Nearly 50,000 Quebec students, more than 2,000 teachers absent due to COVID-19 | CBC News

2022-01-29 3:30:00 AM

In-person classes in Quebec schools resumed Jan. 17, though many schools did not reopen until the following day due to a snowstorm.

In-person classes in Quebec schools resumed Jan. 17, though many schools did not reopen until the following day due to a snowstorm.

Nearly 50,000 elementary and high school students were absent from Quebec schools due to COVID-19 less than two weeks after in-person classes resumed.

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Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-12

Quebec environmental watchdog urges province to adopt 'right to repair' law | CBC NewsThe National Assembly unanimously adopted a 'right to repair' law in principle last spring, but since then nothing has happened. Now Quebec's environmental watchdog says such legislation is crucial to reducing waste in landfills Just wait until electric vehicles become popular. Nobody, but nobody will get to fix any of them except the dealership. $$$$$ BIG$$$$$ Just try to fix your smartphone yourself. Same as most other things. People who knew how to fix small appliances no longer care.

Quebec Indigenous groups join Questerre Energy in push for natural gas developmentOrganization representing more than 130 First Nations issues support for ‘zero-emissions’ natural gas hub on land Abenaki First Nation of Wolinak consider its traditional territory Wonderful news. I’m sure it will draw MarcMillerVM support.

Record-high gas prices expected for Ontario, QuebecThe cost of gas is expected to go up in parts of the country. In Ontario, the price could hit a record-breaking high. At least minimum wage went up!😐 Making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Quebec reports 56 more COVID-19 deaths as hospitalizations drop by 117Quebec is reporting 56 new COVID-19 deaths with 3,153 in hospital and 235 in intensive care Drop one day and climb the next

Ottawa, Quebec urged to ban handguns nationally ahead of 2017 mosque shooting anniversary | Globalnews.caThe leadership of the Quebec City Islamic centre where six people were killed asked the federal government to abandon its idea of making a handgun ban a provincial decision. So is SARS-CoV-2, but in Canada we like our national problems chopped up into regionally separate, sometimes contradictory pieces. Blame it on the 'British North America Act'. It’s also a problem the immigrants trudeau let’s in bring with them from their country. Should only admit people that want to be Canadian and leave their shit behind I guess this is the push we needed for me and my wife to get our restricted licenses.

Quebec mosque shooting anniversary includes call to act against hate, discriminationQuebec City mosque co-founder wants to spark action on gun control, systemic racism and the impact on the Muslim community of Quebec’s secularism law No to Islamophobia

Social Sharing .Social Sharing.QEC-T has gained additional First Nations support for its push to develop what it calls a “zero-emissions” natural gas hub in Quebec, ahead of a looming ban by the province on any future oil and gas development.Gas price watchdog Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, says drivers in most cities in southern Ontario and Quebec can expect to pay an extra two cents per litre at the pumps on Friday .