Day 14oflockdown

SAB: We didn't break lockdown rules, the alcohol was going to our storage

Police intercepted SAB trucks carrying alcohol estimated at R13m in the West Rand and arrested the crew.

2020-04-09 09:11:00 AM

South African Breweries has defended their transportation of alcohol which was impounded by the police, saying it had not been for sale or distribution. Day14ofLockdown

Police intercepted SAB trucks carrying alcohol estimated at R13m in the West Rand and arrested the crew.

EmailJohannesburg - The South African Breweries (SAB) has defended their transportation of alcohol which was impounded by the police, saying it had not been for sale or distribution.They said the alcohol in transit at the time was being moved to their offsite storage facility as their warehouse storage capacity at the breweries had reached permissible limits and they had obtained permission to move it.

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The brewery also said they were aware that seven employees and two third-party drivers had been arrested and that the load impounded but that they got legal assistance for them.The alcohol, estimated at R13 million, was seized in Chamdor near Kagiso, on Wednesday.

Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko, said the trucks were on their way to deliver alcohol when they were intercepted and that the drivers were fined."Police are looking for the managers who issued the instruction for the trucks to deliver, so they can be arrested," she said.

The movement of alcohol is one of the restrictions that the Minister of Police Bheki Cele put in place for the duration of the lockdown.“Movement of alcohol will be restricted. There shall be no movement of liquor from point A to B. If we find liquor in your car's boot, that is illegal. If you break these laws, you are six months in jail or fined," he had said.

The brewery said have since engaged both the Department of Trade and Industry and the police to clarify the matter.  whom they have already shown all requisite approvals and permits. "The movement of the alcohol at our seven breweries is specifically provided for in the lockdown regulations and in particular Regulation 11 B 4A of Chapter 2. This pre-approved plan is aimed at ensuring the safety of our employees, the communities around our operations, the environment and our inventory.

"SAB wishes to assure government and the public that it is not in contravention of the law, and takes seriously the president’s call to lockdown the country to safeguard our people’s health and wellness. "We are committed to complying with the Disaster Management Act and the lockdown regulations. As an organisation we are here to play our part not only in fighting the pandemic, but in protecting the wellbeing of our communities, our employees, and our contributions towards the economy."

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Hi , thank you for always bringing the public news that is impartial and independent. We value our partnerships with media and wanted to provide clarity in the statement below: The trucks were in the road during LockdownSA and not transporting essential goods. sabcnews cyrilramaphosa jozi117 This smakes of a conspiracy starting from the Depots where the trucks were loaded to the end customers

Just a massive restocking before the end of the lockdown. Lol they trying to say there was no transportation of alcohol which is prohibited by lockdown regulations. Yes they were not distributing we agree but transporting alcohol is also not allowed Oh? What was it for then? TheMercurySA Impounded because BhekiCele had his whisky stolen and needs some replacement alcohol... LockdownSA

President Ramaphosa is easily undermined and it’s understandable why. Banamanga, Then why not get a proper permit for that. Fair enough. Then don’t be dof. Request a police escort Let's see what the investigation will unfold! The announcement was made 'No movement of nonessential services during lockdown.

The President didn't announce lockdown on the day of. That's complete nonsense from such a huge company. This is theft outright piracy and theft The cops thought they had hit the jackpot! heh heh heh... Actually the liqueur was just being transported from one warehouse to another! Nonsense

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