'Utterly disgraceful': New York police officers suspended after viral video shows them shoving 75-year-old man to ground

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Two New York police officers have been suspended after a viral video showed them shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground.

"I've seen videos of the incident in front of Buffalo's City Hall in which an older protester appears to have been shoved by police, fell backwards and suffered a serious head injury," Poloncarz tweeted."It sickens me."

The American Civil Liberties Union of New York tweeted that the injured man was at a peaceful protest against police violence. "The casual cruelty demonstrated by Buffalo police officers tonight is gut-wrenching and unacceptable,". "Police officers cannot continue to hide behind the lie that they are protecting and serving. City leaders need to take this as a wake-up call and seriously address the police violence during this week's protest and the culture of impunity that led to this incident.

Thursday's incident comes after more than a week of protests against police brutality following Floyd's death in Minneapolis. Floyd died after now-fired police officerSince Floyd's death, which has been ruled a homicide, protesters nationwide have decried police brutality and racial inequality. Protests have been marred by violence and looting, and police have been caught on camera multiple times using force against protesters — including peaceful ones.

"I hope to continue to build on the progress we have achieved as we work together to address racial injustice and inequity in the City of Buffalo," Brown said."My thoughts are with the victim tonight."


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My best wishes and prayers go out to Martin Gugino, the 75 year old victim of blatant police brutality in Buffalo, NY who lay bleeding from his ear in the street while those who were hired to, “protect and serve”, walked around and over him.

I thank God for Steve Jobs (RIP) , the technology he left spearheads justice via phones with cameras !! 👏🏽

White Lives matter as well!! This poor guy should have never been treated this way ! Pray and hope he is okay.

They should be fired and charged with manslaughter. The bystanding officers should be suspended and have their records reviewed. blm BlackLivesMatter PoliceViolence PoliceBrutality NYCMayor NYGovCuomo NYPDShea nypd

It is disgusting to watch how heartlessly they pushed him and didn't even bother helping him, when he is laying there bleeding 😢

Blame Cuomo, took place in NY

Put Buffalo in the damn headline!!! This looks like it was in New York City!!

Fired not suspension dumd fuck law system. Let the protests reign on

Seriously disturbing

Its quite evident & disgusting that some police officers threw code of conduct in their line of duty, through the back window, in the middle of the night ages ago. And their seniors never took action to counter that. Which they abetted the crimes committed by their juniors. SAD.

I watched that video and I suggest you watch it. The man approaches the police officers and the police lightly give him a push to get him out of the way and because he is old and feeble he stumbles backwards and cracks his head open. This was not police brutality.

How about the 3rd that stopped assailant from checking on his victim? Any suspension for the 2 doz that marched by without rendering aid? Were any of the POs in the street suspended for failing to come to the rescue of the senior citizen violently injured? CultureofViolence

Suspended? He was stiff and bleeding from his ears.. 75 years old... suspended.. DAF

Are police actually taught to not render aid or something? Serious question. The one is calling on his radio but there is zero actual aid to the man.

God I hope they walk.. good luck when the mob comes. Call a crackhead..

Charge them with attempted murder. It was a horrific video. He hit his head so hard blood started pouring out his ears. He’ll have health problems related to that for the rest of his life.

just suspended. thats it..!!🧐🧐🧐 not fired.. 😱😱 they should have been fired immeditely...😢😢 see how this is ulfolding.. see how they protect each other...? 😬😬😢😢😬😬 meanwhile what is the condition of the elder gentleman so brutally attacked.. 😬😬😢😢

What races were the four officers? Was Floyd just walking down the street when he was assaulted by police? Catch me up please

How about the third one who was pressuring them to shove the old man down? Better get him too!!!!

Suspend all who refused to render aid which was all

The fact that they only ever punish cops who are caught on video should tell you that the police are incapable of policing themselves.

This was fucked up!

Fired, and the one officer should be arrested for assault

US can easily leave China NorthKorea SaudiArabia way behind when it comes to Police Brutality & Human Rights Violation if we start collecting evidence & data of incidents committed by our own law enforcement EVEN AFTER the tragic death of GeorgeFloyd

How is he doing? It looked pretty bad!

That didn't take long.

Two Buffalo police officers to be exact

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