Benjamin Netanyahu, Facebook

Benjamin Netanyahu, Facebook

Netanyahu’s Facebook page suspended over hate speech

Netanyahu’s Facebook page suspended over hate speech

9/12/2019 6:23:00 PM

Netanyahu’s Facebook page suspended over hate speech

Facebook has sanctioned Benjamin Netanyahu ’s official page, after a post called on voters to oppose a government composed of “Arabs who want to destroy us all – women, children and men.”The social media company said the post violated its hate speech policy.

The social media company said the post violated its hate speech policy.Facebook consequently disabled the page’s automatic chat function for 24 hours.The Israeli prime minister has denied writing the post.In an interview with Kan Reshet Bet radio, Mr Netanyahu suggested that a staffer’s mistake was responsible.

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The right-wing president is campaigning to retain his office in an election next week.The 69-year-old has attempted to ensure nationalist support by using hardline rhetoric.On Tuesday Mr Netanyahu pledged to annex the Jordan Valley, which is part of the occupied West Bank.

Annexation would be illegal under international law but Mr Netanyahu asked the voters to provide him with a “mandate” for annexation in the election.Mr Netanyahu’s right wing Likud party faces tough competition from the centre-right Blue and White Party.

The Israeli prime minister emerged victorious in a 9 April election but failed to win enough seats in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, to build a government.He dissolved the legislature for a second time in six months, triggering another election which will be held on 17 September. free-thinking journalism and attend Independent events Read more: Yahoo News »

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Israel wants to be a rogue state no longer? Start by firing Netanyahu Typical leftist censorship hate meaning he did not convert to militant Islam. it happened to me too Happy for that finally FYI -- 'hate speech' includes fear mongering, Bibi. DeleteFacebook

Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over hate speech violationJERUSALEM (AP) — Facebook says it has sanctioned the page of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of a violation of the company's hate speech policy. Facebook said on Thursday... This will back fire Wow.. Will Twitter do the same with dementia Don.

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Israel's Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex West Bank's Jordan ValleyIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention on Tuesday to ... He couldn’t Steal it ? أكبر فتنة للمسلمين هي هذا الوقح. It is called illegal occupation and this is why Palestinians resist. Free_Palestine

Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex part of occupied West BankIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention on Tuesday to ... TOTAL ZIO CONTROL 'Ethnic cleansing is now totes OK' And they gonna say 'we don't want war'.

Russia raps Netanyahu's Jordan Valley plan before Putin meetingRussia condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 's plan to annex ... Does that mean they are returning the Crimea? Kettle pot black Considering how Russia annexed Crimea, I think they should sit this one out. Israel has much right to do whatever is in her interest, as the Russians had over Crimea. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

With Gaza war talk, Russia visit, Netanyahu fights on in election raceIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday threatened war in Gaza and... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes to Russia to discuss Israeli freedom of action in Syria with President Putin. Israel believes and confirms Russia is now a power player in the middle east because we have a PABPresident The United States has no foreign policy This is what exactly Hitler said about Poland in 1937. Isn't that a strange turn around. he wants to be like our deadbeat president.