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China reports no new coronavirus cases for first time since pandemic began

China reports no new coronavirus cases for first time since pandemic began

23/05/2020 7:23:00 AM

China reports no new coronavirus cases for first time since pandemic began

China records no new confirmed COVID-19 cases on the mainland, the first time there was no daily rise in the number of cases since the pandemic began in the central city of Wuhan late last year.

China's Government had begun using hyper-vigilant measures to track and trap remaining cases.The first case of the virus was identified in China's Hubei province and believed to have originated from The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan.

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New COVID-19 epicentreWhile Wuhan China had been the epicentre of the outbreak for many months, South America has become a new epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic with Brazil hardest-hit.Cases are rising in some African countries that so far have a relatively low death toll, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreakDownload the ABC News app and subscribe to our range of news alerts for the latest on how the pandemic is impacting the world"The COVID-19 pandemic today reached a milestone in Africa, with more than 100,000 confirmed cases. The virus has now spread to every country in the continent since the first case was confirmed in the region 14 weeks ago," the WHO said in a statement, noting there were 3,100 confirmed deaths on the vast continent.

Wuhan has a population of more than 11 million people, which is greater than New York City, where more than 10,000 people have died because of COVID-19.Read more about coronavirus:A look at what recovery looks like in Australia since we began lifting restrictions

Many suspect China's official figures remain conservative, speculating there were more victims in the early weeks of the outbreak who died without being tested.On Saturday afternoon, the number of confirmed cases in the mainland stood at 82,971 and the death toll remained unchanged at 4,634.

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Oh ya and we all believe that ,I call bullshit No wonder the comments will be full of 'I don't believe' sentiments. The truth is people in China is backing to the streets, resuming their usual business, schools and even entertainments. Guess who is brainwashed by the centuries long biased and fake media?

Yeah right Well we all know that’s bullshit. Why of course More propaganda from China & supported by ABC news...looks like corporation interest dictates the news 👍👍👍👍 Wow thought it was GONE WITH THE WIND but then I can only get Fox News I wonder how long they are going to pretend to be finding a vaccine. When we all know they had it before they allowed it to infect the world.

soon will see their their economy can back on track No new case? Unbelievable Totally possible in the land of a billion Nor the origin to prevent a reoccurrence. True or false, better no cases than any cases anywhere in the world. Where are you getting this information, China? China reports are shit!! They dont even trust their own news and you want the world to believe what comes out of their stupid noodles mouth!

HK has two new cases that day. China not counting HK’s cases means that they don’t think HK is part of China. So Chin must not interfere with HK’s internal affairs. China lied, people died... Sore losers all over the comment section🤷‍♂️ Oh well, back to oppressing the citizens of HK, then. Good on the ABC for being a propaganda arm of the CCP.

Daily news reports from China would say otherwise. No matter how hard the CCP tries to suppress the truth, it will leak out. Muslim re-education camps anybody.... I do not believe it! not my business 😂 I just saw some pink pigs fly over Wow, good news, must be the traditional medicines they use; tiger bones, bear testicles, etc. Not to be confused with traditional cuisine; bats, pangolin, etc.

Lies, Lies and More Lies, We’re dealing with a dictatorship, a perverter of human rights, a police state. Don’t buy it, the commies can’t be trusted Of course we believe every word the CCP tell us 👎 yep right and Chinese men have by average the biggest dicks in the world ABC - hold my water. So why are they still supposedly testing 11 million people in wuhan and quarantining an entire province that borders with Russia?

Bullshit. They have lied from Day 1. Once a liar. Always a liar! And you believe them? Who believes China what they report? Yes only WHO believes them Yeah, right. LOL Did China ever tell the truth? But Democrats are still defending China and trying to absolve China of any worthy blame. That sounds like a lie

China reports no new cases, because they refuse to tell the truth of the new cases and actual death toll, cover up from the very beginning Did they just incinerate all of them? Incorrect. They announced no rise in cases.. New cases - Recovered = No Rise. They still had new cases. yes and im going to take their word for it ..........not

Was only days ago multiple Provinces were reporting fresh outbreaks.. What ever 🤔 Funny to see all the bitterness comments on abc, pathetic aussies just can't hold it together after the retaliations, or btw, you got played by the Americans to be their lapdog, just saying, good luck That country only has shit and lie who believes they have no new cases ?

Yeah yeah. ABCCP Has DrTedros officially approved the numbers and protocol around this? Dont want to see his lethargy and mismanagement creating a second wave globally. I hope ScottMorrisonMP has banned all imports from China until this is confirmed by Tedros. The cost of lying is that even you speak truth, no one will believe you, not to mention they are bullshitting !

Fake News! Impossible!! NO ONE can do better than the America!🇺🇸 That's the RULE of USA!! MAGA! 🇺🇸 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who actually believe This? Do you believe that China with 1.4 BILLION people has had no new virus case since pandemic began? To be honest, who the heck cares Thank you ABCCP. not true. Now Jining is in lockdown.

And of course you believe them. Also told us the virus didn’t come from them. Also put a 80% tariff on Australian barley. Did they tell you that Santa clause and tooth fairy are real. You lot really are dumb. Yeah right. Don't trust China Yeah, right... Bwahahahahahaha. Did the CCP tell you that? This is a joke. Not to be believed.

The comments here get what misses - the Chinese Communist Party reporting should not be trusted Sounds legit. Thanks. Yeah, okay, just closed a city down but righto. Reports or whispers? I call b.s. on that Ahhh let me think about that. 🤔🤔🤔 Bullshit Really? So many foolish Aussies,they benefit from their biggest client China but treat China hostilely. If they don't know how to respect,China will teach them the right way.

China lies... not for the first time since the pandemic began... If you are naive enough to believe it. ChinaMustPay for 300000 deaths of innocent people and 6 trillion dollars economic damage. They released the virus to fight D. Trump chinesebioterrorism MakeChinaPay flmao - you're not even trying anymore.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 There’s no cases because they don’t even bother to write one. China was reporting no virus cases at start of pandemic also. read the comments you'll know how successfully the West has demonized China. China's contained the virus and reopened 1 month ago, that's fact. It's not hard to admit a developing country is doing better than you. BTW, China is just COVID-19 discover, not the origin.

I call bullshit Why are you pushing this lie? good for china. THANKS for giving it to the rest of us. fCCP now they are bullies, cutting trade with australia. the world should boycott china and bring the CCP to its knees. China Japan is doing rather well. Perhaps those Japanese toilets...the ones with all the bells and whistles and spray guns and blow dryers and heated seats......have something to do with the Japanese success story ?

Cus we trust whatever shite they’re saying can we nuke them yet? China. Russia. I don’t trust anything they say. How Reliably? Perhaps they aren't testing too. That's a convenient way for zero numbers too. Chinese reports are not necessarily facts. Yeah that's right! I don’t believe them Who believes them though?

Sure. ...FAKE NEWS.... How’s the testing of everyone in Wuhan going? StephenMcDonell And the ABC once again parrots the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party. Why report such obvious lies? You are a disgrace ItaButtrose - act to end this treacherous assault on Australia or resign. The Stupid Bias Abc Would Believe Them too

SO what ! They didn't report them, doesn;t mean their weren't any. Believe that you’ll believe anything Because it’s the open day of National people’s Congress. The CCP told the virus not to infect people today and the virus listened. Yep they all went west and yet it seems like only a couple of days ago they had to lockdown another city lol

A little unbelievable I haven’t seen the comments yet but I am sure majorities of comments would be “don’t believe CCP/China” 😝. Let’s check It's hard to rely on Chinese stats! Fraud China Bridge for sale Government considering letting in overseas students but I can't travel to see my parents overseas. Sound like it's based on medical advice to you?

China reports no new Coronavirus cases* *Patients with no symptoms are excluded reporting no cases is not the same as having no cases I guess that means we don’t need a vaccine if China can get over the virus without one How would you really know that’s the truth though? China lied, people died, state media complied

BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Wow! Good for the Chinese, good for the world !!! I’m so happy ! Hahha, telling lies is actually not a hard thing to do that I just found. Weren’t they testing 11million people over the course of a week? Find this extremely hard to reconcile. Only the stupid believes. Are you the one?

UH HUH, AND I ALSO BELIEVE MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS NOT IN BED WITH THE ELITE. And China Never Lies! ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied Did you believed ? ...says Charmian Mao... Just watch the idiots flip out calling this bullshit. So predictable. Why you repeated the propaganda? That’s cos they exported the fuckin thing.

They could report that the moon is made of cheese for all I care. Its still a lie BS

NT hits new milestone with zero active COVID-19 casesThe Northern Territory has become the third Australian jurisdiction after South Australia and the ACT to have all patients diagnosed with COVID-19 recover from the virus.

Victoria records 246 new COVID-19 cases in MayAustralia has received global praise for our COVID-19 response – but it’s a different story for one state, which has had an explosion of cases. But chairman Dan was the leader we had to have? feralislandBud That’s because we’ve done the most testing. 🙄

Australia-first study finds low transmission of COVID-19 in childrenAn Australian-first study has found very low transmission of COVID-19 in children, which researchers say should give parents confidence to send their children back to school. This is why the proles don't trust the establishment. You gaslight and lie constantly. You scared the shit out of everyone about kids and covid and now we know it's nonsense. This is why one day journalists will be killed by angry mobs. Not study, govonment funded propaganda. Used for justifying school reopening. It is against common sense. Flu and almost all diseases have same transmission in adults and children. COVID19Aus auspol Intro on iPad says study should give parents confidence to send kids back to school. But the expert quoted only says it shows HOSPITALS are safe - and Prof Roy says with only FOUR cases it shows nothing about wider transmission!. Tell your sub-editors to read the article first.

NSW Police Commissioner fumbles over COVID-19 law explanationAsked at a parliamentary hearing whether people still needed a 'reasonable excuse' to leave the home, Mick Fuller said he would take the question on notice | LisaVisentin LisaVisentin Wasn’t his attitude, as publicly stated, basically fine them, and let the courts sort it out? LisaVisentin People don't need an excuse to leave their homes, this shit is over. Goes to show tyranny is hiding in parliament, and the people are f'cking over it. LisaVisentin Might salvaging the economy/livelihoods be a reasonable excuse?

COVID-19 worries and study stress 'just not healthy' for HSC studentsIt's been a 'nightmare' year for HSC students but they're learning a lot about themselves during COVID-19 shutdowns. enough of putting pressure on these kids dont you think, flexible adjustments can be made, the fear mongering is getting beyond the joke Its just an exam. Totally agree - stress is the doorway to disease. We shoulfy make students relaxed, not stressed. They should not be graded like potatoes or onions but be given a competence certificate. Being better is not being competent necessarily.

New 20 minute COVID-19 test could 'revolutionise' the UK's return to business | Sky News AustraliaA coronavirus test which can give results in 20 minutes is being trialled in the UK as the country's cases continue to soar.\n\nEuronews reporter Trent Murray told Sky News he expects the trial to begin next week “with around 6,000 people taking part”.\n\n“If it’s successful then there’s real hope it can kind of revolutionise the way the UK can get back to business,” he said.\n\n“There’s talk of things like the English Premier League maybe using it to test players before they go on the pitch or hospital staff as well being able to take a test to very quickly be able to tell if they can keep working in the health system or go home and self-isolate.”\n\nImage: AP In the Uk cases are not continuing to soar, we are seeing a dramatic collapse in new infections. Two weeks ago the daily figure was 6111, we're now seeing it drop below 2500.