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Woman dies after she was hit by car on highway amid protest

BREAKING: One of two protesters struck by a driver who barreled onto a closed freeway in Seattle has died. Summer Taylor was 24.

7/5/2020 7:56:00 AM

BREAKING: One of two protesters struck by a driver who barreled onto a closed freeway in Seattle has died. Summer Taylor was 24.

SEATTLE (AP) — A 24-year-old woman died Saturday of her injuries after she and another woman were hit by a car on a closed highway in Seattle while protesting against police brutality , authorities...

Summer Taylor of Seattle died in the evening at Harborview Medical Center, spokeswoman Susan Gregg said.Taylor and Diaz Love, 32, of Portland, Oregon, were hit by the car that barreled through a panicked crowd of protesters on Interstate 5 early Saturday morning, officials said.

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Dawit Kelete of Seattle drove the car around vehicles that were blocking I-5 and sped into the crowd about 1:40 a.m., according to a police report released by the Washington State Patrol. Video taken at the scene by protesters showed people shouting “Car! Car!” before fleeing the roadway.

ADVERTISEMENTLove is in serious condition in the intensive care unit, Harborview, Gregg said.Love was filming the protest in a nearly two-hour-long Facebook livestream captioned “Black Femme March takes I-5” when the video ended abruptly; with about 15 seconds left, shouts of “Car!” can be heard as the camera starts to shake before screeching tires and the sound of impact are heard.

A graphic video posted on social media showed the white Jaguar racing toward a group of protesters who are standing behind several parked cars, set up for protection. The car swerves around the other vehicles and slams into the two women, sending them flying into the air.

The driver, who was alone, fled the scene after hitting the protesters, Trooper Chase Van Cleave told The Associated Press. One of the protesters got in a car and chased the driver for about a mile. He was able to stop him by pulling his car in front of the Jaguar, Van Cleave said.

Troopers arrived, and the driver was put in custody, Washington State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead said.Kelete was described by offices as reserved and sullen when he was arrested, according to court documents. He also asked if the pedestrians were OK, the documents say.

Kelete was booked into the King County Correctional Facility on Saturday morning on two counts of vehicular assault. Bail was denied.A judge found probable cause to hold Kelete on an investigation of vehicular assault. He faces a second court hearing on Monday at which the judge will determine if he can be released on bail, according to court documents.

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It was not immediately clear if Kelete had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.Officials were trying to determine the motive as well as where he got onto the interstate, which had been closed by the state patrol for more than an hour before the women were hit. Mead said they suspect Kelete drove the wrong way on a ramp. Trooper Rick Johnson said the driver went through a barrier that closed the freeway before striking the women.

ADVERTISEMENTTroopers did not know whether it was a targeted attack, but impairment was not considered a factor, Mead said.Kelete has a Seattle address. He is listed in public records as a student who attended Washington State University between 2011 and 2017 majoring in business and commerce. His enrollment status could not be confirmed because the university was closed Saturday.

The Washington State Patrol said Sunday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.Seattle has been the site of prolonged unrest following the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked nationwide protests. Dozens of people

were arrested this past weekin connection with protests as demonstrations continue after authorities cleared the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” zone Wednesday morning.Protesters had shut down the interstate for 19 days in a row, Mead said at a press conference.

The State Patrol responded by closing sections of the interstate to keep drivers and protesters safe.“In a time that requires care and flexibility, we are exercising the safest means possible to avoid injuries or worse to motorists, protesters, WSDOT personnel and our troopers by closing the roadway and separating protesters from vehicular traffic,” Chief John Batiste said in a statement on June 27, responding to complaints about the road closures.

Mead emphasized that the freeway is “simply not a safe place” for pedestrians, and said he hoped protesters would cease what he termed “unlawful behavior” in blocking the interstate.“My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple,” Mead said.

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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said the city stands beside the friends and family of the victims.“No one should risk their life for demanding better from our city, state and country,” Durkan said on Twitter.Protesters were on the freeway for more than an hour before the car drove around the blockade around 1:36 a.m., Mead said.

The state patrolof the driver’s car with significant damage to its bumper and windshield.Seattle police tweeted that they were assisting. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Heartbreaking 💔 OCC_330 driver was black. For those who didn’t read the article. It stated he took the wrong ramp. When tested for drugs and alcohol he was clean. He even asked about those he accidentally hit if “they were ok”... reading doesn’t take long love. veronica_lilo yeah...a black man did it..way to go ppl...this movement is really shaping up to be something..

darwin awards? Killed by a black man...doh! i will never, ever understand the people who believe that if you disrupt business as usual for something you believe in, you deserve to die. Now dancing in the freeway at night , dressed in black. What did they expect would happen.Pure Idiots. Then they call for the POLICE, WHY DIDN'T THEY WANT THEM TO BE UNDERFUNDED. POLICE SHOULD HAVE NEVER SHOWED UP POSSIBLE AMBUSH. JUST THINK IF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A SEMI. !!

The highway was NOT closed by Government, fyi: Terrible incident. Tell us more about the driver Dawit Kelete. Who is he? What was his motive? taylor was also a dumbass and natural sellection took its course 👏 Why were police called? Protesters hates police 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼💙🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊GOD BLESS HER SOUL,! MAY SHE REST IN PEACE,!🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼🕊😘🌹

Fancy protesting on a freeway. Stupidity. And now they complain because a CAR was on the road. Stand in the road, get hit by a car. Look at all these Horrible Police there helping her.. “Barrelled” as in “drove onto the freeway” It was only closed because they were illegally blocking it. It wasn’t a legal closure.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!! I hope that driver is alright, he did a right thing. 'Troopers did not know whether it was a targeted attacked but going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.' The guy drove around cars to hit them. Troopers respond by threatening to arrest protestors.

Tragic. Sad If only the Washington State patrol and police would have stopped the protesters from illegally entering the freeway these women would be not hurt and one woman would be alive today. Support our police A girl has died. The other is still hospitalized. The driver was not a white supremacist, so the media has not turned the story around much. It's not funny if the bad guy doesn't fit the narrative.

jwhittenbergK5 Not the driver hit to white women an killed one. Media need to give equally media attention that a black man ran over 2 white women. During BlackLivesMattters protest. blacklivesdontmatter A girl has died. The other is still hospitalized. The driver was not a white supremacist, so the media has not turned A girl has died. The other is still hospitalized. The driver was not a white supremacist, so the media has not turned the story around much.

RIP OutspokenOne03 😢 That is shocking!!! Life in jail, period! Police work is laborious and complex, so continuous professionalization training is required to meet the highest expectations of society and the political establishment. marthabellisle BradyMcCombs Diaz Love is ALSO nonbinary and ALSO uses they/them pronouns. This is confirmed by many people who know them and the official GoFundMe set up by friends and family, as well as a few other reports. Please amend this.

She may now feel weightless in that great big bouncey castle in the sky and not off the hood of a jaguar. Closed or not don’t stand on a major freeway at Midnight! How 😢 It's sad but play stupid games win stupid prizes So you want the police to have funding to investigate this? Finally a little chlorine in the gene pool.hope.tje girls had insurance for the damage to the car.

She died doing what she loved...so sad What COLOR driver, ? Closed? I learned as a kid not to play in the street. I also learned to look both ways before crossing. As the old saying goes play stupid games when stupid prizes. A black man getting back at the white liberals Driver should be thrown in Guantanamo

Don’t dance in the middle of a highway at NIGHT! Her & her friends’ fault! Normally I’d care, but considering they hate America & want to defund the police I just don’t anymore... Also, to clarify; the road was illegally closed by protestors. It’s amazing how the MSM headlines have changed now that it’s come to light that the driver was a black man and the victim was a white woman.

Why was the freeway closed? Oh, still kissing ass bowing down to protesters Sifill_LDF 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Get out of the waaaaay.....oh well. The byline should read. 'Daily Darwin Award Winner' dies. Don't want to take a chance on dying? Stay out of the streets unless you're driving a motor vehicle Before anybody says the protestors are at fault, that section of the highway was closed off for protestor safety. Before anybody tries making it a race thing, idk how you can tell somebody’s race in a car, driving at night

Summer Taylor committed suicide. Protestors do not have legal authority to “close” freeways...it wasn’t closed, it was BLOCKED by protestors. ASeattleStoner ...no, seriously. Get out of the road, idiots. nhannahjones It’s not prudent to stand in a street at nightbwearing dark clothing. Poor foolish kid

So saddened to hear that. maybe she shouldn't of been on a freeway, antifa dont have brains, the driver is innocent Per report, the driver is a black man, 27 years old from Seattle. Also per report, he was driving wrong way, most likely an accident. After he was arrested, he asked if the people got hit were OK. PRAYERS TO THE VICTIMS THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS.

😭😭😭 Make a dent in racism. Mother nature will always get rid off stupid people. Sometimes by sending them to the middle of a highway... costareports 👏Good!! Teach the rest of them a lesson!! This is sad. Guys be smart, don't stand in a highway! I've been to Seattle, I5 is one of the busiest highways. It was dark, and Seattle weather doesn't help either.

Jesus Jesus you'll be safe RIP Summer Taylor This is not the full story!!!! Open or Closed, I believe it is illegal for pedestrians, bicycles, horses etc to be on a freeway. They will never convict the driver. He was doing his best to avoid vehicles parked across the highway. The stupid protestors put themselves in harms way. Did I mention they were wearing black clothing?

I feel so sorry for the driver. The pain he must be going through. If BLM then let the guy who hit them go JoanPrice Start a war, expect casualties. tweeptwerp Premeditated Murder! Garossino 'It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye' - our mothers told us this This is sad. Guys be smart, don't stand in a highway! I've been to Seattle I5 is one of the busiest highways. It was dark and Settle weather doesn't help either.

glorbis *was murdered* i fixed it 4 u Very sad news but why doesn’t the headline read “Black man plows through White Protestors!” Must not fit the narrative.. How can I donate to the driver? It's called murder. Lol close highway because of who? Do stupid things you end up dead costareports Black driver hits white girl...

That is what happens when you do dumb shit like block the roads. Is this any surprise? Driver did commit murder, but this is ramping up and will get worse. Too much violence, looting, autonomous zones, armed black militia looking for a fight. Simply saying that it’s going to get worse unless we stop attacking everyone and everything.

MikeStuchbery_ The state of the responses on here. No wonder the USA is in the toilet. That would be murder🤭 UROCKlive1 Capital murder charges, please. It was a black dude.. probably intoxicated driving crazy at 1:40amand he hit his brakes as well.. it was a dumb accident not murder. Meanwhile David Dorn WAS murdered by rioters. Where is the outrage for his murder?

Lesson learned “stay off freeways and roadways” they are meant for cars not idiots! UROCKlive1 Amazing to see all these MAGAts trying to hatesplain away homicide. Holy shit I saw the video, it was brutal. It’s a shame she died UROCKlive1 Blame Trump for yet another death. Disgusting. UROCKlive1 Thank you for getting the headline right. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

💔😢😭 some recommendations for the 'peaceful' protestors who chose to go in the dark in the highway peterjontheair People should watch the video first of all. He was swerving and excellerating going through the protest. The road was blocked by police at the exit further up. Last but not least when you cause the death of a human being it’s wrong!

NPR will use this as another example of white supremists using cars to commit terrorism. Only to delete it later. With the victim dying, 2nd Degree Murder charge seems inevitable for the driver. What color was the driver? Was the driver white? What color was the person who died? Black? Or was it a Black driver, running over a white protestor? And if so, which life matters?

Sad news. The driver was black Amazing how many people think inconveniencing someone else to exercise 1st amendment rights is deserving of death. DEATH. 'That's what they get' is an absolutely disgusting thing to say. 'Do not be so eager to deal out death in judgement.' He'll be charged and sentenced for murder. Enough said. Same goes for anyone else that pulls this shit. Murder is not considered protesting protestors. It's murder. Our citizens need to listen to each other. Politicians only divide us for their benefit. We are powerful together.

maggieNYT Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Stay out of the road morons. So unbelievably tragic and sad. So many angry people with murder in their hearts in America. Peaceful protest on a closed down patch of road some murderer intentionally entered to take the life of this vibrant young woman. Meanwhile isn't this POTUS encouraging this behavior?

MrJonCryer I hope the driver is charged with first degree murder and hate crimes. RIH Summer. You stood up for what you thought was right. Thank you for being a soldier in the war against hate. The end result of Mayor Jenny Durkan's violence-promoting protest policy is a black man, Dawit Kelete who was arrested as the driver of the car, will go to jail for striking white women who stand in the middle of a highway. BlackLivesMatter LiberalHypocrisy LiberalPrivilege

“Barreled onto a freeway.” Here’s the deal. Cops need to stop blocking off freeways for these lunatics to “protest” in the middle of the road. Protest on the sidewalk all you want, but once you hit the streets, you’re taking a chance of getting run over! Be smarter, people. Free the Driver! Dont stand on the freeway, don’t get dead. Karma showed up quick.

So horribly sad! Destini41 Were they its? Just look at all the hateful, shitty people without empathy that are justifying murder!?!? We can't live with these people anymore! You turn cars sideways and say road closed. There is a reason state and county trucks use blinking arrows and cones. Signs that say road closed 1 mile ahead, if you stand on a freeway at night well your an idiot

Why do right wingers like the idea of setting up everything we fought against? Since when was it unamerican to stand up for your rights? Oh, thats right. They don't care. Why were they on the interstate? The headline literally says “closed freeway”. This murderer intentionally ignored the closure and accelerated into the two people. But a lot of y’all being acting like clowns saying they shouldn’t be protesting on a closed freeway.

Let me guess, they called the police If the driver was white you would’ve mentioned it. The driver isn’t white so that’s left out? cvmrync Summer Taylor 🙇🏾‍♂️ all the 'You stand on a freeway you get hit!' responders are morons and you cant reason with them Insane to allow any protesting on highways. Period!

Murdered. The fucking word you were looking for is “murdered”. Who closed the interstate? The protestors? Is that lawful? She is a victim of her own crimes. Thank you to the SEATTLE PD for putting up barricades to PROTECT the PROTESTERS so they can excerise their AMERICAN RIGHT to ASSEMBLE PEACEFULLY. SeattlePD next time PROTECT AND SERVE. A barricade would have saved this woman's life. SeattlePD

So, young, how can it be? She had her whole life to live yet someone who hates protesters killed an innocent man. 'The Washington State Patrol said Saturday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.' yeh... bit late huh ? lol ... 'was murdered.' FTFY

Tragic loss- this is her killer that no one is talking about. A black immigrant kills someone who is protesting against systemic racism 🤦🏼‍♀️ Freeways are designed for cars to travel at high speeds not for sit in protests. Don’t be dumb. We have to wear masks, distance from others and lose our business and homes for a virus that kills .004% of people infected with an average age of 80. But, somehow DPS thought it was safe for morons to play on a freeway?

“Police say they will no longer allow protesters to shut down the freeway” - why were they EVER allowed to shut down the freeway!? (Article says they had done so for 19 days in a row!) costareports And this is why you & all biased media should stop 🛑 the dunking on President Trump whenever possible! He asked for a quick end to the protestriots & all you did was accuse him of being racist 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

Remember when mom told you not to play in the street? a tragic and senseless death, a young woman injured & traumatised & a young mans life ruined I heard it was closed Jail the driver for life. And get any sociopath commeting 'stand on the freeway get hit lul' on to some kind of watch list Ashfallen0 😥😥😥 can’t read article - paywall what kind of charges does the terrorist face?

costareports Once again, a terrible outcome. Of course no one should be protesting in a highway at night. Not on road, still alive. Don’t stand in the middle of the street-simple. Its like feeling sorry for someone who dies while trying to make explosives. Dont be stupid. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

WAS. That’s the most important word here. Her parents are to blame not the Tasmanian driver. Blame her shitty parents. Closed by who the city? Nah ransoms can’t close my freedom. And the city can only if they are fixing it This is just like one of those people falling off a cliff for taking a selfie. Really hard to feel bad for somebody playing in the highway

Life is Temporary Playing on the freeway is dangerous. I hope we aren't giving Seattle any federal interstate money since they are not using it as a freeway. You mean a person who runs in front of a moving car could die. That’s news to me. Washington state patrol now says they won’t allow protesters on the freeways

I'm sure conservatives are giddy about this news. Play stupid games , win stupid prizes . If you watch the video, you see the break lights. This might have just been a tragedy. Protest on the side. I guess you could say she was attacked by a jaguar😂 one less oppressive white person. 👍🏿 Omg You don’t want to mention the color of the driver? You do it when it’s a White person all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️

She was on the shoulder of the freeway. Since when are drivers taught to floor it on the shoulder into pedestrians trying to get out of the way. Normal people wait for the barricade to be taken down. He could have also driven on the side streets. Who closed the freeway? Why was it closed? I see douchebags victim shaming saying “shouldn’t be on the road!” First of all, the Road was CLOSED by the city so they could PROTEST ON THE STREETS...second, all of your moms should’ve aborted you & I would blame y’all for being in her stomach

Lesson: don’t protest on highways. Time to upgrade charges for the driver. Oh well. This is why all protesters should be carrying firearms from now on. secupp Those kids were out in the middle of a 4 lane Highway, in the middle of the night, because they wanted more of the publicity that the Associated Press was giving them. All the glorious stories they gave. They died because of that. And now AP gets to make a buck off their deaths.

Why are the idiot authorities allowing a US interstate to be shut down? Going on for weeks. Enough 👏 She deserved to die! so the person arrested isn't white or far right? guess you're gonna bury the story now huh? lol So white BLM rioter woman killed by a black man costareports lie with dog you might get fleas....

Yay!!!! DON'T ENTER AN INTERSTATE HIGHWAY AND ATTEMPT TO BLOCK TRAFFIC! Stupid white women, standing at the end of a bend of a dark road, all dressed in black and you folks want the legal system to toss another Black man in jail. Don’t stand in the highway. No one cares about your protest. You’re in the way.

I hope the car is alive Lol Stace_RNresists The video is horrible, I am not surprised the young lady died Vai_Oliii This is going to get much worse before it’s over. People are tired of this crap. The only difference between the KKK and BLM are the letters. Enough is enough. People are starting to snap which this clearly shows.

So funny these so called protestors do not March in the communities that are killing each other. Closing a highway must be safer. They want to defund the police, yet more trained officers are needing in communities so witnesses will feel safe to testify against thugs The driver was black so this story will disappear.

Oh let’s talk about 67 shot and 13 killed in Chicago...including a 7 year old girl and 14 year old boy...ya know...since BlackLivesMatters ...seems like an important story your ignoring!!! aIibaby444 Amazing how a lot of you will defend the driver by saying 'the freeway is for cars, not people.' After a young person was just ran over and murdered...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It’s a shame and I feel for her family. Just like with the KKK, BLM brainwashes people do to stupid crap and this is a result. Her death is on BLM and the driver. A black refugee comes to America to escape a war torn county and fucking white liberals destroy his life in Seattle. This is what white liberals do. Destroy lives, by blocking the freeway, wearing all black at 1 am. Who could have thought something could go wrong.

secupp They barricaded a highway and caused a deadly crash. Everyone there should be charged for this homicide and the driver should get remuneration. Driver was a black man in a $65,000 luxury car. Police say there is no sign he was impaired. BREAKING: One of the two white BLM protesters struck by a BLACK driver who barreled onto a closed freeway in Seattle has died. Summer Taylor was 24. Fixed it for you.... BLM AP PeacefulProtest protests2020 BlackLivesMatter

💔😖 Tragic. To be fair the driver likely didn’t see the people hit. Had it been intentional, the car wouldn’t have slowed briefly after the impact. It may be difficult to hear that many will support the drivers decision to drive fast thru the block, to avoid any threats from the mob. Why was the interstate closed down?

Yep that young person would still be alive if they used common sense and stayed out of a road. Whether it was closed or not, its a road. Did you read the part about it being closed -numpty ! They were standing on a freeway wearing black clothes at night, this is sad but it was bound to happen. Do you know how deer get hit by cars? They stand in the middle of the fucking road where people drive fast.

People in this comment thread are insane 😥🙏 Respect to SummerTaylor, but white girl protesting on a freeway for blm blacklivesmatters gets bowled over by black driver and dies, and black driver gets attacked for racing through people. With all these uninformed tweets martyring summer, gotta question whole point of this.

“Closed Seattle Highway” - no it was not closed. The people who illegally blocked the freeway have blood on their hands. secupp Trump says “there are fine people on both sides of this tragedy” Whoever the driver was needs to put to death for murdering and innocent person. I'm extremely ticked off about this situation

So sad 😢 Pro tip: It is dangerous to stand on the highway at night dressed in dark clothes attempting to accost drivers. hope the driver is fine ! support for him Now we know why parents tell their kids not to play in the street Stay out of the street Summer Taylor is someone's DAUGHTER!! This should NOT have happened. Have a fucking heart!!

All these heartless mofos....she's dead. RIP and don't listen to all this hatred in your grave. aIibaby444 Someones going to prison. Pre-med murder? Lesson learned here, stay the fuck off the freeway 💔 Hey AP! You forgot to mention the skin color of the driver. Not that I think it’s important, but I think a legitimate and unbiased news source has a responsibility to be consistent in doing so.

Driver best be charged with aggravated homicide Summer Taylor, a non binary Black Lives Matter activist who was hit by a car while protesting on the I-5 freeway in Seattle, has died. Dawit Kelete, who is black, is accused of being the driver & was arrested. rest in power summer When the color of the person commiting a crime is not mentioned it usually means they weren’t white.

Coalburner down!!! Medic!! Oh wait nevermind 😆😆 You say it was “closed” by whom? Did the protestors have a permit, and therefore the police officially closed it, or did protestors simply take it over? Big difference and words matter right? AND❓ Standing on highways at night is a bad life choice. brianjmaguire

It's murder. Toll paid The freeway was closed they didn’t deserve to die BREAKING: One of two BLM protesters struck by a black driver who barreled onto a closed freeway in Seattle has died. Summer Taylor was white and 24 years old.. fixed it for you... secupp This just in: playing in traffic is dangerous.

Why isn't realDonaldTrump screaming LAW AND ORDER on this now? Driver's going to prison. wow. protestors just want people to stop dying whilst the MAGAs get excited when aggressive drivers hit and kill protesters. I'm so shocked and disgusted by the amount of people in the comments in support this act of domestic terrorism. Please try to have some empathy.

Hope the driver is ok. I read text that say, how unjust,the freeway was closed...teachable moment, you can be right and still be dead maggieNYT This is very Darwinian. Protesting at night on closed highway is not a good idea. One less idiot in Seattle today. costareports Imagine someone getting killed during a parade and people tweeting that you shouldn't be in the road if you didn't want to die. Some trash takes here

This is terrible. Glad they caught the guy. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 'its illegal to be on a freeway!!' even if they were illegally on there (which they werent) its not punishable by death. its really ignorant to yell 'they deserve it' and to 'follow the law' when the driver broke more laws than the protesters who broke none.

Dear God 😢 You’d think 24 yr olds would know how things work nowadays. Gtfo of the road 😢💔 Curious if *all* the posters defending the killer here believe the moon is fake, or just a few of them. The elected officials in Seattle and Washington are responsible for this for allowing protesters on a freaking highway

Oh my....I saw the clip of the two getting hit and was not optimistic of the outcome. Resisters, be safe out there. 🙏 R. I. P ❤️ AJDelgado13 🙏✝️😰 costareports “The Washington State Patrol said Saturday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.”

Get out of the road. Run em all over damn This is what Trump wants. He wants civil war. He wants panic and violence. Fear. He has been working on this for 4 years. Taunts. Mockery. Us vs. Them. Demonizes opponents and media. Encourages protests then denounces protests. Confusion. Chaos. Why didn't you mention the race of the driver and the people who were hit? I'm guessing the driver isn't White.

AJDelgado13 Police are radicalized with white nationalist costareports Murderer Charge that fukker with murder 1 So sad. The video is hard to watch. Some people are sick in the head and that includes the psychopaths that are saying 'get off the road.' Road was closed. Protesters were allowed to be there, car wasn't. All lives dont matter to you, nor does the law. Just obedience to your BS

Don’t care. It wasn’t a closed freeway. Who told children to stand on the highway? That’s a good way to die. Who’s surprised? OMG! Rest. In. Power. Summer! This is cold blooded murder. 😢 Swerdlick 💔 Someone died walking down a freeway? Very sad. Was she illegally blocking a road when she was hit? Unfortunate way for others to learn that actions have consequences. Peace to her family.

secupp The freeway wasn’t closed... US is mentally ill. KristeKline Another obnoxious drunk driver?. Get the fuck out of the road! Why don’t we have designated areas for people to protest?! Your rights end when mine have been infringed upon! I have a right to the streets we paid for! A freeway? ..... so a driver didn't pay attention... why are the cops there? I thought y'all don't need them?

savageharvi Sad! R.I.P. Summer A black man killed a white girl protesting? Hm SAYHERNAME Summer Taylor. How is the car? Hope it wasn't damaged too bad. Here’s an idea. Dont walk on a freeway at 2 am. That’s not a protest. If liberals cared about Black lives they should worry the driver ( who is Black) won’t get a fair trial. But White liberals never cares about Black people.

deejay90192 God bless that baby and her family Sounds like someone wasn’t taught to not play in the street. Ever since blm resurfaced the number of black on white crimes is increasing. I don't wish death on anyone, poor girl she was so young 💔 He purposely did this clearly and I hope they lock his ass up and throw away the damn key

These hit and run terror attacks are getting more frequent She was a terrorist, not a protester. ReignOfApril Let’s find the driver This was an act of A Terrorist. And when the Terrorist driver is Caught the Terrorist should be Charged as a Terrorist. Period WPJ4 💔 RIP Summer tedcruz this is what domestic terrorism looks like, fyi

Steph93436387 So very very sad RIP young lady ❤️. All this has to stop . People are loosing their lives, being beaten up . In whatever part of the world enough is enough . Stop useing the name George Floyd as a reason for violence . I don’t understand why more large metropolitan cities don’t follow Seattle’s lead in blocking off interstates through the city so pedestrians can peacefully protest on them in the middle of the night. Best idea ever.

That video was horrific. He had absolutely no care about human life. He’s an absolute psychopath. He needs to be locked up. cunat_n Should still be alive. SummerTaylor My mom taught me not to play in the street before I was five years old. Randomly rebelling against authority (including Mom advice) is a bad idea. Throw in the reasonable fear of harm if drivers do see protestors trying to block their movement & detain them against their will ...

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Prison forever please Closed or not, who would authorize anyone to protest on a highway. The families should sue that person. 😥 Stay home say safe Closed freeway. Homicide now. So sorry to the families who lost their loved one. My deepest condolences. Not drivers fault!

Whew and he fled the scene McClain_on_NFL Last time I checked a pedestrian on a freeway life expectancy is low Isn't it ironic that the BLM protestor was killed by a black driver? Highway = cars; sidewalk = pedestrians (and “protestors”). , you “report” the freeway was closed. Please elaborate on that. A couple of protestors parking their cars in the freeway doesn’t close it. Did authorities close it? Were there warnings and official road blocks? I would love the truth because it gives this story context.Thnks!

good job ignoring the 'race' of the suspect and victims The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. JOHN 10:10 Too bad their political leadership & police are too concerned about being PC than actually doing their jobs to protect the public. Do not enable this stupidity. Protesting on a highway is illegal and incredibly dumb.

A picture of the driver DiversityAndInclusion Dawit can go to hell! Fucking murderer, piece of crap! Show this coward’s face all over the news and humiliate him, find and arrest him now! And things just continue to spiral downward in the good ole violent as hell USA.... machiela58 On his head. Must suck to be that dumb

Was the driver privileged? Tell us about him. But yet Trump supporters will want to reward the driver and give him free stuff for life because hey anything anti BLM they love! 😡 ASeattleStoner nobody cares that the road was closed. why should we have to find a different way home so some assholes can dance in the middle of the highway. me getting home faster is worth way more than any of those people.

May their memory be a blessing. Rest in peace, summer ❤ maggieNYT “A closed freeway”? Really? So protestors who block freeways with no authority or safety warnings can now “close” freeways? These people parked cars with no lights sideways on a freeway where peopledrive 80mph and you wonder why there was an accident?

Totally avoidable protest out of the road.... Did the social workers catch the he/him who hit her? Sad but sitting on a highway is probably not the best idea. FYI If you do the right thing, you don’t get hit by a car on the freeway while protesting. Mayor Jenny letting people protest standing in the middle of the highway is stuck on stupid.

Hope the driver ends up in hell where they belong Prayers for her family. Prayers for Dawit Kelete. 🙏 😡 Rest In Peace Summer Taylor... 😡🤬 That driver need to be jailed for rest of his life. Great news .Fuel up your cars and keep rolling along .Teach those b......s a lesson .WHITE LIVES MATTER lets move now .run them all over .

The freeway had been closed. The driver deliberately went the wrong way on an exit to get on. So many commentators here don't even bother to read what happened before making their MAGA de-ath cult comments. ResistMonsters 💔😢❤️🙏 Momma warned you about playing in the streets. Horrible! Rest in power, Summer Taylor.

White people stay in your lane! .....see what I did there? I see more of this in the future. We are living in strange times. There is nothing wrong with a peaceful protest, however the middle of a highway probably isn’t the best place for it. Seattle seems to be a hell hole. 'barreled?' Why use that description?

metalgirl777 This is not good...American people are behaving appallingly it’s like some thing out of The Purge..!!!! maggieNYT Shameful I’m not convinced it was intentional, since he tried to swerve around the larger group. But he also could have hit the brakes. I do think if they are going to close roads, a concrete barricade is the way to go.

Stay out if the road. Easy, peasy way not to get hit by a car. 😂😂 Do you want a civil war? Yes No Any news source actually going to tweet the video so we have a unbiased account? (I know I can do it, but doesn't stop the news reporting without it) Darn What Fool would stand in the middle of a highway play stupid games, when stupid prizes

This is why parents tell their kids not to play in the streets. Horrible news Thank goodness I would of hit the petal to the medal and ran over a few more SummerTaylor Get out of the road. See, if ya stuck with the Hokey Pokey you'd only lost a left leg! She's wiv da angles now. Fly high sweetness. Murdered

When does this insanity stop?😢😢 Trumpers are loving this. Two protestors hit and they're all celebrating hitting 'Marxists'. Crazy nuts watching Fox News and Listening to Trump are getting all lies, false propaganda, and becoming misinformed, deranged, and paranoid. Disgusting. 😥🙏 Police right there, why arnt they chasing them away?

McClain_on_NFL She was on a freeway. And was hit by a car. Murder cannot be proven. He’s avoided cars that are illegally parked on the freeway and he wouldnt have seen the people in the road as the cars were blocking them from his line of sight. He couldnt stop as it’s too dangerous - Innocent Horrible.. so young

You have to be in the crosswalk...she was not For everyone saying 'but the highway was closed', we pay tax dollars to drive on the freeway, not to have it closed to braindead protesters who could protest anywhere else. By protesting there, it was a middle finger to everyone who drives in the area. No sympathy.

So ugly Liberal white woman Walking in a street or interstate is not a protest, it is suicide. Rest in peace 🙏,my deepest condolences to the family Kellie_Pryor No part of anyone's right to protest involves the right to break laws or disrupt other people's lives in order to force their whining upon them.

All lives splatter One of the two fools who stood on a dark freeway, in the direct path of traffic, and subsequently struck by a car, has died. Honest reporting would include, it's foolish to illegally block traffic, especially, standing on a dark freeway. That is so sad The person or group who organized the protest was responsible for the safety of the protestors, who obviously thought they were safe protesting in the middle of a highway. That person or group must be held accountable.

They have no right to block an interstate highway. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes Good thats why you dont try to stop a car with a human body. I dont know who gave these people the idea that protesting on a highway is the way to go. And no it doesn't matter that it was closed. What's next? Let's go protest at a firing range even though its closed? 🙄

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA RONALDINHO SOCCER HER NAME WAS SUMMER TAYLOR. Remember everyone, there's a reason mommy and daddy taught you not to play in the road. ...or should have. Good AMERICAN5AVAGE They are not peachy protests when they block roads. “Closed freeway” = Closed by protestors. Gtfo of the road. deray Who do we hold responsible for this? The person who gave 2 divisive, hate filled, incitor of violence speeches in the last 2 days. Where were the police?

Manslaughter Well.. why the hell were there protestors on the freeway? Charge that driver with murder 😃 😂😂😂😂 her days of looting are over American Freedom AlanTudyk Funny. Drivers seem to do a pretty decent job of not 'accidentally' speeding onto closed roads and highways when they aren't filled with people. Must be one a hell of a blind spot.

Don’t protest on a highway... It wasn't a closed Freeway, it was just a freeway. Idiots decided to stand in it. Tell you nothing changes that’s why I keep my asss home protest just too get killed? NAW ILL PASS! Rest in power Summer Taylor. Let there be vengeance in your name. Protester was white. Driver was black. Not guilty.

White woman died walking on a freeway BLMTerrorists She reminds me of Rachel Corrie. Another mad west coast liberal who went playing near heavy machinery and got taken out of the gene pool for it! Good riddance. Maybe now the police will enforce the laws against trespass and vandalism. deray Don't stand on the interstate 🤦‍♂️

websterelizabet Just listening to people say it’s okay to block traffic on a freeway says how stupid the Left has gotten. No more messin around. Bring the hammer down. And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Killed by a black man protesting for BLM. Crying for 911 after hating on cops. She was killed by a black guy, guess we aren’t ready to talk about that.

maggieNYT RIP. The Highway was closed and he was going the wrong way.. he went out of his way to murder her. Under the jail with that pond scum and throw away the key. Oh the irony. Killed by a black man while protesting for BLM. And now wanting police help while protesting against police. LOL maggieNYT The driver is fucked.

Celticwan That's very sad 😢 Its not even an effective means of protest to shut down the freeway at night. What a waste of her life. So they're blaming the protesters and haven't yet charged the driver with murder or, at the very least, manslaughter. She deserved it. Killed by one of the apes she defended😍

AlanTudyk So for all you assholes saying that they deserved to be hit: read the f*ing article. The I-5 has been closed for weeks, with both state trooper barricades and protestor vehicles blocking the way. This guy drove through the police barricade and around the protestor cars. 1/ Bowling for Antifa.

Sounds like the streets were closed because of protests, first question did they have a permit. Without one that is an unlawful protest and the police should have shut that down day 1. 2nd question why are they protesting on a closed street at night about police brutality? RIP 🙏🏼 Need to catch the murderers

Stop protesting on highways at night it’s just not common sense. What a waste of a young life... That sounds like premeditated murder. Bauhinia_Red Some GTA shit 😂 What the actual fuck is wrong with people Don't block interstate corridors, or accept the risks of doing so. People are sick of what is going on, and are going to keep retaliating as long as this goes on.

Covid related? EmilyGorcenski Rest in Power, Summer. Judging from the comment section 30% of Americans would take your life i away if you protest on a closed highway USA is just falling apart faster Is the car ok? That looked some nastyass bumper damage, hood must be bent as hell. '...good people on many sides, on many sides....'

Jackk_Burton STOP STANDING ON THE GODDAMNED FREEWAY If anyone takes any pleasure in this for any reason, especially political, as seems to be the case with many posts here, they should go straight to Hell. Horrific and sad. I'm so sorry this happened. The goal is to scare people to not protest anymore. It takes bravery to protest and I admire anyone who is doing it.

What was on the highway that they were protesting to, especially in the dark? Why would they actually close off a freeway for that many people, in the dark? While inconveniencing the rest of the population, again? For a video? So much carnage, for the GeorgeFloydHoax FBI No wonder they're trying to cancel Charles Darwin.

Driver illegally drove up an off ramp, illegally drove around barricades set up hours before to protect protestors, illegally drove the wrong way on a fwy, illegally accelerated towards people with the intention to cause injury and illegally drove away from the scene. 😞 maggieNYT Applicable charges: manslaughter ? murder ? how about terrorism for such sociopathic drivers ?

What a needless waste of a beautiful life! Peacefully protesting for a legitimate cause, she didn’t deserve to die this way. The person that committed this appalling crime should be locked up and the key thrown away. I feel so sorry for her family, they must be heartbroken. Protests should be held at City Hall, the Mayor's house, the Police station, or the Governor's House. Not on the freeway.

Another right wing terrorist attack I'm just here for the comments Arrestsummertaylorskillers The police should NEVER EVER let these people block streets anymore. This is terrible. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Was that the state the governor declared summer of love... Sucks to suck People play stupid games win stupid prizes...don't play in the road

Damn it Eritrean African immigrant white supremacists strike again! MarciaBunney So sad! PointCounterpt Another trumpanzee fulfilling the demon's wishes. I'm heart broken. This is my worst fear for protesting on the freeways. Summertaylor Murder 2 at least. RIP Summer Taylor, murdered by a civilian The driver was black. Why is AP leaving this fact out? Why is AP trying to cover for the death that violent Marxist revolutionary groups like BLM are causing? A women is dead, and a black driver that killed her might go to jail for the violence that BLM caused.

Ukrainolution Why were they standing on a highway in the middle of the night? That is insane! Where’s the murder charge? Sit down, Karen. So sad..my condolences...Is the driver arrested and charged? Was is worth it, you died for George Kirby hopefully he doesn't rob you when you get to hell. What a sad story! But this could have been avoided! Why protest on the freeway? What point get across by having to shut down the freeways. Go protest somewhere in the city! Plain ridiculous!

AshleyAReports 1:30am on a highway that was supposedly blocked from cars entering. So are you really blocking traffic if there is no traffic? Stupid heads. But i am curious how the driver got on the highway. Ummm.....don’t walk on the freeway!!!!! How can the city allow CHAZ/CHOP to play on the freeway? Get woke, you Seattle dopes.

What a tragedy, may Summer Taylor rest in power ❤️ Imagine protesting about black lives mattering then getting killed by a black guy. I honestly don't even know if the brother did anything bad because it was dark and it doesn't look super blocked off but Still ironic Omg So sad and awful. The driver was a leftist. Oh the dilemma the Seattle justice system will be spinning their heads on this one

wesinjapan What the actual hell. Police somehow concluded that the protesters were wrong to be in the highway?!? What a shit comment was that! This was clearly a racist a-hole with murderous intent! RIP, Summer Taylor. Just when you thought that only stupid drivers would be on their phones, not they’re standing on the fwys taking selfies!

I was taught not to play in the street... 'someone may run me over' I suggest you tell your Incompetent followers what happens if the play in traffic. CNN AlanTudyk You mean murdered by driver So a Black man ran over 2 white women protesting for BLM Who closed the freeway? Protesters? There are 1000 hate groups in the US. Trump will normalize them for his cult.

Play stupid games you win stupid prizes I wonder if Spike Lee will use this footage in his next film Ask yourself WHY protestors were on the freeway, closed or not. (Hint: it’s illegal). JulietJeske The driver should be charged with pre-meditated murder. _RamonContreras Gutting they have died. It is illegal to block a road with vehicles & protest. At night in dark clothes w/no reflective vests, no lights or hazards on the car, no flares it's stupid, still illegal too. Stay outta the damn road!!!

DON'T STAND ON THE FREAKING FREEWAY. If you want to defund the police then why do you expect an arrest and help at this scene? AlanTudyk Amazing how some people are actually justifying the deliberate killing of a defenceless person by motor vehicle. What is wrong with you? If someone runs onto a busy highway, the nearest drivers have zero time to react. This is the opposite.

They irony of white female protesting Black Lives Matter ran over by a black male is _______. maggieNYT This is what happens when a divisive leadership gaslights conflict PhGoffin JustinTrudeau Mariana_Betsa👉SamsungUS BREAKING: One of two protesters struck by a driver who barreled onto a closed freeway in Seattle has died. Summer Taylor was 24.

😢😢😢😢💔 DrJamesPeterson You can thank local government for allowing this to happen. Play stupid games win stupid prizes maggieNYT Murder 1. This is horrifying. May she rest in peace. Since Charlottesville attempted vehicular manslaughter and actual vehicular manslaughter has been a rising trend. From the KKK to the police....

Let’s see if Donald Trump will pay for the legal fee for the murderer maya_phd White Lives Matter 'A graphic video posted on social media showed the white Jaguar racing toward a group of protesters who are standing behind several parked cars, set up for protection. The car swerves around the other vehicles and slams into the two protesters, sending them flying into the air.'

😞 Stop playing in the road and harassing people. Mine down by a selfish and murderous driver who will likely go unpunished because car culture allows this use of dangerous weapons. 😭😭😭 RKCowgirl_Life BREAKING COVID19 Fireworks Kanye2020 Oh no.... Seattle... Seattle... Seattle... You were given warning to stop!

Looks like a lot of people don’t mind spending the rest of their life in prison for a moment of stupidity and selfishness. Bonkers to block a freeway. This is horrible. Please stay off highways when protesting. The amount of disgusting comments on this thread is really disappointing. I’m sure you’d have the same response if it was your kid, your friend? Grow up

When I was an kid, my parent always told me not to play in the road and told me it is dangerous. 🤬 martin_kj 😰 This is heartbreaking. The driver must be charged with murder. Awwwww. Not Murdered by a domestic terrorist. JusticeForSummerTaylor This mega President is so responsible for so many deaths every time he speaks.

LukeRussell1281 I hope they catch this prick! Perhaps you should no riot on a fucking highway! No sympathy whatsoever!!! Play with fire, fucker! AlanTudyk I'm sure trump will take up this fight and call out the murderer anytime now. This is horrifically sad. This isn’t the time or place to troll their passing. Summer was trying to make this a better place for all of us. Rest In Peace Summer.

This was cold blooded murder. Mom didn’t really mean go play in the freeway. It’s just a figure of speech people! TIP: if you’re going to stand in the middle of the freeway in the middle of the night in dark clothes don’t expect.....ya know to be safe. The car was white, It was obviously racist Killers smh

Sad 😂 No booking photo? Rest in Power ✊ Killed by a black man. God imagine the National out cry if the driver was white. Were these 'barricades' put up by the protestors or a state authority? Could be a case of improper road closure protocol, because it's obvious the highway signage, barricades, & law enforcement were either not existent or ineffective at preventing vehicles from entering

If a driver had gone the wrong way on a ramp and around a police barricade and hit workers repairing the road, everybody would be on the same page, but because he hit protestors, the wrong way doesn’t matter and the police barricade doesn’t matter. That’s an ugly way to think. Don’t play in the street.

White woman impedes an african americans method of protest. “The Washington State Patrol said Sunday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.” At least one person would still be alive if they had done that in the first place. Just to be clear the driver is black so don't go saying it was a right wing attack.

Standing on an interstate, at night, dressed in black..... Darwin predicted this long ago. Maybe the driver panicked, I've seen lots of videos of protesters blocking cars and bullying drivers. 😭😭😭 Omg. So sorry Summer. RIP. Condolences to her family. occupytheport Are they arresting the driver or are they going to claim the protestor committed suicide?

Give credit to trump ppl!!! You can tell the morons who didn't read past the headline. Epic Good news?Bad news? Lot of trollbots defending the right to murder people with a car. Wonder why? MacFinn44 Freeway had been closed for more than an hour before the women were hit. Driver drove the wrong way on a ramp and through a barrier that had closed freeway. Swerves around cars set up to protect protesters and accelerates directly into crowd. Hit and run. Murder.

Baligubadle1 He wasn’t drunk. Cars were already blocking the highway, so no car will come thru; and he still passed thru. Everything’s pointing to this being done on purpose! maggieNYT Maybe they should have listened to their parents when they said don’t play in traffic? They didn’t deserve to die, no matter how you feel about the protests. Evaluate your moral compass if you think otherwise.

Sad but why are they protesting on a highway & trying to shut it down? Mayor is an idiot I dont care what she was doing..she was 24 and has a family who is left devastated..I dont agree with her politics..but until you've lost a child you wont understand what her parents are going through so, no she didn't do anything to deserve it and neither did her family.

😔 If she wouldnt have been there, she would still be alive R.I.P. Everything has a risk! The problem is how the victim’s family feels now. Hey I think their pronouns are they/them, not she/her. Maybe you could correct this. Seriously I thought it was illegal to be a pedestrian on a freeway? Well that what happens when you stand in middle of the road!

maggieNYT Your last gift to the world, a video of you flying through the air Looks like everyone was in the wrong to me. Options of the driver at his speed: 1. Plow into the illegal blockade head on 2. Swerve onto the shoulder to clear it. Looks like he picked 2, just happened to have a group of morons chilling in the blind spot with two getting hit.

Trash Who was driving the vehicle Please don't walk on the interstate! Perhaps eventually Mayors will realize allowing people to protest on the freeway is an idiotic thing to do. McClain_on_NFL I bet if we saw the kinds of memes and social media the driver was into, you would see why this may be a case of Domestic Terrorism

I'm sure the dead woman protesting BLM would want him released. Right? Guess there's no more Summer of Love. Black driver...it's ok to say it sasherritt I’m glad Good AustinTwain I will light a candle for her. Play stupid games win stupid prizes The driver was black, so is he innocent or not liberals? Sorry, I can’t keep your logic straight.

Imagine not blocking a road in the middle of the night. That was horrible. It’s 1:30 am and you’re standing in the highway. WHY What are you accomplishing standing on a highway protesting at 1:30 AM Seriously. Who was the driver? maggieNYT Thank you trump supporters For the love of God, why? Protesters were told multiple times it was illegal to occupy and protest on freeways and interstates and that injuries would occur. They didn't listen. This is what happens. Had the parents raised these kids properly they wouldn't be on these highways.

I don't believe you can ask for permission to close a limited access interstate highway to 'protest' and have that request granted. Show up every night and illegally close the highway while feckless politicians and their neutered police dept pander to these morons is more likely. Get the fuck out of the street people, totally done with the this whole anything to disrupt everyone’s life movements, period sorry not sorry.

ShawnInArizona 'Trooper Rick Johnson said the driver went through a barrier that closed the freeway before striking the women.' And the driver fled the scene. Quite a man. Did they take 'go play on the freeway' literally? The Freeway was Closed because the Rioters put things across the road it wasn't closed by the City. Now a black man is in custody because of a White Rioter

EarthboundCause Terrible and tragic. Intentional homicide No great loss Too bad they hate police so badly, the closed street may have been enforced. Ironic, eh? ElliottKaybooks - both of the protesters use they/them pronouns - please correct that! AlanTudyk summer taylor used they/them pronouns, issue a correction please. may their friends and family get justice and peace.

Stupid antifa blocking highway traffic at night. No one would stop It wasn’t closed. They were unlawfully on the freeway. maggieNYT Some Americans have gone stark raving mad, thanks to Trump. Khadro_23 Sorry to hear this... It's is awful on many levels. What strikes me though is that the very people they're protesting against are the ones feverishly working to save their lives. These protestors need to wake up.

womp womp I learned at a very early age not to stand in front of moving vehicles. Who knew playing in the streets was dangerous? RIP ShawnInArizona 🙏🏽 Its ok cos The driver was black...BLM.. Two protesters in Bakersfield,Ca. were also ‘accidentally’ hit by cars.. one died.. Based on the words of realDonaldTrump I am surprised there have not been more incidents like this

They didn't block off the area or let it known they there was a protest. The car accidentally hit them due to their own ignorance of protesting on the road. The driver was also a black dude. Some details. I hope AP will scrutinize the decision to publish this photo. ALTERNATIVELY, dont stand on a fucking highway¿ Who knew

Oh, no. simaleerbg Seriously you have had over 50 hit and runs on protests... where are the investigations and arrests there? Pretty white ladies, black driver.. justice comes so easily. Black ppl hit by white man in cars.. not so much. America is a very sad but clear example of how racism works So, walking on a freeway is dangerous?

maggieNYT All lives splatter. Seriously though RIP. Nothing says celebrating America on the 4th like cheering when people demonstrating their freedom to protest granted by the Constitution are murdered. GrizzlyJoeShow this is exactly why you don't protest on a highway ! Blocking freeways and highways will not lead to any change. If you want to make real change engage with your local leaders. Sitting in the corner and throwing a fit will do nothing to make change.

firearmslawyer Woman on freeway takes on car. Woman takes flight, And there you are. Don't play in the streets. 🙏 SummerTaylor RIP BlackLivesMatter Summer Taylor 24, a BLM Activist, died while protesting, after being run down yesterday by a WhiteSupremacistTerrorist Very misleading headline there, but keep it up.

So ur saying we shouldn’t stand in the middle of a freeway? And instead stay home and social distance? Lesson learned Playing in traffic at night. Never a good idea, especially on a freeway. Shouldn’t you add that the driver was Black? Seems very relevant when a crowd of BLM protestors get hit by a car?

GrizzlyJoeShow BREAKING: One of two idiots protesting in the middle of the freeway, has died. He tried to avoid them, did not see them until the last second! It was a accident! They should not have been in the middle of the road! I feel sorry for him, he is being railroaded! GrizzlyJoeShow This is political terrorism

“A closed freeway” . Closed by whom? How to take out the trash.

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