Who is Aaron Torgalski? Buffalo Police officer who shoved 75-Year-old protester to the ground suspended

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Buffalo Mayor Brown said he is 'deeply disturbed' by incident which has been viewed tens of millions of times online.

Who is Aaron Torgalski? Buffalo Police Officer Who Shoved 75-Year-Old Protester to the Ground SuspendedTwo New York police officers have been suspended after a video showed them shoving an elderly man to the ground, causing him to bleed from the head.

Footage of the incident, which has been viewed more than 39 millions times on Twitter, shows the 75-year-old man approaching a line of Buffalo Police officers in riot gear. The officers were dispersing the crowd of people who had gathered in Niagara Square to protest the death of George Floyd. One of the officers then shoves the elderly man to the ground, while a second appears to push him with his baton.One officer crouches to check on the man before being pulled away by another officer.

Other members of the Buffalo Police Department then walk past the elderly man as he lays on the ground hurt.Just about an hour ago, police officers shove man in Niagara Square to the ground . Video from:


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BPDAlerts FireThem

Always suspensions! Why did not the other officers arrest them for assault? Those who walked by should also be held accountable. Those who pushed should be fired. Their above-the-law attitude at upholding the law by violating the law is disgusting.

That was terrible.

If the mayor thinks THIS is “disheartening” I’m terrified to know what level it has to get to before it’s DISGUSTING! Fire them and every single person that walked by that man laying on the ground!!

Suspended? Lolol, what a joke

BPDAlerts are cowards. Be ashamed.

Where are these guys that did this


icycola9 Big deal. So he's home cracking a beer and telling all his buds it's all bs? He should be IN JAIL as should the rest who walked on by.

What enough the ones who stepped over him bleeding on the ground? Protect and serve, doesn't look that way....

geoffreylaxton suspended? what, with pay? smh this is not enough!!

Fire him.

HelenCaddes Should be fired immediately and arrested for assault. Was pushing an old man to the ground doing his duty? End of story. BlackLivesMatter The police are the violent rioters!

Fire him. Arrest him. Suspend every cop who weakened by while that man bled out. Fucking unreal, inhumane, unacceptable.

He shouldn’t have provoked the officer by striking him with his phone. Over-reacting? Perhaps, but I’ve seen elderly men stab one another in a fight. Any body can, even an elderly man, seriously injure you at close quarters.

The entire team around him who looked the other way n even ignored the poor dude as he bleeds should be suspended. They beacially ignored their duty a cops n murdered humanity as a human being.

Indianapolis pd groping a protester

Stupid sign of the day.

There will not be a peaceful transition of power, said Michael Cohen in his hearing last year.

Suspended? How about firing him!

He’s a psychopath in uniform.

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