Russia won't start a war in Ukraine, says foreign minister | CBC News

Russia's foreign minister says his country has no intention of starting a war in Ukraine, but warns that Moscow won't let its security interests be 'rudely trampled on and ignored.'

2022-01-28 5:46:00 PM

Russia's foreign minister says his country has no intention of starting a war in Ukraine, but warns that Moscow won't let its security interests be 'rudely trampled on and ignored.'

Sergei Lavrov says Moscow will not start a war in Ukraine, but warned that it wouldn't allow the West to trample on its security interests, amid fears it is planning to invade its neighbour.

·(Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service/The Associated Press)"There won't be a war as far as it depends on the Russian Federation — we don't want a war," Lavrov said in a live interview with Russian radio stations. "But we won't let our interests be rudely trampled on and ignored."

Russia has repeatedly denied having such plans, but has demanded that NATO promise Ukraine will never be allowed to join the alliance and that NATO roll back deployments of troops and military equipment in Eastern Europe.Lavrov echoed that grim note Friday.

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Yes but after thousands of years of intellectual russianry you still stamp your fist on the table to get what you want. Do something that makes people proud to be your friend Yet also said they will use nuclear missiles. Canada needs to put up more of a defence for Ukraine. The term “security interests” is an interesting one. Seems to be more flexible than a rubber band.

Wow the level of silliness in the comments... Casual talks of nuclear war, zero idea of history and regional politics. Love it here CBC *all while trampeling on the west's security interests* And it’s not them in Crimea n Donetsk n Luhansk. Don’t believe anything until Kremlin denies it Lavrov Misses Days When Russian Officials Could Roast Their Butt-Boy POTUS In The Oval Office

Does CBC even have a Moscow correspondent? This is an AP report. It’s like we don’t want to hear anything directly from a source in Russia lest it conflict with the war mongering coming from NATO HQ. endlesswar Like Hitler had to start ww2 because of Polish aggression on the border September 39 USA to Moscow “Repent and Kneel” (as invoked in Belarus! Belarus leader tells opposition leaders: 'Repent and kneel' ) UN POTUS Russia mfa_russia EUCouncil UKParliament BBCWorld cnni cnnbrk nytimes washingtonpost

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Severe sanctions could trigger crippling Moscow responseThe U.S. is threatening painful sanctions against Russia if it attacks Ukraine. But Moscow could use its oil and gas to inflict economic pain on the West.

Russia and Ukraine agree to continue ceasefire talksRussian and Ukrainian negotiators agreed that a permanent ceasefire in eastern Ukraine must be observed 'unconditionally' following hours-long talks in Paris on Wednesday.

Trudeau cabinet mulls new Russia-Ukraine moves as U.S. suggests new export controlsThe Liberal government's cabinet retreat wraps later today with pressure mounting on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take substantive new action on addressing the Ukraine-Russia crisis. JustinTrudeau melaniejoly Did Mélanie Joly go to Russia yet? They invited her. She she go if she hasn’t and try to convince Putin to just have a vodka and relax - Russia could easily conquer Ukraine in a week or two, but that won't happen because of the reasons given here, by a confidante of Putin 👇. NATO has no troops nearby, and NATO is too divided to act. But, no war will occur. Western leaders vote hunting. - For Germany!, Croatia!, Hungary! & Italy who all flirt with Putin & his thugs I propose 45 years of Russian boots & tanks & autocracy. If they want to do business with the dictator let them all live under his boots. They all take for granted the US & NATO freedom & security!

US offers no concessions in response to Russia on UkrainePresidential advisers from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany reached no breakthrough in talks over the long-running Ukraine conflict Wednesday, but promised to meet for new talks in two weeks in Berlin.

Russia says it does not want a war with Ukraine as standoff continues - National | Globalnews.caU.S. President Joe Biden warned Ukraine’s leader Thursday that there is a “distinct possibility” that Russia could take military action against the former Soviet state in February. There will be all kinds of threatening gestures, but Russia will not invade Ukraine. 6 reasons why Russia won't invade Ukraine People, in Kiev are laughing at us. Not even a sniff of war going on there. In other words,we'll find a reason why it's your fault.

Russia, China testing American commitments to the independence of Ukraine and TaiwanThe value of American commitments and those of its allies, including Canada, to the independence of Ukraine and Taiwan is what is being tested by Russia and China. In any worthwhile endeavour, committing to a relationship means doing whatever it takes to establish a secure base and to resolve any problems that threaten the security, safety, and well-being of the relationship. With respectful assertiveness we ultimately define our commitment