White couple in Michigan arrested after woman pulls gun on Black family

White couple in Michigan arrested after woman pulls gun on Black family

7/3/2020 2:03:00 PM

White couple in Michigan arrested after woman pulls gun on Black family

A white couple has been arrested after a handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in Michigan.

A white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as the group marched toward the mayor’s home, demanding her resignation.The Detroit News first reported on the three-minute video posted online, which shows part of the interaction. Takelia Hill, who is Black, told the newspaper that it happened after the white woman bumped into Hill’s teenage daughter as they were entering the restaurant.

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Advertisementvideo footagestarts after that, in the parking lot. A woman since identified as Jillian Wuestenberg is heard arguing with Hill and her daughters. Wuestenberg climbs into the vehicle, rolls down the window and says: “White people aren’t racist” and “I care about you,” before the vehicle she is in starts to back away.

Her husband, who had led his wife to the vehicle, turns to the camera and asks: “Who ... do you think you guys are?”, using an expletive.Then, as someone is standing behind the vehicle, Jillian Wuestenberg jumps out and points a handgun in the direction of a person who’s recording. She screams at people to get away from her and her vehicle. A woman shouts, “She’s got a gun on me!” and urges someone in the parking lot to call the police.

Wuestenberg then lowers the gun and climbs into the passenger seat, and the vehicle drives off. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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What irresponsible bullsh!t. Watch the full video. FakeNews 2ndAmendment nra maga2029 She had a blood thirst. It’s their nature to kill❗️😈 Buy weapons but never ever show them. Is that right? why not just couple in Michigan arrested after a woman pulls gun on family? please stop trying to divide us

Has nothing to do with race, pulling gun on oral argument without physically threatened is stupid and criminal. White couple in Michigan arrested after JUSTIFIED woman pulls gun on crazy Black family...fixed it for you Full video here: Full contexts the black lady followed them to the parking lot harassing them, than went behind their car to stop them from leaving after that the white lady pulls the gun to get them to leave.

If you watch the ENTIRE video the white couple were calm, tried to de-escalate, and walked away. They got in their car tried backing out but were blocked from doing so and provoked. I guess the couple was expected to sit there and take it, it’s part of the new reparations. The only racist language used in that video, was by the Black woman. The whole thing was out of hand.

trump didn't invent racism, but he certainly gave these 'people' the green light to be out & proud white supremacists. Not gonna talk about the black family surrounding and threatening her? Clowns in the media I swear They should be released immediately! They have already let everyone else out of jails, many w/o bail. Good for the goose and all. I hope they sue they city into bankruptcy.

Black folks, listen up... And you linked to a video posted by someone who titled it: White woman falsely accused of racism...where white people are defending her actions...they nearly ran over one of the black people... SMH 2nd amendment should be protected Full video show the white woman being harassed while she is tying to to get inside her car she is blocks by two racist black women who are demanding an apology if what was a accidentally bumping of two people ..last I checked that wasn't racists but they the two black women

So color coded Seriously y'all making that white woman look so bad what kind of people are y'all selectively showing parts if what happened Let me break it down for you correctly and like y'all supposes to STOP PULL THE GUN ON THE BLACK FAMILY! Or we all are resident evils. What if all the gun holders aim at each other? Civil War? Coup d’etat?

STOP THE GUN ON THE BLACK PEOPLE!! What did the guy do? Lady had the gun وقتی میگم ارتشتون کثیف و جنایتکاره قبول کنید...این فقط یک نمونه از جنایت‌های ارتش امریکا در قبال زنان بود...تو مناطق دیگه پایگاهاتون هم از این جنایت‌ها زیاد بوده و هست... Good Sounds like something somebody from Jackson would do. No, I didn't read the article yet. shishagan

too many karens that shouldn't have guns. She ignored many rules in having a concealed pistol license now she looking stupid

White Couple Arrested After Gun Pulled On Black Family In MichiganCellphone video captured the confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Orion Township, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit. Black girl picks fight with white woman. White woman walks away to her car. Black girl follows white woman to her car. Black girl smacks the back of the car. White woman gets out, armed, tells black girl to leave her alone. Black girl didn't do nothin'. Another reason not to visit the US. Their culture isn't changing anytime soon. Everyone needed to just calm tf down, especially the mother. Calm down, probably didn’t hear what the lady was saying to her once she got in the car....

Michigan woman draws handgun on Black family during confrontation in viral videoA video posted to Twitter shows a white woman pointing a handgun at the camera says, 'Get away,' while another woman asks someone to call the police. Jeffrey Epstein ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI She must think she is in a Clint Eastwood movie. Hate crime! But if a black person does anything to a white person, it's usually ignored. Thus, the squalid racial relations we have today in America. Thanks, liberals!

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Black woman followed, confronted by white man in neighborhood; police investigatingPolice in Massachusetts are investigating an incident in which a Black woman was followed by a white man who accused her of “suspicious behavior” in her own neighborhood. “I had no idea what could have happened and what he was capable of doing.” Citizens on patrol seems you better get used to it 🤔 All the riots and looting has seemed to really improve race relations Why blur his face? I've seen it

White woman who pointed gun at a Black mom and her teen daughter charged with assaultA woman and her husband have been charged with assault after she was seen pointing a gun at a mother and her teenage daughter in a now-viral video. Finally a follow up! Charged for defending yourself WTF ...smh! Racists:

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