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Miami Condo Collapse, Mıamı Condo Collapse

Another Surfside, Fla., Condo Is Evacuated After Building Deemed Unsafe

The Regent Palace, a 70-year-old complex, is just blocks away from the Champlain Towers South that collapsed last month, leaving nearly 100 people dead.

7/22/2021 12:00:00 AM

Residents of a Surfside, Fla., waterfront condominium a few blocks from last month’s deadly building collapse have voluntarily evacuated after an engineer identified structural problems

The Regent Palace, a 70-year-old complex, is just blocks away from the Champlain Towers South that collapsed last month, leaving nearly 100 people dead.

People who live in a Surfside, Fla., waterfront condominium a few blocks fromlast month’s deadly building collapsehave voluntarily evacuated because of structural problems identified by an engineer, the condo board’s president said.The evacuation of Regent Palace, a set of buildings that is 70 years old, began July 9, a day after an engineer hired by the condo association found problems with the structural integrity following an initial inspection, board president Joerg Dogondke said. By Wednesday, most residents were gone, with the remaining few expected to leave within days, he said.

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The engineer found issues with columns in Regent Palace’s parking area during a follow-up inspection in mid-July, the board president said. In an email to the town Monday, which the town provided, Mr. Dogondke said there were 15 compromised columns, which he said have been shored up.

The three-floor condo complex is just blocks away from Champlain Towers South, which collapsed June 24, killing at least 97 people. Earlier this month, a 156-unit condominium in North Miami Beachwas evacuated by city officialsbecause of structural and electrical problems with the building, Crestview Towers.

The Regent Palace condo includes exposed columns and parking spaces on part of the ground level, photos show. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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That building looks like my Grandmother's stereo unit from the 1970s It is good the engineers timely discovered the building is split. wow So it begins. Holy Moly! The Florida beach condo market must be in financial free fall by now. 😬 Let the Dilapidation GAMES BEGIN, and Florida sink in. Greed at its finest.

Florida condo collapse victims to get at least $150 million, judge rulesVictims and families who suffered losses in the collapse of a 12-story oceanfront Florida condo building will get a minimum of $150,000,000 in compensation initially, judge rules. Hard way to earn $150 mil…I prefer just texting my uncle. Some people are desperate I guess 🤷‍♂️ Thanks 🙏🙏 Nothing can kill your soul more than the feeling of regret.

The towering pile of concrete and debris from the Surfside condo collapse is now nearly an empty pitNearly four weeks ago, rescue crews were faced with a mountain of concrete rubble and twisted metal as they tried to find the victims of the Surfside condo building collapse. Now, images of the scene show an empty space where hundreds of people once lived Go post your tabloid in someone else’s Twitter good luck China Dam collapsed chinaflood

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