Day 14oflockdown

'This Is South Africa' keeps the spirit of travel alive with alluring new website

The website will become a powerful local travel planning resource to inspire post-lockdown trips.

2020-04-09 09:07:00 AM

The folks at southafrica Instagram account have launched a photo tourism website to inspire wanderlust for those travellers who are getting cabin fever. IOLTravel Day14ofLockdown

The website will become a powerful local travel planning resource to inspire post-lockdown trips.

Apr 3, 2020 at 12:39am PDTHowever, Rodney said travellers on Instagram weren’t able to filter locations to plan their travel itineraries based on the images that inspired them. He told IOL Travel: “People have been using the photos on our account as travel inspiration since the account started, but were unable to search through the photos and plan their travels. Our followers always ask for more information on the pictures and locations we share. We also noticed that many followers tag their friends in pictures of places they want to visit. The website will enable them to plan their trips together.” 

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Rodney said the website will encourage people to explore South Africa post lockdown. “The lockdown is making people truly appreciate freedom of movement, and with the current exchange rate, I believe local travel will be the biggest driver towards the recovery of the tourism sector. 

“I hope South Africans explore every corner of the country when it's safe to travel again. South Africa boasts stunning locations across the country,” he said. The best part of the new website is that anyone can be a contributor. Creating an account requires minimal effort. All you have to do is visit the

, create a profile and start building your dream trip to South Africa. Picture: Supplied.People can upload their images of South Africa for consideration. He said once a new location is added onto the site, it gets geotagged and linked to the contributor’s Instagram account. 

It will be categorised according to its accessibility, the activities on offer and the tips and tricks provided by the contributor.Exciting additions will be added to the site in the upcoming months.  Read more: IOL News »

Rethink on taxis and cigarettes bans will make lockdown more bearableRelaxing the regulations on taxis and cigarettes might just be the saving grace in getting people to comply with the lockdown. Enforcing a lockdown of this magnitude is hard enough without antagonising people in the process, writes Charles R Stith And stopping the cigarette black market And bringing in easy tax revenue with very little increased risk of spreading the virus. My heart. This photo gave me hope kanti it’s just another freedom song. 🥺💔

Lifeline receiving over 4 000 calls daily since the start of lockdown - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.Lifeline South Africa says many people are facing mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 LifelineSouthAfrica Coronavirus via SABCNews Some of us are facing emotional depression since this lockdown Apart from unemployement as multiple outcome of Covid...there will be more Divorces as it happened in Africa. 'If our governement want to build better society, he must first build better families, you cant build better society in broken families'.

'A fairytale': Mzansi reacts to Mduduzi Manana's statement on #StellalunchOn social media, many including One South Africa leader Mmusi Maimane, called the statement a 'fairytale'. I am still stuck here.... Shame on you Manana and pls stop putting 2 gether a castle of lies which offend our intelligence

The original ‘It’ girl: A tribute to V-MashVinolia Mashego, popularly known as V-Mash, is lauded by South Africa. V mash. We will miss u...V MASHEGO...RIP She was the epitome of presenting. Her energy and charisma were always tops. A lot of people have learned and copied from her. Pity people never give you the credit when you are still alive, it would have been better if she received all these praises while she was still alive.

COVID-19: WHO says SA can flatten curveOne WHO doctor believes South Africa can flatten the curve, without extending the nationwide lockdown. Ths ppl are only testing blak ppl why!? Only if we extend the lockdown 😐 Cyril was on a call with Xi then the WHO comments on South Africa. They were told by Xi their boss to communicate that. They are no longer the WHO they are the CHO(Chinese Health Organization)

Feeling inspired during lockdown? Arts Bank of South Africa is taking submissionsSouth African artists are invited to apply for their contemporary artwork to be considered for acquisition by the Art Bank of South Africa.