Woman dies falling into Grand Canyon while taking photos

Officials said the woman had left the designated path.

7/5/2020 6:03:00 AM

Woman dies falling into Grand Canyon while taking photos.

Officials said the woman had left the designated path.

Tourist experiences frightening close-call at the Grand CanyonShe was backing up to get a picture of her mother at the rim when she stepped off a ledge and nearly fell.Matt York/AP, FileA woman died falling into the Grand Canyon while taking photos on Friday, officials said.

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Her body was recovered on Saturday 100 feet below the rim.Maria Salgado Lopez, 59, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was with her family west of Mather Point on the South Rim while she was taking photos and accidentally stepped off the edge of the canyon, the national park said in a statement.

MORE: Grand Canyon hiker died from suspected heat exposure: Park officialsThe woman was hiking off the designated path at the time, officials said."Grand Canyon National Park staff encourage all visitors to have a safe visit this holiday weekend by staying on designated trails and walkways, always keeping a safe distance from the edge of the rim, and staying behind railings and fences at overlooks," the park said in a statement.

A social distancing sign is seen at the Grand Canyon Friday, May 15, 2020, in Grand Canyon, Ariz.A social distancing sign is seen at the Grand Canyon Friday, May 15, 2020, in Grand Canyon, Ariz.Matt York/AP, FileThe accident happened at about noon on Friday.

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Grand Canyon hiker falls to her death trying to take photos, park saysMaria A. Salgado Lopez, 59, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was hiking off trail and trying to take photos at Mather Point when she fell, the park said. Ouch... hope it was a good pic. This happens so many times per year, what is wring with people? Chauncey Lashawn turner & musab emazin electronic stalking terrorizing women &children w/narcissism & abuse of medical torture equipment is unacceptable behavior playing command &conquer threatening & intimidating &aiding psychos & gaslighting/hired assassins FBIMinneapolis UN

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