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WSJ News Exclusive | Bustle Owner Eyes SPAC Deal, Acquires Some Spider Studios

The all-stock deal for the owner of parenting websites Scary Mommy and Fatherly values the publisher at about $150 million.

7/21/2021 11:45:00 PM

Bustle owner BDG Media is buying Some Spider Studios, the digital-media company behind Scary Mommy and other parenting websites, as it prepares to strike a deal later this year to go public

The all-stock deal for the owner of parenting websites Scary Mommy and Fatherly values the publisher at about $150 million.

, later this year, he said.The all-stock deal for Some Spider values the publisher at about $150 million, according to a person familiar with the matter.Mr. Goldberg said in an interview that the deal would expand BDG Media’s business and give it additional clout with advertisers. BDG Media is profitable and on pace to generate about $120 million in revenue this year, according to people familiar with the matter. Some Spider expects to generate around $50 million in revenue this year and is on track to turn a profit of about $10 million, one of the people said.

New York City will require vaccines for entry to restaurants and gyms Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, probe finds NYC will require vaccination proof for indoor dining, gyms

Mr. Goldberg’s company has struck a series of deals to buy rival websites in recent years as part of its plan to go public. The company has acquired the youth-focused sites Mic and Elite Daily, fashion publication W Magazine and the science outlet Inverse.

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Dr. Scott Gottlieb sees Covid vaccine boosters for vulnerable people in U.S. as early as September

'My guess is sometime by September or October we will be giving booster shots to older individuals and certainly immunocompromised,' Dr. Scott Gottlieb said.

WSJ News Exclusive | Cvent Nears $5-Billion-Plus SPAC DealThe event-management software company owned by Robert Smith’s Vista Equity Partners is slated to merge with Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. II in a deal that will take Cvent public.

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S.-German Deal on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Expected SoonThe U.S. and Germany have reached an agreement allowing the completion of a controversial Russian natural gas pipeline, according to officials from Berlin and Washington, who expect to announce the deal as soon as Wednesday, bringing an end to years of tension between the two allies. very bad idea not to impose a decreasing CO2 limit on gas imports. Biden will give Russia whatever it wants, yet he put thousands out of work here by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. That roar of thunder in the background is getting louder. 2022 isn’t far away. No fluff, just facts. What's said is not adequate.

WSJ News Exclusive | For Home Buyers, Length of Commute Drops in Importance, New Data ShowsAnother pandemic shift: home buyers in expensive markets more likely to trade a longer commute for lower prices, a new analysis shows. No choice wth is up with home prices anyway we should be running into excess with Boomers starting to die off (sorry a bit offensive)

WSJ News Exclusive | Biden to Tap Former Hill Aide for Top Treasury Post Overseeing Financial RulesPresident Biden plans to nominate Graham Steele, a long-time congressional staffer with ties to progressives, as assistant Treasury secretary for financial institutions “with ties to progressives” LOL - is that some sort of scare tactic to frighten all the soft, coddled, business in the family Republicans?

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S.-Asia Digital Pact Held Up by Squabble Among Biden OfficialsA skirmish between national security and trade officials in the Biden administration is hindering efforts to forge a digital-services pact with Asian countries. horrible The last 20 years, the US has destroyed its image and credibility on the international theatre, so, it is not easy for those countries to join the US against China .. 30 years ago, US could manage it. But now, US can't. Once the credit lost, it is not easy to rebuild it. US convinced EU to against China. Then US turn back to seek cooperation from China. US just consider EU as additional price for more benefits when it pressure China.

Sony Buys Remake Rights On French Comedy ‘Price Of Parenting’EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures International Productions has acquired global remake rights to Price Of Parenting (Mes très chers enfants), the upcoming French comedy directed by Alexandra Leclère, whose …