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2022-01-27 6:00:00 PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's isolating for five days after he was exposed to COVID-19.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's isolating for five days after he was exposed to COVID-19.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's isolating for five days after he was exposed to COVID-19.

PM says he was exposed Wednesday nightCBC News·Posted: Jan 27, 2022 9:40 AM ET | Last Updated: 1 hour agoPrime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be in the House of Commons on Monday after he was exposed to a case of COVID-19.

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Wow most of you people have to find another information source other the Dr. Theresa Tam 🤣🤣🤣 and it just happened before convoy arrived to Ottawa. Turdope is coward and loser! CBC report real and not fake news why turdope is hiding? Males are constantly abused by hateful feminists, practicing discrimination & insulting us by calling it equality. Men it is your right to SAY NO & give feminists what they give you, hateful, abusive sex laws, child custody laws, affirmative actions laws, all against men

The unscientific one. We’ll nurses can go to work with Covid as long as they’re vaccinated so no reason why he can’t go out and greet the protestors! Convenient timing. Just in time for the truckers to come to town. JustinTrudeau is a coward. In one of Ford’s schools where you don’t test anything! MaximeBernier erinotoole send this guy a zoom conference and password so he has chance to speak.

This is what's wrong with media. It should say, 'Trudeau catches covid and is in isolation'. Why allude to how his child gave him covid. How do you know who caught covid first or from where? Also, he's vaccinated so he can't spread or harm anyone, right?! Liars. I hope you child is doing okay!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in isolation after COVID-19 exposureIn a tweet, Trudeau said Thursday he learned of the contact after a three-day cabinet retreat. Let me know when he's on a ventilator How convenient. Coward

He`s either lying like he did when the 215 Kamloops bodies were found & he was at a BC beach , or the child he proudly vaxed is having symptoms too it, I think he`s hiding, Castro was wrong he`s the worst PM ever. I thought he was double vax and boosted Good timing... Reminds me of Saddam Hussein. Fkr hide behind kids.

Ummmm that’s not what his tweet said. So funny how liars can’t keep their stories straight. 🤣 the cbc is working overtime fabricating stories for Trudeau !!! TrudeauNationalDisgrace Yeah right, I call BS. Pretty convenient ehh ! Convenient! It’s not isolating, it’s called hiding!!!!

PM Trudeau in isolation after COVID-19 exposurePrime Minister Justin Trudeau has been exposed to COVID-19 and is isolating for five days. He said that after learning about the exposure last night he took a rapid test and tested negative. The prime minister said he is feeling fine and will be working from home. Either it’s a good excuse to not meet and speak at the trucker rally or an even better excuse to head to Costa Rica today. LMFAO 😂 😂 🤣🤣. His way of avoiding 50,000 truckers and a half a million people TruckerConvoy2022 TruckersForFreedom2022

Parlement hill live eye…I’ve seen more people at a Portuguese wedding. 🤞❤️ Boosters for Ontario teens needed. Pfizer recommended. Where is this at? Stealth omicron hitting this cohort hard according to UK stats. BoosterDose I bet the PMO has a direct line to CBC. PM is doing right thing and not necessary to check it out!

No worries. The truckers will still be there when you come out. haa haa.. what perfect timing. 🐔 Trudeau is being sued by a founder of our Charter Brian Pickford. Should have been reported this way if true the first time...sorry don't beleive it and I'm sure the story will change again

Ontario confirms 64 deaths related to COVID-19 with 626 people in ICUAnother 64 COVID-19 related deaths have been confirmed in Ontario as the number of people in intensive care reaches 626. Give right numbers. The 64 deaths in Ontario is a count from January 1st. Not a daily count Once again 'related' the CTV Ministry of Truth LMAO 🤡 Fake News at it again, reporting old numbers to fluff up the total. Where is your journalistic integrity? tellthetruth Accountability lies GameOver TruckersForFreedom TruckersConvoy2022

BS Cottage time. Trudeau’s partying in Scotland has come back to bite him! The PM of Britain has had to apologize for partying but no apologies from Trudeau. Sad but predictable…..nothing is Trudeau’s fault apparently. Gutless coward. Hope the little one gets better soon! And the Prime Minister is okay too!!

U mean his kid has a cold ? Oh no !! Close down the country, more mandates, close the borders, cancell flights. 🤣🤡 But he is still supporting the truckers: Sure he is lol

'A bit surreal': It's been two years since Canada's first COVID-19 caseAfter two long years of the COVID-19 pandemic, an infectious disease expert is warning that Canada and other parts of the world may continue to experience waves of cases until the issue of vaccine inequity is addressed.

If you don’t think this story is plausible then you don’t have kids. This scenario is very real right now. He went in to isolation BEFORE his family drama. He can’t hide true Canadians who are fighting for their freedom. COWARD freedomconvoy TruckersForFreedom2022 FreedomConvoyCanada Sadly, a common story recently with so many children catching Omicron and bringing it home, all unknowing, to their families which is pretty strange when you consider how much bragging Ford and Lecce have done about how 'safe' the schools are.😐

PMs have never addressed protestors in person. Look it up. Trudeau was the only one that did when he took a knee for the BLM protests. Wishing you a quick recovery ! He's hiding from the truckers. But the rest of us go to work if we test negative after having kids test positive. So CBC has an inside track to the PMO ? Fancy that ....

The PM is is a coward and went into hiding under false pretenses, instead of facing the Canadian ppl. he said he has to self isolate even though his test was negative. This is 'our Leader From Ottawa Public Health: 'You do not need to self-isolate if you are fully vaccinated'

Some Ontario teachers are refusing work over school COVID-19 concernsMary Fraser-Hamilton spent part of last week sitting in her car instead of teaching in her classroom. Fire them: they as public employees were pampered through the covid pandemic and now not refusing to work - enough. Teaching, once a VOCATION, and now a PROFESSION… like so many other professions, they are all about DOING LESS and MAKING MORE! So, very, very sad! They first want the most money in the name of children and now they don’t want to work. WTF!? Ontario has a serious problem all because the law is too soft on these BS.

So cowardly to fake this after he publicly agreed to 5 rounds in the octagon with the convoy leader. Hope the child recovers soon. IStandWithTrudeau Lets change the narrative now news media. 😂 Yet in BC we're expected to go about our day as usual if those we live with have COVID19 bcpoli canpoli The only contact he had with the kid was a zoom call

I don’t care if he’s isolating, he should personally hug and greet every trucker and be a uniter this country needs Rather convenient timing with the protest rolling into Ottawa this weekend. Just once would be nice to see this guy step up and be accountable Dude got coward-19. This goes against the Health Canada guidance advising that you don’t need to isolate if you are vaccinated and have no symptoms. He is not doing his job we are paying him for. Or maybe he lied about being vaccinated?

Live Ottawa convoy parliament OttawaConvoy TruckersForFreedom2022 Better safe than sorry why? the guidelines say he does not need to... could he be hiding out from something else perhaps? 🤡 He should address the truckers. I think Canadians should be able to buy a vaccine insurance for 10 bucks. That should cover the damages for the ones who get ill from it.

I’m double vaxxed but why do I feel like my rights are not being infringed on? I have been able to do my usual stuff like I did before covid. Traveling, meeting family and friends, going to restaurants, movies etc… Good timing JustinTrudeau just as the freedom convoy descends on Ottawa So good luck KarenConvoy

Thoughts and prayers for our beloved leader ❤️ Dddiiieeee mofo

Its been 26 months now for Express Entry PR file applied in November 2019 still not been finalized inland applicant no response to web from please clear back log of application applied in 2019. Request to all for help inland applicants. This is a serious mental stress issue🙏🏻 Couldn’t you isolate forever?!

He is hiding. He isn’t sick he can meet the truckers virtually. We have all learned to work from home. Justin shouldn’t be exempt. Just a weasel, go and hide. They will be there when you get back from the cottage. Coward! Hiding from the same people he has demonized. Is there word going around that justintrudeau is calling it quits March 17th St Patrick's day?

isolate with a resignation . do something good for canada .leave Will anyone notice? 🤡

Scared of the truckers lol Fully vaccinated don’t have to isolate they just have to monitor for symptoms! Stop running away from your mistakes, face the music, this is your shit show! How convenient Ooops the truckers are in town, His way of ducking the convoy, I say he is lying He is fully jabbed/boosted. For him to have to isolate for five days, he -has no confidence in the shots he's taken will help prevent him from catching and/or spreading COVID -is hiding from the Freedom Convoy of truckers or both. The Canadian people have had enough.

I wish he’d isolate forever CBC and him really expect us believe this cr*p ? Perfect timing for leader go hide at home. Protestor on way Ottawa , We stand brink WW3 from action in Ukraine. Please follow Justin he really knows what he doing. He has his own emoli now. Feel free too share the new Justin emoji

Trudeau staying away from Ottawa, wellington st. Could it be the big ass convey, currently in GTA Toronto. Trudeau great job dividing country.

Avoidance Why don't they tell the truth...actually he caught ''RUNS'' and he 💩 in his pants due to freedomconvoy2022 👍💪🚛🚚❤️🥰 Wishing the best for our PM. And if he does have it I hope its mild Isolating, hiding JustinTrudeau .What's the matter? looks like someone is afraid to meet the truckers — you are not even required to isolate with your test results — what an embarrassment !!!

🤣 You mean he's too scared to face the convoy Is the convoy going to go to his house where he is “isolating”? Geez.. we can't afford to lose such a great man and leader, get well soon PMJT So, all that vaccination was for nothing! ... Or they yet have to invent a vaccine for the new virus called FEAR! He’s hiding. Just in time to miss the rally. What a surprise. TruckersForFreedom TruckersForFreedom2022 TruckersConvoy2022

GTFOH 🤡 Convenient timing, very very convenient. Not suprised though, when has he EVER answered a question or addressed a tough issue without cowering and spewing a canned answer. Ive been in close contact with 3 ppl who tested positive in the last 2 weeks, but was told you have no symptoms get to work and don’t be around them 🤔🤔

That's it......why not 10 years? How convenient! JustinTrudeau won’t have to face parliamentarians or the trucks to explain his policies or thinking! inhiding This is not the protocol that has been laid out to the rest of us. If he tests negative on a rapid test he should just carry on as normal. Does he know something we don’t, or does he just wanted to take a bit of a break,

Coward. This has nothing to do with Covid and everything to do with the freedom convoy bearing down on Ottawa. Just in time! He’s in isolation every day that’s a no mind

Canada PM isolation might have something to do with poopy diapers because of the trucker convoy Ba haaa haaa ha, how convenient! Coward Regardless if you suport the convoy, or not...this is cowardly. TrudeauMustGo Be kind to Trudy, we all know this is a ploy and he's sacrificing himself and is on his way to the Ukrainian border as Canada's commitment of a 'non-lethal' weapon.

Can people of Canada who voted for this vaccinated child go check on him to see if he’s ok and tell him it’s time to come to school ? Coincidence that the truckers will be in Ottawa? 🤔 there u go, just in time to run and hide from the truckers....shame This is your elected leader! He’s triple vaxed, does not have to isolate unless he has symptoms!

Ahhh.. the saga of the 'Coward of the cottage' continues Trudeau is such a weasel haha. Don't all you people who voted for this idiot see what a slimy snake he really is? I can visualize the panic behind the closed doors in Ottawa 'Issolating' where in his Cabin on the Lake. Lol Why are you not reply that he is isolating on his own accord and not that of OttawaHealth guidelines?

JusticeForThamiBennani Pretty sure it's CONVOY-21 that has him feeling unwell. justicepourthamibennani Lmao of course knowing the huge amount of people coming down the highway&despite their traumatic yr some first nations r joining this freedom convoy,so unifying run& hide Trudeau but u need to resign

Shocker, have to avoid the convoy!! Run and hide you weasel Convenient... I don't think anyone would miss you if you took 5 years in isolation and really nursed yourself JT. How convenient A fool for the whole world to see

Social Sharing PM says he was exposed Wednesday night CBC News · Posted: Jan 27, 2022 9:40 AM ET | Last Updated: 1 hour ago Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be in the House of Commons on Monday after he was exposed to a case of COVID-19.“Last night, I learned that I have been exposed to COVID-19.Trudeau said in a tweet Thursday morning that he learned about the exposure Wednesday night.On Tuesday, health officials said that 4,008 people with COVID-19 are being treated in Ontario hospitals, including 626 in intensive care units (ICU).

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