The job sectors with the highest average salaries in South Africa

The job sectors with the highest average salaries in South Africa

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2022-01-16 06:00:00 PM

The job sectors with the highest average salaries in South Africa

Employment data from Statistics South Africa reveals which workers in the country’s formal, non-agricultural sectors earn the highest average salaries.

QESAccording to the data, formal workers earned a total of R746.8 billion in the three-month period ending September 2021, averaging R25,800 a month over the period.Looking at more granular jobs data, Stats SA’s estimates point to workers involved in the manufacturing of coke oven products, petroleum refineries, and the processing of nuclear fuel as being the top earners in the country, with average earnings of R60,000 per month.

However, in the more jobs-specific data, workers in the hotel and restaurant service industry – such as waiters and hospitality staff – are the lowest earners at R7,550 a month. Given the period covered by the data – being during the Covid-19 pandemic when the hospitality sector was severely impacted – this may be more reflective of contemporary trends.

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