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White House - America's Finest News Source | The Onion

11/25/2020 1:17:00 AM

White House Guests Sprayed With Viscera After Pardoned Turkey Wanders Into Landscaping Crew’s Wood Chipper

White House - America's Finest News Source | The Onion

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Larry King, legendary talk show host, dies at 87

Larry King, the longtime CNN host who became an icon through his interviews with countless newsmakers and his sartorial sensibilities, has died. He was 87.

He couldn't spell doktar I wish he would have issued that statement it would have been perfect Resigning to return to the Doc McStuffins family practice ? dolls and toys ain’t gonna cure themselves AndyReidDev The exact quote was 'doctoring work' Wow. Yea, that doctor stuff.... lol This clown should have been kicked out of the American Medical faculty for false advice given to public on Covid 19 to satisfy one person i.e. his master Class 'A' moron DT. He is partially liable for criminal negligence in the death of 267,000 innocent life.

He’s taking over where dr. Kavorkian left off ... Wonder if he’ll go back to his old job as head of Trump University medical school . Lol In a doctor manner of speaking. I hope he follows all his own medical advice, during his departure and practice it with his family Maybe it was his X-ray reports that made hem a failure?

TheRealRobato11 Indeed fortunate we are... Also 'to spend more time with my family'. So Medicare fraud. Ask Rick Scott for advice. 'I am returning to one of this country's premier educational institutions. Which pays me.' And to spend time with his doctor family. I think that statement has been doctored Just keep him away from me. I enjoy living.

He wanted to encourage patients to engage in the habit of getting third, or fourth opinions. 'I have been told there was supposed to be a 'No' in that 'First Do Harm' thing, though I have yet to see convincing evidence of that. Also, some tell me there was something wrong with my Hypocritical Oath, and I don't believe that, either.'

Is it just me or does he look like Uncle Lewis from Christmas Vacation You know he exited with several dozen prescription pads. I mean this COULD be the actual headline, he did work for trump, so it wouldn't be surprising Those x-rays aren't going to read themselves. Also to tend to my burgeoning funeral home business.

Let's face it. Dr. Atlas was not qualified to handle Covid-19. He is a radiology doctor (mri, ct scan, x-rays). someone call an ambulance A Doctor like Dr. Vinny Boom Batz is a Doctor I need a doctor. I can barely sit because of my painful hemorroids Area patient seeks second opinion Selling Viagra? Really, it's to be the scientific advisor on the Weird Science remake.

On November 30, Scott Atlas was asked to remove himself from his place of employment... said no physician ever 🙄 CORRECTION: The turkeys are fine, that was THE TRAITOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE opening his fat, lying mouth again and his anus got jealous of the $H!T that came flying out... Shouldn't those kids be in school? Oh, wait a minute, their parents were asked to remove them due to flaunting of their schools' COVID-19 guidance.

Let them eat viscera! I’ll eat the cake. Yaaa! Turkey burgers for lunch. Oh my goodness This can't be our White House. They aren't all packed into neat rows like sardines and they have on masks 🤔 That wouldve been funny if I knew what viscera means I dislike guests top 10 news sources Kokomothegreat 🤣I just LOVE the onion!

Man-that would be funny! I know, I know-I'm bad. RyvirChild So er onion editor, you passed this huh. Not funny or entertaining. On form for you guys recently, anyone going to start laying off the deadbeat who wrote this? Just spray them with viscera anyway. This is fake. The Turkey died after catching Covid at the White House

People are going to use this image inappropriately... Even for The Onion, this is a little irresponsible. Thisnis the kinda of thing that happens when you hold events at the Four Seasons... 😆 That’s dark im a rapper Finally, a use for masks. Please share/retweet/donate, baby Joshua urgently needs help. He was diagnosed with leukemia at just three-month-old. His life hangs on the success of chemotherapy & a stem cell transplant. Please help to give Joshua a fighting chance to beat cancer:

Expect a lawnmower ride at the trump Christmas party TheBabylonBee is better Okay now you guys are funny again.. It begins... Thoughts and prayers sent Save the liver! Just one more good reason to be wearing a mask... Trump has been pardoned by a turkey so all is well. 🎃 Freshly minced meat I guess it’s better than being sprayed with COVID like past White House events.

People who are ignoring covid are really living the best life... I'm constantly missing the feel of fresh viscera on my skin It's funny, but so messed up. The Onion's great Melania gets an idea for the White House Christmas decor Way to go therealfstl1992 fake news, they're wearing masks THIS IS FAKE - I can tell because masks

Should not have laughed at that but, hey, there you go. Remember when THIS REALLY HAPPENED?! i can hear this image Well it is the Four Seasons. May a fifth? Four Season’s Total Landscaping? Asking fir a friend with leaky hair dye Big mood The woodchipper belonged to Four Seasons Total Landscaping This is the best one in a good while. 😂

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Still not the most disgusting thing to occur at the White House today OBAMA USES BABY PARTS FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH Omg 🤣