Fight over matric marks in South Africa

2022/01/17 09:43:00

Fight over matric marks in South Africa

Fight over matric marks in South Africa

Issues surrounding the publication of South Africa’s matric marks are expected to be heard in court this week after the Department of Basic Education announced the marks will not be made publically available due to regulatory concerns.

In a statement on Tuesday (11 January), the Department of Basic Education said that matric exam results will no longer be published on media platforms, in line with the recently introduced Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).According to Borain, the governing African National Congress has always been the dominant political party, with an outright majority that makes it easy to predict where policy direction would go long before it even makes its way to parliament to be voted on.In a still-weak, albeit improved economy with rising interest rates, property market fireworks don’t appear to be on the cards this year, he said.Sheree Bega 16 Jan 2022 Status symbol: A cycad at the Royal Botanical Gardens in London.

The department said that publishing personal information online would be a contravention of the Act.It confirmed that matric results are still scheduled to release on 21 January 2022 and that results would still be available from schools.While the ANC’s internal debates have been less predictable, Boarian said that 20 years of analysis has laid out a broad modus operandi for the party.Historically, the matric results have been made widely available with students identified through their ID numbers or exam numbers.1.“In order to comply with the provisions of the POPIA, the usual practice of publishing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) results on public platforms (media platforms) will not occur for 2021,” it said.The party would leak, suggest or otherwise let it be known that it might embark on a radical shift in policy.“As was also the practice in previous years, all learners will be required to obtain their statement of results from the schools they attended.

In this way, every learner’s personal information with regards to the outcome of their National Senior Certificate exam will be protected.These two ‘certainties’ – the ANC in control, and how it does things – have made it easier for analysts, economists, and investors to navigate the often complex sociopolitical landscape in South Africa over the last two decades.7% by the first half of 2021, said Loos.” Legal challenge Civil society group AfriForum, Maroela Media and Anlé Spies (a 2021 matriculant) served court papers on Friday (14 January) to oppose the Department of Basic Education’s sudden decision not to publish the 2021 matric results in the media on an urgent basis in court.Spies, who sat her exams in Pretoria but lives in Gqeberha, is arguing that it is critically important that she receive her results as quickly as possible so that she can prepare for the start of her university career.ANC in decline The 2021 municipal election results were a big shock for South Africa’s political landscape, seeing the ANC drop below 50% for the first time since the dawn of democracy.She argues that there are several learners who moved or relocated to addresses far away from the schools where they sat their matric exams.” Loos said that while FNB does project Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to finally get back to the pre-Covid 19 levels of 2019, the 2019 level of GDP was insufficient to halt the rising vacancy trend, “and we believe it will still be insufficient this time around”.The Department of Basic Education has said that it will not oppose the urgent application and will abide by the decision of the court.06% of the poll in the local elections, which Borain said presages a time when predicting policy changes in South Africa will require more than simply following ANC and alliance policy debates.

The urgent application will be heard in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on 18 January before the matric results are made available on 20 January 2022.[MEDIA STATEMENT] the release of the National Senior Certificate examination results on various platforms ⁦.This presents a new age of unpredictability in the country’s political space.7% growth expectation for 2021 being insufficient to fully revive the output level.

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