Scott Morrison reportedly considering plan to evacuate Australians on the virus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship

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About 200 Australians stranded on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan are waiting to find out whether they will be flown home as American passengers were taken off the virus-hit ship.

The preparations come as NSW Health said passengers arriving into Sydney on some cruise ships will be assessed by experts as a precautionary measure.

In China, the total number of people infected by the virus has risen to more than 68,500, with the number of deaths now at 1665. The Diamond Princess anchored in Japan. The virus-hit cruise ship accounted for 355 people who have been infected with the disease.The Diamond Princess was placed in a 14-day quarantine in early February after a former passenger tested positive for the virus.

"I am happy and ready to go," Ms Arana said before leaving the ship."We need a proper quarantine, this was not it."The US government should have intervened"much sooner, at the beginning," the 52-year-old medical social worker said.


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If he waits another few days, it will be only Australians on the ship, all other nations will have resued their citizens. then they can just sail the ship to Australia and park it off Christmas Island.

You noticed how our government is never proactive? 'Oh, look what the other guys are doing over there.' Maybe we should do that too. ScottyFomMarketing always playing catch up.

I would be surprised to see this Government do anything humanitarian, bet the peeps on Christmas Island r allowed out & these poor people will go straight there! ScottyfromMarketing

SBS So much for our USA mates covering our backs! Could have coordinated a joint extraction and then ferry to where they need to go? Would have minimised red tape possibly. 🙄

SBS They’ve almost finished their quarantine period. Do they really want to start all over again? I wouldn’t. Get it done and be cleared and then leave than leave now and go through another 14 days again. Even some Americans didn’t want to go.

The ship should have been evacuated in the beginning. If they stay there much longer they will all get infected. How can you possibly manage quarantine of all those people in that environment?

Tim Soutphommasane would be hyperventilating if these were Chinese Australians.

Come on Sco Mo bring them home

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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