Canavan slams ‘fantastical’ emissions target

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Nationals senator Matt Canavan warns he is prepared to cross the floor and vote against the government on climate, as embattled leader Michael McCormack insists he isn't going anywhere auspol

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has warned he would cross the floor and vote against the Liberals on key issues like climate and energy, calling a target of zero net emissions by 2050 being explored by the government “fantastical”.

The former resources minister, who quit the Nationals front bench amid leadership ructions last week, said he had the right to challenge legislation that was not in the interests of his constituents.


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Canavan is grand standing wally, what can he do for our climate?

Truly shocking state of politics in this country.

I think he should walk across the floor, out of parliament and into his brothers mining company because that’s who mattjcan really works for climatecriminals

He'll be remembered for the hill he tried to die on. And people won't know whether to laugh hysterically or moan.

Canavan is the perfect embodiment of Quiet Australia: Everything is too hard Nothing can be done Trying makes you tired Effort makes you tired Reading makes you tired Thinking makes you tired Cry and leave the game when you don't get what you want quietaustralians

Who? Some irrelevant backbencher?

How much is Gina paying Canavan?

Get rid of Matt Canavan. 20 years ago his voice would be listened to. Not now, the world needs a positive change with climate and we don't need Matt Canavan with cave man thinking anywhere where he can create any sort of changes. Lock him up. Throw away the key

The only thing Matt Canavan cares about is Matt Canavan auspol

Canavan thinks he's Australia's Trump.

Yes well he does have an electorate that worries about the next 2 years rather than the next 2 million years. Short-sighted?

Canavan is all mouth. Firstly, he doesn't have the Balls to cross the floor, and secondly, he knows it would be the end of his political career if he did.

The nationals are a chaotic hot mess

Lol sure he will whatever you reckon The UnAustralian. Is he going to support climate change action now? lol.

Labor should just table a vote on reinstatement of clean energy act as it was written. Let's see what he does.

the beginning of the end for the christian coalition. lies,deceit corruption and blind ambition.shakespearean in so many ways plots great,dialogue is shoddy

Maybe eyebrows mattjcan should call for the coal industry to become part of the free market and stop the tens of billions in government subsidies - welfare for billionaires.

how about eyebrows mattjcan acknowledge he was elected as an LNP MP and not a nationals MP? He cant join the nationals up here because they dont exist. Qlders voted for or against the LNP - represent the people who voted for you not some southern wankers in the nationals party

Going nowhere is his vision for both himself and the country.

'Cross the floor' - WHO does he think he is going to vote with, across the floor Labour?

Good on you mattjcan at least someones not afraid to stand up for the silent majority of Australians. ScottMorrisonMP should be ashamed of himself and needs to grow a backbone.

Such a stable united team 😂

Not without Mummy's permission first, he won't 😂

The beetrooter insurgency and the the gathering of scum to its core principles as it slimes around parliament. How proud this lot must be.

A bit like the petulant 2 year old that says to his mum 'I'm gonna hold my breath until I get ice cream'. 😂

Oh please stop my sides are hurting auspol

Cross the floor to where? ALP have been pushing the same thing.

He will do it when his coal baron brother John tells him to. That way the coal vampires of the North can maximize their money making and continue not giving a shit about the rest of Australia.

Well doesn't the 'Minister for Coal and My Family's Best Interests' show what a truly shallow, insignificant and corrupt fool he really is. Zero integrity. auspol

How’s his brother going in the coal industry. Matt never mentions him or the conflict of interest. I don’t know how he can possibly be in the government and have family working in the industry he is supporting.

A very confused individual, probably belongs on the other side of the floor.

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