White House rejects Congress' demands, says investigations amount to ‘unauthorized do-over’ of Mueller probe

'Unfortunately, it appears that you have already decided to press ahead with a duplicative investigation,' White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote.


BREAKING: White House tells House Judiciary Cmte. that it will not comply with broad range of panel's requests and call on it to 'discontinue' its inquiry into President Trump.

'Unfortunately, it appears that you have already decided to press ahead with a duplicative investigation,' White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote.

"Congressional investigations are intended to obtain information to aid in evaluating potential legislation, not to harass political opponents or to pursue an unauthorized 'do-over' of exhaustive law enforcement investigations conducted by the Department of Justice," White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote, citing special counsel Robert Mueller's 448-page report on his probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether Trump sought to obstruct the investigation.

"The appropriate course is for the Committee to discontinue the inquiry," Cipollone wrote to the panel's chairman, Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y."Unfortunately, it appears that you have already decided to press ahead with a duplicative investigation, including by issuing subpoenas, to replow the same ground the Special Counsel has already covered."

connected to the president as part of a broad investigation into whether Trump abused his power or acted corruptly.

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Why haven't any news source asked why Congress is doing nothing to stop tRump from usurping their powers. You might answer the Democrats are trying, but are they really? At the snail's pace they are moving tells me they are just stalling. Get the courts involved. Good. TYPICAL...THEY WANT TO CRY NO COLLUSION, WITCH HUNT, BUT YOU DON'T COOPERATE WITH CONGRESS AND SENATE TO PROVE YOUR OMMENTS? TYPICAL

Trump will always be know as the illegitimate President no matter what he does! The man whose a wannabe king They need to be held accountable for their actions stated in the Mueller report and their actions of obstruction from letting the US Citizens and Congress what is in the original version of report.

SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler HouseDemocrats. start arresting people jail all of them. Especially stevenmnuchin1 Monarchs generally expect a rubber stamp legislature and nothing more. This democracy stuff can be so inconvenient. Let the arrests begin. Remand themnon county for a few months. They’ll come around.

Trump and GOP have pretty much overthrown our government, they are practically giddy with power. It was so easy! I thought there were three branchs of government? I guess we are quickly become run by a dictator The citizens of Alabama and 15 other states should do the same. Just ignore any new laws.

The House is using the courts to challenge the White House, but to an uncertain endA host of court actions center on constitutional powers of the executive and legislative branches. will see what happens. RepJerryNadler TheDemocrats we say the courts must come down on the side of AG BARR as these people are given all opportunity to read unredacted version of Mueller,s report to release to public to embarrass Pres. Trump. AG BARR is prevented BY LAW TO REALEASE CERTAIN PARTS!

Most criminals would like to tell the police to just drop it. Part 2 - all this does is get Americans serving their country felonies while people pulling the strings more money, more influence. Remember, this is all about money. trump does not want u to know where he gets his and willing to throw everybody under the bus to keep it secret

And congress needs to tell the WH to pound sand. The American people are not ok with total defiance of this administration. The right thing to do is provide 1/2 the documents requested, under seal, and THEN take it to court. That shows some level of seriousness and legitimacy. That is NOT how this works...it is not how any of this works Constitution

TapestryofPeace Individual 1 gives new meaning to public service And a dictatorship is born. Americans best wake up and see the coup in progress else our democracy will fall. Not so fast. Questions need lots of answers!! He is NOT in the clear!! That is bullshit I looked up “constitutional crisis“ in the dictionary, and found this article.

Trump’s tweet derails House bill opposed by lobbyist with close White House tiesMatthew Schlapp is lobbying for the operator of two casinos that could lose business if H.R. 312 is passed. Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes, is White House strategic communications director. Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To 'Remain In Mexico' via YouTube The Republican Party MUST be eradicated. 1600 Corruption Central Ave.

Middle Finger time. Bull Shit! Come on America! Dems and Republicans! This needs to be halted Now! DJT is not King! He isn’t even a legitimate president! Begin Impeachment of both DJT and AG! impeachboth One of these days we're all gonna find out what that space waster in the White House is so desperately trying to cover up! I'll bet it's a real humdinger!

As usual ABOVE THE LAW not braking news. trump, barr, repubs must fight dems' abuse of power all the time, all the way to supreme court. we the ppl r suffering. for 2 yrss, dems have done nothing for us but abuse power to thwart we the voters' will. we the ppl have had enough of dems' abuse. Never until impeachment is fulfilled

rocandscott Obstructing the investigation into obstruction. Only in Trumps America is this allowed. ImpeachmentHearingsNow ImpeachTrumpNow Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Please don't discontinue. One word for the GOP about protesting re-investigations of the numerous wrongdoings of Trump, just one word — Benghazi. Lawrence

White House decries investigations by House Democrats, says they are not following 'rules and norms'President Trump and his allies are working to block more than 20 investigations, according to analysis by the Washington Post, and, House Democrats say, at least 79 Congressional requests for documents, testimony and other evidence. Brokeahontas But I thought Trump was the 'most transparent president ever?' He lied to you again, America.

That is literally their job Article one trumps article two Brokeahontas TheBiggestLoser GOPHatesWomen BillionDollarLoser DerangedDonald DonTheCon TrumpIsAFraud fucktrump IMPEACHTrump MoronInChief ShitholePresident TrumpCrimeFamily WarOnWomen Hold the WH attorney w/Obstruction and dereliction of duty. It’s three separate and equal branches. The WH is just making the case for impeachment for the House without the House having to do much.

This is fascism in broad daylight. Great! White House gives the dumbocRATS a giant middle finger. Saint Mueller said no collusion contrary to what the lying dumbocRATS claimed. Move along losers....you blew the 2016 election and Russia Russia Russia was a total bust. Go fight the weather or eat paste. MAGA!

The WH is backing trumps power grab to usurp power to become America's first authoritarian dictator under Putin's control. Every criminal in history would love for those who hold them accountable for their actions, to discontinue the rule of law and allow their crimes to continue Yep, democrats lost, no do overs end of witch hunt.

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT TRUMP 2020 I say the press and media should be asking the GOP members if this is the president that they want to set going fwd. because I would really like to hear from each and everyone of them on record!!!! Boom, playing the Dems! Love reading your pathetic cry baby replies 🤣😂🤣😂

Congress has a Constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch. Congress is coequal. The POTUS does not have Constitutional oversight over Congress. That belongs to the people. TrumpTheLoser

Trump, Democrats are locked in a constitutional showdown over Mueller’s reportThreats and demands fly back and forth between Congress and the White House. Trump will not win. We will have the report one way or another. It's clear Congress needs to take their power back and restore the balance. We are at critical levels Nadler and fellow democrats are literally demanding that Attorney General William Barr break the law.

Because the Constitution no longer applies to anyone involved with Trump when will he simply announce himself Supreme Leader by executive action? TeamPelosi RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer So... they can do anything they want and there are no checks and balances. Trump is king and we are powerless. So misleading once again! Libtards so afraid what Barr is going to find out!

That obstinate attitude will lose every time in court. “I don’t feel like it” is not much of a legal argument. So their asking the House to not carry out their responsibility of over site of Executive branch, which the Constitution states is their job to do? Seems to be an unconstitutional request. The Constitution is Supreme Law in our nation of laws.

IT’S TIME SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer . IT’S TIME. King Chump 🤡🤬🇺🇸 Is that a legal term.... I wonder who induced Mueller to end his investigation so abruptly? Could it have been Donald, through Barr? You think?

Trump investigations: A list of ongoing battles with CongressThe White House has repeatedly rebuffed House Democrats’ oversight demands, from requests for Trump’s taxes to testimony from the former White House counsel. Here are the major battles being waged and where they stand: Why the secrecy if DerangedDonald has nothing to hide? BillionDollarLoser ImpeachTrump Anybody with a brain can see that Trump has plenty to hide when it comes to Vladimir Putin and his tax returns. Snowflake

Great News. This blanket refusal is way off base and may constitute further obstruction. What's he hiding? trump criminals in the Whitehouse hide and refuse to comply because tumps are guilty. Start arresting the individuals not complying. RepAdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler RepCummings RepSwalwell

Obviously he doesn't have the grit the Clintons have. But we knew that already. The end of the gop party is beginning. HE. IS. A. CRIMINAL. Is that... legal? Good! This abuse of power by Democrats in Congress and political activists within government agencies MUST STOP! I didn't know the White House was a castle. Must be fumigated when shit for brains is dragged out.

House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Barr in contempt of CongressThe House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 24-16 along party lines to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for not releasing an... I have total contempt for Congress - rather than do the country's business they are acting like petulant children and bullying anyone who dares disagree with them. The antiquated mindless drones of the last century need to give way to a NEW congress... preferably by choice.

How is this legal? Why the white house trying to black mail Haha. Good luck with that. That’s because they are garbage people Separate but equal branches of Govt Every criminal should have that option, what a great country we would be. NBCNews ImpeachTheMF 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Great, Americans are tired of the Democratic bullshit, time to help the people

Reuters Top News @ReutersHouse Judiciary Committee continues to debate whether to cite Attorney General Barr for contempt of Congress they better do it for our countries sake ! that said, it's most likely to late ! Sit down and do something like indict fisa players. Y’all bore me Our country depends and deserves it

Chest puffing baby President. realDonaldTrump hey Dodo... 1feralkat Arrest him for contempt Good for the White House! This is presidential harassment! brat2381 You can’t win while hiding. But, we didn’t get the results we wanted. Like the wizard of oz—stop looking behind the curtain. Don’t look at the unexplained millions of $ in “Interest” received by the broke Trump. Don’t look for money laundering.

They have wasted 2 1/2 years with a fake investigation. We don’t need fake investigation 2. No sequel. The new movie “we fight back” is much more interesting and deserves attention and media coverage. It is called real news. Impeach this fool. Lock them up if they are going to break our laws. They are criminals. Treat them as what they are

This L.A. district is 80% non-white, but both school board candidates are whiteIn the May 14 LAUSD board runoff election, two white candidates — Jackie Goldberg and Heather Repenning— will compete for the votes of majority-Latino District 5. Designed destruction Please stop the bullsh*t. This identity politics is killing us. It's like you're saying all white people ill-intentioned. White people are just as offended being stereotyped as minorities are. Get a clue. you'll never succeed by pushing such bullsh*t. Expand this like it was nationwide and you will understand why a straight popular vote is not a good idea. Giving all the power to select neighborhoods (or states) because they have the most votes yields results like this.

Just say no. Shut these fools down. The investigation is over and only petulant 8th graders want it to continue. Let em squawk What the h..ll is going on people? . realDonaldTrump and his corrupt administration is inciting discord with these tactics to generate sympathy for Trumps and make it a 2020 talking point. 2020Election Election2020

ItsRigged2016 Can these lawyers be disbarred - there is no good faith argument for claiming Congress does not have this authority. Seriously. Lawyers going rogue like this is what happens in authoritarian regimes. Lawyers cannot allow other lawyers to abandon the rule of law. The legislative branch overreaches and the executive fails to comply. Now is the time to let the judicial branch decide. Our founders were brilliant.

We go now live to the House Dems reaction: RitaThaQueen Impeach now. Sounds more and more like an autocratic country. Traitor trump is carrying out Putin’s destroy democracy game plan to a T. Why won’t any of your reporters just tell him it’s illegal to not comply with a co equal branch? Please call out his lies in real time and not just report as factual. He tells more lies than truth. Call him out. What’s he going to do? Legally, he can’t do a thing.

DREAM ON 💔4 🇺🇸 via YouTube

Opinion | Why all of the Boston Red Sox should have gone to the White House ceremonyProtesting the Trump administration’s failures can be done at other times and in other venues. Um, no. Should read “ why none of” Why

You see Democrats had no consequences for trump now he’s making a big move to become a king. No oversight so what’s an idiot to do become a king! Republicans are stupid in the first place but Democrats are so weak that even when they have the law to back them up they do nothing So basically they are saying “Fuck you” to this countries Democratic and Consritutional duty of oversight and that “Oversight shall NOT apply to Trump’s Administration”. This is really scary shit if they are allowed to get away with that.

Time for impeachment. Good! If the judiciary committee doesn’t understand the Mueller Report, then go talk to Mueller so he can explain in childlike terms. Stop the bull crap! Ehhh... laws, who needs em. Simply put- this will never happen It will be discontinued once your a$$ is in prison Trump They can’t think this is going to be accepted right? We are not a dictatorship. SpeakerPelosi please do something. Need to get aggressive and stop this. We are losing our democracy!

Impeach the motherfucker. For the love of God House Democrats start the impeachment inquiry. You're dealing with a lawless administration. Stop being chickens🤦🏿‍♂️

‘America first’ meets ‘Hungary first,’ but White House wary of lovefestHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Europe’s fiercest anti-immigration leader, visits the White House on Monday — but it’s unclear how friendly his welcome will be. Looks like realDonaldTrump found another sleeping partner Not leader. Amoral carpetbagger. Very friendly.

White House doesn't have a say in what Congress does. Do your job Congress and charge with obstruction. washingtonpost LindseyGrahamSC nytimes SpeakerPelosi CNN AP Now what r our Democrat & Republican LAWMAKERS going 2 do about it? What I see is an insane person in the White House running loose with the nuclear code preparing 2 start war with Iran & not a sole is stopping him

Not how it works. If there's cause to investigate then they must investigate (more than anyone that's occupied the WH). they are following up on leads given to them by the special counsel - meanwhile, DOJ has launched its 3rd investigation into the orange's... after 17 more tries and the same result each time, they will do it over until someone finally says what they want to hear...sad. TrumpIQ73

Nop! It will not stop 🖕🏻u! Mr Nadler flatten these insects Good. Democrats had their witch hunt and it failed; now it’s time to get to the bottom of the Obama/Hillary/democrat coup to illegally unseat a duly elected President. THAT was the real collusion. TRUMP2020Landside What are we going to do when T-rump and his t-rumppets tell us they are not leave Washington or the White House ? EVER!

We will make sure Trump's tenure is discontinued first! People have already been sent to jail for Trump, it looks like a lot more will follow them now.

White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq WarThe plans call for up to 120,000 American troops but not a land invasion of Iran. They were updated at the request of John R. Bolton, the national security adviser. This better be psychological warfare. Bone headed move. That will help the oil price?

They work for All the people You work for Trump America deserves better from you Start impeachment process and get the information needed. Obstruction of justice again to block investigation of obstruction of justice Americanist4u Congress has a right to conduct oversight. But there is a legislative purpose: to develop laws so no future president can compromise the US as this one has.

Time to put on the production of impeach that orange ass It’s time to send in Federal Agents and start arresting these MFers right now. Stop pussyfooting around! One or two arrests and they will start complying...enough of playing nice. Either they comply like the rest of ordinary Americans would have to do, or throw them in jail!

That’s it folks, we are now in an all out authoritarian government accountable to no one. The GOP is complicit in this. Remember that when you go vote in 2020, if we still have fair elections by then. In summation from Trump: I'm a criminal, you know I'm a criminal and i was elected. Stop bugging me with questions, that i don't want to answer. I'm trying to accomplish something b4 elections 2020. I need some kind of accomplishment to brag on. To be reelected.

President Trump is completely insane and needs to be diagnosed and removed from office. Will a psychologist please examine him immediately before he does any more damage? It's the only reason why they 'won't comply,' with the law in this case: mental-illness.

Good. Pound sand. Then proceed with criminal sanctions on each and every White House staffer disobeying the Subpoenas! ImpeachTrump Starting to think that the Democrats are just punks. Lock some of these people up. Hold him in contempt and arrest him! What is wrong with the Democratic Party!? This administration has no need for laws in place because they ignore everything like what are the questioning their for because they aren’t getting anything out of Trump. He laughing all the way to the bank and they watch

Start arresting people 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Never stop going after the most corrupted human being ever. Take him out. Giving the big ol’ finger to the rule of law. “Whatcha gonna do about it?” nana4MANY Okay, NOW is it time to impeach? Whoa! Stop the presses scoop! Trump not cooperating with opposition investigation? Breaking News for sure! Didn’t see that coming! 🙄

Such corruption is against everything the constitution stands for. Trump is leaving a gigantic strain on America.

Hold them in contempt, arrest and jail them. The White House is violating our Constitution, this Trump insanity has to end. I bet Nixon and Clinton wish they could have said that. so we don't like Trump being our president....so can we call on him to 'discontinue' being such? FakeNews for over TWO years TheDemocrats have investigated Trump. Mueller Report NO Americans indicted for collusion. Now it’s time to investigate them and the bribes FakeNews got from the dems!

Arrest the mother fuckers or stop calling this a Democratic Republic Why because its OVER!!! Fake news. Obstruction in plain sight they obviously don’t under the duties of the judicial committee. The Mueller report opened up a whole other avenue that must be investigated. This action by the WH is abhorrent.

See you in court! What trump cant stop is the millions who are going to vote against him in 2020 , If he lasts long enough to run again .

Impeach them all. so much for transparency ! This White House is ignorant on how our country runs. They don’t call the shots. USA is now a dictatorship. This is rich. Further proof that Trump is guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. Enough is enough...move on already, the country begs you. 'call on it to 'discontinue' its inquiry into President Trump.' A little bit of the ole obstruction.

Better Title...White House will not comply to constitution White House answers to no one

How big is the capital jail. They may need to in large it! 'Because he is the most transparent president ever' TapestryofPeace Hate to say it citizens, but this fine country has lost its god damn mind! From here on out the Constitution is a worthless piece of paper! And the obstruction continues. Well. Dems shows weakness and Whitehouse knows it.

Will Congress allow The Great Bullshitter to avoid justice? GOP Did Russia change votes from Clinton to you in Florida? Voting machines were hacked into. Wonder if Trump is an illegitimate president. trump were hearing trump can get away with murder! Stop requesting and go to court and hold White House counsel in contempt and seek jail time until he complies.

Can we say impeachment Lock them up 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants all cleared Trump? Four (4) separate investigations have cleared Trump; FBI, House Intelligence, Senate Intelligence and Mueller Report. If Trump let the full report + underlying docs released to the House, maybe they wouldn't need to ask him for more.

Do they not know it doesn’t work that way 🤷‍♀️ System of checks and balances. What a joke. A criminal —a traitor—being protected 🐄💩 I'd say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! IMPEACH NOW!!!! Well how arrogant can the WH & President Trump continue to be? The Judiciary Committee must ACT NOW AND START ARRESTING PEOPLE FOR NOT COMPLYING WITH THEIR REQUESTS!!! Their KINDNESS IS TAKEN AS WEAKNESS BY THE WH & President Trump! STOP THIS ARROGANT MADNESS! DEMOCRACY FIRST!

Jail should get there attention.

MediocreConmanOnTheRopes FetidOrangePOS. This, in plain site, is the act of a King, not a President of the U.S. Out of curiosity, are lawyers liable for crimes committed at the direction of their client. Dear Americans - how will you clean up this swamp? An entire government is infected with corruption, lies and crime!

If Trump had released the information in the beginning, he would have been out now or even not elected. Lol basically 'No, we're not doing anything you, a co-equal branch of government, tell us we have to do.' House has complete authority here, the WH has no legs to stand on. I don't see how this doesn't end up with impeachment

In other words, 'I did everything wrong, I'm hiding it, leave it be'... He wants to be kicked out... come on, let's kick him out. America is about to offer big money to every woman who can prove that Donald Trump paid for her abortion. Same for every elected Republican, whether or not those women were their partners. You come after women's bodies, America is coming after your balls.

Congress do something I call on trump to discontinue his 'presidency'

The new Republican is stay out of their business, but involve the government in everyone else’s rights! GOPisProIncest GOPisProRape GOPisProObstruction lol MSNBC & it's desperate sheeple. There is nothing there, let's move on. Impeach that fat orange buffoon Talk about abuse of power! This is an impeachable offense in and of itself.

That's not an option The path of every Trump venture: 1. Stand on the achievements of others. 2. Inevitably, he fails. 3. Is left all by himself. 4. Pants at the ankles. 5. Widely ridiculed. Too Late For That!! SDNY Is Going To Get Trump! The Minute He Walks Out Of Office! Cause I'm, Keeping The Faith That He Will Not Get Re-Elected! Can't Win With Only 38% to 40%!!

TheDemocrats RepJerryNadler RepRichardNeal SpeakerPelosi RepCummings RepMaxineWaters tedlieu RepAdamSchiff staceyabrams AOC CNN FINE everyone subpoenaed as soon as the clock runs out - don't wait, don't hesitate - have this ready to go as soon as the clock hits zero.

How can the WH publicly tell Congress not to do what it is legally allowed to do? This is insane. There's seriously Americans who are okay with Trump effectively making the Executive Branch the only part of the gov with any power This is insane. If this was a dem president he would already be impeached and surrounded by bodies.

Send in the generals. The White House is violating the Constitution. I hope Republicans remember this when they want to investigate and hold hearings. 🤡 Lockthemup We’re unsubscribing from your coup, thanks 👌🏻 Ice. Cream tastes sweet in the bitter mouth of the country above by the word complete the situation you want

Well that is utter bullshit, they have every right to continue its investigation into this corrupt President and his administration. Impeachment is the answer.

What is Trump trying to hide? CRIMINAL!!!! This man MUST. BE. IMPEACHED!! Violating the Constitution at EVERY TURN So.... obstruction. Got it Um, they can’t do that.

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