COVID-19: WHO says SA can flatten curve

COVID-19: WHO says SA can flatten curve

2020-04-09 07:33:00 AM

COVID-19: WHO says SA can flatten curve

One WHO doctor believes South Africa can flatten the curve, without extending the nationwide lockdown.

"Africa has an advantage and understands the importance of surveillance.While the rest of the world was taken by surprise, My feeling is Africa is better placed in many ways"."It is still relatively early, There is still time to flatten to curve".

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READ:Harris believes Africa is likely to deal with COVID-19 much better than the rest of the world.She says the continent's experience with other outbreaks will help.Watch the full interview with the WHO's Dr Margaret Harris in the video above.

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Really? This is crazy. We can This is good news. I'm taking all the good news I can get! My curve has got bigger 🤣🤣🤣 When other countries are still on lockdown, they want us to 'unlock' so we can have as much cases as other nations. Careful please CyrilRamaphosa ,PresidencyZA This is the same WHO that said there was no human to human transmission of Covid-19 virus!!!!!

Of course they do...china wants to send their infected bunnies here 👏🏻👍❤️🇿🇦 Meanwhile I read that as a question requiring an answer. WHO People arnt even getting the essentials, the public hospitals are a disgrace! So how is this going to work out ......... Yes,true. South Africa has managed to effectively deal with major viruses. We can defeat this virus if we continue delivering services as we do during this lockdown and educate our citizens on the COVID 19

WHO has its eyes on South Africa ..why ...The president is defending him why ... 🤔🤔🤔🤔South Africans should be very wary ... If DrZweliMkhize and the government can separate the infected from non infected...and start screening and testing the non infected...then we will get somewhere with flattening the curve. But now positive patients are self isolating at home and we not even sure if they are home

Who said that vele? I also believe that SA can flatten the curve Pls don't give our leaders false hope, Mr President you can extend by another 3 weeks Does the WHO have a clearly defined criteria on how to classify a covid-19 death when so many death's occur in patients with comorbidities? Do pathologists internationally follow a standardized criteria?

Could this be blatant capitalism? WHO needs funding and with Trump threatening to withhold contributions they have a rather large deficit. Africa is an easy target, get us back to work to fill pockets. TaiwanIsNotChina FactsMatter No way.. Who? Alright, alright, I'll see myself out🥴 tb vaccine or influenza must be on cards to reduce covid?

Ya'll should change it to W.H.O Flatten for WHO? ..and the award for Best Quarantined goes to.. So WHO wants to see Africas die How are we gonna test that though? The reality is that in SA people are not getting tested. Are they trying to influence the president to not extend the lockdown? 🤔 I live is Africa(SA)&she said Africa is used to quarantine/pandemic.... Where does she get her info? if we were all use to it,why is ppl struggling to get the msg that they should stay at home,why can't people keep social distances seeing that according to her, we are used to it?

one swallow does not make a summer - don't believe this We're already in that process, WHO should focus on the US Can we try “sfotho” nyana 🙈,maybe be our people shall be set free from this virus. Given our testing rate which has collapsed, there is hardly a curve. Yes but not until we have feedback from mass testings which should have commenced much sooner. Less than 100 000 people have been tested in the WHOLE country.

Lock down is the only option. Even though it will hit hard on the pockets of most people. Only guys who will not be affected is Rupert, Bill gates, Motsepe and Me (urs trully) Good news, even though I take this news with a pinch of salt it's better than the constant negative news we read. If WHO said SA will be the next spain/Italy people would still complain.

Says who 🤔 Don't give our leaders false hope WHO initially said that we should not panic and that info coming out is informania. No look almost 88000 died an 1,486870 are infected. Please WHO don't give us false hope. Let’s understand the objectives of a lockdown differentiating between containment of a disease and suppression of a disease

We are not idiots WHO, we see your tricks🙂 Question is where we are in terms of ramping up testing. Hope we are winning in Mzansi as part of preventative measures. Nobody SBWL How can that be said if we have only effectively tested just over 1% of our total population Lol to WHO Still don't think it is the right time to say this.

My curves are only expanding during this lockdown By? Can we? 🤔 The WHO also said China should be applauded. Bybthe way, just in case the WHO hadn't noticed, there are hardly any cases in SA to speak of. When WHO says something, assume the opposite. that guy is an idiot WHO vele? 'Who says SA can flatten curve...' I see what you did there.

LOL. Who says that vele? They should also tell us how. Why are y’all disrespecting those people ?! Hide their faces!!! WE say it is not rising anyway. FilmYourHospital SA can flatten the curve If we can abind the rules that Mr president has given us by staying at home May we all understand what WHO stand for then the rest can follow as I see some questions people seem not to understand

Thursday is Thursday guys So, back to work SA has only tested just over 1% of our total population. It is impossible to say we have or are busy flattening the curve Haaai I don't know yazi, these lockdown regulations keep changing. With the Way Things are going I Fear Stop talking in riddles 😅 thought that was a question 😅😅

You folks and your headlines the curve is flat already now we need to keep it that way These ones WHO want to mislead us, please leave us alone. We don’t want what you did to Americans. It's easier said than done, with some of these minister having lunches with their friends, they don't help the situation, Botswana are preparing a 6 month lockdown, maybe Ramaphosa will choose a 3 months, brace yourselves we are about to crash-land .

Cyril was on a call with Xi then the WHO comments on South Africa. They were told by Xi their boss to communicate that. They are no longer the WHO they are the CHO(Chinese Health Organization) Only if we extend the lockdown 😐 Ths ppl are only testing blak ppl why!?

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SA planning Covid-19 mercy flight from BrazilSouth Africans are set to arrive at Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo at 6pm on Tuesday for screening and verification.

What we know about the 13 people who have died from Covid-19 in SASA has recorded 13 deaths from Covid-19 since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak. There is not a lot of information available on the people who have died. Here's what we know so far. coronavirus Day13ofLockdown Questionable statistics on this Covid-19 SA. It's becoming predictable even

SA brainiacs design new ventilators to use in Covid-19 fightSeveral tertiary institutions have roped in their students' and staff's knowledge in order to create alternatives to expensive and rare ventilators, by re-engineering WW2 models, and by creating entirely new concepts for under R5,000.

Mkhize announces total Covid-19 infections in SA now at 1,749, with one more deathThe health minister has said the situation at a KZN hospital may mean parts of it will need to be closed down. Dr Mkhize , not just mkhize Mkhize, Mkhize OriahC DDT_PM i foresee lock-down extension

BREAKING NEWS: SA Covid-19 cases grow to 1749, death toll rises to 13SA Covid-19 cases grow to 1749, death toll rises to 13. Heath Minister Zweli Mkhize has expressed concern over Netcare's St Augustine's Hospital in Durban, where 66 people who had been linked to the hospital have tested positive for the virus, among them 48 staff members. SO the most infected people at the hospital are the staff. Terrific. NHI will be a dream South Africa. This Durban hospital mara💔 😭