What to say to your doctor if you're not being heard

If you feel your symptoms are being dismissed or misdiagnosed, here's how to get the doctor to pay attention.


If you feel your symptoms are being dismissed or misdiagnosed, here's how to get the doctor to pay attention. - NBCNewsBETTER

If you feel your symptoms are being dismissed or misdiagnosed, here's how to get the doctor to pay attention.

More than a quarter of women say a health care provider has ignored or dismissed their symptoms, according to a TODAY and SurveyMonkey poll.


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BETTER Smidowitz Gruppe seit 1990 Andrologie mit Gentyperfassung Phaseneinteilung Ausschluß der Prostataphase Lisztaffenbauch Glatzengen und Haarwuchsmittel warum ist nach 28 Jahren Streit noch nicht einmal ein Haarwuchsmittel fertig ist das Frauen an die Macht? BETTER Have you been to a doctor recently? You don't have time for this stuff! They talk over you, stand up and are out the door before you can get the words out!

BETTER When in doubt, whip it out 🤣

Fixing Social Security Is Easy (If You're Not Running For Office)The failure and insolvency of the Social Security system seems inevitable if elected officials won’t take steps to prevent it. But there are easy ways to fix the system before it goes under completely. Idiots, fix it , its easy. Increasing premiums with age stupid, raising retirement age is stupid. Rep. Larson, Vermont has a bill, right now, increases SS tax by 1% and increases income to 400,000 something, congress vote on it. Should off had a SS tax on capital gains also. You're right. You've got a point. That's the prblem with so much of this stuff.

House Judiciary Committee schedules hearing for Don McGahn, who may not showThe committee's Democratic chairman warned last week that the former White House lawyer could be held in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t appear. If he won't show it most likely be because Trump is so afraid of truth and facts coming to light that he will forbid him to. He needs to respect the law or go to jail. don't feel bad, they are holding everyone in contempt these days

What to Say (and Not to Say) to Someone Grieving a Suicide“Don’t say ‘I understand what you’re going through.’ Unless you truly do,” said Debbie Posnien, executive director of the Suicide Prevention Network Very good advise. No kidding. BTW, this is true for any trauma; ppl who are hurting don't need to hear that you have hurt too, they need to know that you will listen, even if they don't feel like talking. The thing is you NEVER understand. Every loss is different. Every grief is different. You can say “this is what it felt like for me”. But you can never know another’s pain.

China says 'fed up' with hearing U.S. complaints on Belt and RoadChina is 'fed up' with hearing complaints from the United States about... You mean they are tired of trumps whining? So am I. I do not know when the debt bomb explodes, so it looks like Russian roulette.

Nearly half of Republicans say it bothers them to hear a foreign language in publicThe poll also found 34% of whites, 25% of blacks, 24% of Asians, and 13% of Hispanics would be bothered by hearing a foreign language spoken publicly. Are you sure that’s accurate no one asked me this question? I bet most of these people couldn’t pass an English proficiency test

Victoria's Secret to 're-think' fashion show, says national television is not 'right fit'The 2019 Victoria's Secret annual fashion is shaping up to be different from years past, with plans to 're-think' the show being on national television. dongs in lingerie are coming to the show I want my loyal customer swag. Your company owes me swag that your employees kept for themselves. 30% obesity rate in america right now.....noone can fit into their clothes.

China says hopes U.S. does not underestimate its determinationChina's foreign ministry said on Tuesday that it hopes the United States do... Actually we don't care, we can buy our shit elsewhere, good luck finding another country with a trillion dollar economy to sell your shit to. 'China says hopes U.S. does not underestimate its determination' To do what? continue to trade unfairly & on a wholly uneven playing field for as long as they can? china isn't grasping the US & Europe can find other workshops to satisfy the need for cheap consumer goods, times up Fair trade, a level playing field, is the subject of the matter. 'Determination' is an ambiguous word, meaning almost anything you want to at any moment in any context. For other countries opening their doors to you, don't keep yours shut against them!

Huawei is not controlled by China, executive saysHuawei is a private company that is not controlled by the Chinese government and... I could be wrong doesn't the Chinese gent who started it, who owns 1% of it, who is a party member, STILL have the the right of veto VOTE over everything? Huawei As Boeing by Washington? Like Boeing isn't controlled by the military, we get it.

Russian operative Maria Butina says she was not part of 'grand giant plan'Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison in April after pleading guilty to conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign official. Translation: Prison sucks. It is actually petty bullsh*t but this Russian collusion thing has taken us back to the days of McCarthyism.

Trump says he's not considering sending troops to Iran, but he 'absolutely' wouldTrump dismissed The New York Times' report that he's reviewing a plan to send hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops to Iran as 'fake news' So now we're at a point where the made up 'reports' must be right. And if Trump dares to not agree and then tells the truth then he is the bad man. Yeah he'd send a lot more than that he said he thinks you'll have a war to keep people from resisting him but it won't happen until kill a lot of people just like Nixon and Bush for nothing. You know Trump is lying because his lips are moving.

Teva Pharm CFO says company did not conspire to fix pricesTeva Pharmaceutical Industries' chief financial officer on Sunday reiterate... But they put engine oil in pills. 😂. What else is he going to say? This story should be trending on US media yet the opposite is true. Considering how fucked the healthcare system of the country, such stories should be all over the news.

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