Jason Falinski wants to ‘get to net zero emissions before 2050’ | Sky News Australia

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Liberal MP JasonFalinskiMP says “modern Liberals” are pushing for a net zero emissions target by 2050 in a move set to divide the party room.

Liberal MP Jason Falinski says “modern Liberals” are pushing for a net zero emissions target by 2050 in a move set to divide the party room.

Fellow ‘moderate Liberal’ Trent Zimmerman has argued for the government to adopt a target of zero emissions by 2050, but Mr Falinski said he would “like to get to net zero before that”. Mr Falinski told Sky News he is “pushing for a road map to 2050” which will outline how the government can “get to net zero”. Image: News Corp Australia


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JasonFalinskiMP If 'modern liberals' are worried about Co2 emissions, then I'd like them to lead by example and follow the IPCC recommendations of population control. According to scientists the pop. must be reduced.

JasonFalinskiMP Modern liberals? What a bunch of nobodies.

JasonFalinskiMP I voted for you JasonFalinskiMP but definitely not zero emissions. Please don't make me change my mind next election

JasonFalinskiMP Fools in the liberal party

JasonFalinskiMP Ok Jason, exactly how do you plan to power the country by 2050. Taking note of the fact that all the money that has been spent renewables account for very little of our power.

JasonFalinskiMP Why, its just a fantasy, to dumb no it will make no difference

GoldSuzie JasonFalinskiMP Scratch the surface of a modern Liberal and you get Tim Wilson. No thanks.

MrsDzTB JasonFalinskiMP Good luck with your not-so-modern base, as demonstrated in these replies... Deplorables...

JasonFalinskiMP Morisson is correct in saying emissions not the whole story. We need to be more prepared for bushfires, droughts and floods. This will have a direct effect on reducing any climate change. Emissions by Australia have NO EFFECT on ClimateChange and not proven if whole world will.


JasonFalinskiMP Can be done, but only with nuclear power.

JasonFalinskiMP “Modern Liberals” is defined as the Turdbull clique! We don’t want or need you people!

JasonFalinskiMP Must be Mal’s grand children in politics 😂😂 more left loosers


JasonFalinskiMP Be true to yourself & your electorate, this was B Bishop’s seat & they gave it to a progressive. Outrageous.

SharriMarkson JasonFalinskiMP A message from Victoria is piss off. Carbon neutral means paying truck loads of money to the UN. How about something innovative that works and that’s not renewables .

JasonFalinskiMP Liberal clowns on show

JasonFalinskiMP Remove his preselection.

JasonFalinskiMP So Jason what’s a “modern liberal”? Is it someone who wants to be a Liberal but is really a Green - say like Malcolm?

Kieran_Gilbert JasonFalinskiMP

JasonFalinskiMP Does this tool know the result of the “climate” election last May ? ScottMorrisonMP

JasonFalinskiMP Go away....you are on your way to oblivion..know your constituents

JasonFalinskiMP What a clown, jog on next.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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