Scott Morrison to push tech investment target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

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The Morrison government is set to adopt a technology investment target instead of signing up to a global agreement to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Australia is expected to argue technology is the best way to meet a net-zero goal that countries signed up to in the 2015 Paris agreement, at an international summit in November, The Australian reported on Tuesday.

"I don't sign up to anything when I can't look Australians in the eye and tell them what it costs," he told reporters in Melbourne.How a climate change study from 12 years ago warned of this horror bushfire season "We're going to get on with the job of ensuring there's ample investment in renewables, as well as sustainable baseload power to support our heavy industries and our jobs in our regions," the prime minister said.


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Cannot stand this liar.

Technology Investment Target = TIT fits Morrison well

Net 0? WTF 0 is zero. you cant pollute of you want any zero emissions.

In other words throw taxpayers money at LNP donors and to hell with emissions reduction.

More obfuscation from ScottyfromMarketing I see a looming LNP TechInvestRort. CrimeMinisterMorrison auspol Australia SportsRort auspolCORRUPTION AuspolSoCorrupt

Insert national collective groan at the continued lack of leadership 🙄

QuentinDempster Sigh.

Yo, ScottMorrisonMP why don’t you do both? Won’t one naturally lead to the other? Dumbshit!

Hopefully nuclear.

Germany has phased out coal without job loss ScottMorrisonMP although I'm sure you and your colleages must already know

Again all smoke and mirrors and no bloody action. We need pro bono lawyers to sue this government for criminal negligence to the people for greed.CrimeMinisterMorrison CrimeMinisters CrimeMinister Scottfrommarketing Liarfromtheshire Bullshitboy CrimeMinisterMorrison

Gaetjens will write a verbal report and that will approve this new strategy! We won’t be able to see it because it’s verbal and because of cabinet secrecy! I wonder what the rest of the world thinks?

no cure for stupid

QuentinDempster Another shifty manoeuvre to keep his coal pals happy and fool the quiet Australians.

QuentinDempster What an opportunity. Lets buy back Holden and start making our very first electric vehicles. Factories sitting there in mothballs. Lets do it... buybackaustralia


Well, they got rid of the automotive industry, I suppose that must reduce some emissions!

Australia already has the highest per capita investment in RE because of taxpayers subsidising unreliables. Now activists at SBS want Australia to surrender our sovereignty to unElected UN dictators through fraudulent “global agreement”. That would be treason and illegal.

WTF does that even mean, more like the labs/nats sucking on the publics 'TIT'

Spin for 'do nothing', zero meat on this supposed investment.

When it comes to climate change/science the LNP will do anything so that they can do nothing!

All assessments of performance will be done by the PMO and on a need to know basis and of course be a cabinet document. No need for us to read it because we “trust” our government ScottMorrisonMP

Technology their version of the NBN 😳. How fucked are we

RobMax4 So this reads as... Morrison Govt continues to stall on meaningful action on climate, and attempts more marketing fluff to appear like they are doing something. climatecriminals Make no mistake, you are woefully inadequate on all fronts.

ScottyFomMarketing proves you can fool some of the ppl some of the time but LNP voters all of the time.

That’d be right. World leaders in climate inaction.

So is somebody from his department going to be the one signing off on what is good and bad tech?

So this reads as, sit back do nothing and force industry to lead the way. This is not leadership. auspol ClimateEmergency ScottyfromMarketing

If the Australian public don't crucify this government at the next election then history will record Australia was full of bogan ignoramuses.

I don’t really understand what this ‘technology investment target’ is. Is there any framework beyond Paris? How will you measure your effectiveness? Do you have indicators of success?

But but ClimateChange emeeergency !!

Tech investment is smart! Investing in technology is what will help improve environmental issues. Well done scomo for longterm foresight as opposed to knee jerk reactions based on instant gratification. That's why we voted you in.

Makes sense 100%

Clean coal?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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