You’ll Feel Like a Total Badass In Vote-Themed Workout Gear

Mark your calendars for Election Day. 🗓

10/20/2020 3:01:00 AM

Mark your calendars for Election Day. 🗓

It seems like everywhere we turn, there are messages encouraging people to vote and, honestly, we love it. Shop our picks for vote-themed workout gear.

of herself in a pair of leggings emblazoned with the message,"I am a voter." The actress captioned the snap,"We Rise, We Grind, We Vote."Union's motivational rallying cry inspired us to find other voting-themed workout gear for those who want to exercise their right to vote, pun intended. Many of the items on this list support nonpartisan

US agency ascertains Biden as winner, lets transition begin Champion Ken Jennings will be first interim 'Jeopardy!' host CEOs Urge Trump To Concede: 'Not A Moment To Waste' In Fighting COVID-19

organizations, and all of them are totally empowering. Read more: POPSUGAR Fitness »

Teacher's hallway song and dance reminds students to stay 6 feet apart

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Educators teaching online and in person at the same time feel burned outThe Covid-19 pandemic has led many schools to offer both classroom and virtual instruction, but teachers say doing both concurrently is exhausting. Please reasarch yourself in Quran No matter what you do, teachers will complain.

Lindsey Graham Warmed To Trump, And Some Voters Feel Left In The ColdLindsey Graham has won easily every time since he was first elected in 2002. But he's always relied on moderate voters — who aren't happy with how close he's grown to Trump. Now, he's in an unexpectedly tight race against Democrat Jaime Harrison. LindseyGrahamIsLosing harrisonjaime is going to win! If he loses, Trump won’t care and will drop him like he does everyone else who can no longer help him.

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Feel cursed? Try feeling like a fan of Georgia sports teamsSports teams might actually be cursed in The Peach State. Maybe the devil really did go down to Georgia—in the name of the Crimson Tide, Los Angeles Dodgers and, well, that Falcons 28-3 blown Super Bowl lead still comes to mind. Yeah, the 1990’s Atlanta Braves won 1 World Series, they beat my Cleveland Indians. As a Cleveland sports fan, I’m sure Georgia folks will understand if I don’t shed a tear for them . . .

'SNL' roasts Trump and Biden's town halls in a cold open that just wants you to feel anythingOnly two more of these before Election Day, folks. Liberal SNL. They lightly hit Biden. Jim Carrey more than sucks