawa street name | CBC NewsFilm star Ryan Reynolds could soon have his name in lights in the nation's capital — at least when cars drive down the block. Don't do it. He'll probably be cancelled in the future. He seems like a nice guy. His work for Sick Kids is admirable. Did you know Ryan Reynolds promotes and profits from Alcohol,which we know,CBC also causes Cancers!

Russia won't start a war in Ukraine, says foreign minister | CBC NewsSergei Lavrov says Moscow will not start a war in Ukraine, but warned that it wouldn't allow the West to trample on its security interests, amid fears it is planning to invade its neighbour. USA to Moscow “Repent and Kneel” (as invoked in Belarus! Belarus leader tells opposition leaders: 'Repent and kneel' ) UN POTUS Russia mfa_russia EUCouncil UKParliament BBCWorld cnni cnnbrk nytimes washingtonpost Like Hitler had to start ww2 because of Polish aggression on the border September 39

Yukon to set up First Nations school board after historic vote | CBC NewsYukon will soon have a First Nations school board, which supporters say will give them a greater say over education matters with the territorial government.

· Posted: Jan 28, 2022 6:16 PM ET | Last Updated: 2 hours ago A woman fills up her tank at a Vancouver gas station.Social Sharing.Social Sharing PM says he was exposed Wednesday night CBC News · Posted: Jan 27, 2022 9:40 AM ET | Last Updated: 1 hour ago Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be in the House of Commons on Monday after he was exposed to a case of COVID-19.Social Sharing.

The two-day average price at the pump per litre has gone up in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I., according to the Canadian Automobile Association. (Evan Mitsui/CBC) .