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Woman survives 50-foot drop down Hawaiian waterfall, captures it on GoPro

Woman survives falling more than 50 feet down the face of a waterfall in Hawaii.


A woman survived after slipping and falling more than 50 feet down a Hawaiian waterfall—and she captured it all on video.

Woman survives falling more than 50 feet down the face of a waterfall in Hawaii.

"I couldn't breathe very well I knew that something had to be wrong," she told ABC News."I tasted blood in my mouth."

"I remember my vision getting a little blurry, but I just kept telling myself to keep trying to take deep breaths," she said."Two hikers came out of nowhere."

Friesen sustained a collapsed lung, 10 broken ribs and a fractured scapula from the fall.

Read more: ABC News

Ouch! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦 Hopefully this will cascade into a film career. These white women keep falling off cliffs and shit Using a drone is probably cheaper and less painful, dear. Someone let her know if she sends it by freepost to YouveBeenFramed they'll give her like £250 !! 👍🏼😂😂

50 statesAt first I thought these ocean rocks (cannonballs) was bear poop....

50 Best Songs of the NinetiesFrom Aaliyah to Nirvana, revisit Rob Sheffield's picks for the 50 best songs of the Nineties Coincidence all three of the singers in your photo died? Other than 1 that list must be a joke, lol Really? U2’s “One” is considered one of the greatest songs ever and it doesn’t make the top 50 of the 90s? Beyond stupid.

Found in Maine: A 1-in-50 Million LobsterA rare 2-toned lobster, half black and half orange, was found in Maine. Scientists say it’s a one-in-50 million find. Scientists then ate it and said it's flavor was a 10/10. Keep it away from Red Lobster.

Here Are the 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records on EarthWhen it comes to the 50 most valuable vinyl records on Earth, thebeatles top the list (of course), but you're still in for some surprises:

Death toll from Hurricane Dorian rises to at least 50 in BahamasThe death toll increased to 50 in the Bahamas, where Hurricane Dorian pummeled 320 km/h winds, according to a spokesman for the islands' National Emergency Management Agency.

50 Books People Read In School That They Actually Loved50 Amazing Reads From School That'll Make You Say, 'I Can't Believe This Is Homework' I just read catcher in the rye omg it was so good holden is such a daddy Well, reading both of these felt like homework to me That’s phony! Lol

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