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What's behind a cellphone call from Ukraine? | Opinion

.@NaveedAJamali: What's behind a cellphone call from Ukraine? | Opinion


.NaveedAJamali: What's behind a cellphone call from Ukraine ? | Opinion

There are only so many reasons why President Donald Trump would speak to a member of his administration on an unsecured line from a restaurant in Kyiv.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Holmes, who is set to publicly testify Thursday. Holmes expressed shock at the total lack of security around a presidential call, especially since Sondland was in Ukraine, a country largely regarded as under heavy Russian surveillance and intelligence collection.

An unsecured call might be justified during the immediate need to make contact—a point when seconds matter. But the call was relaxed, according to Holmes, and not a prelude to an imminent important meeting.

"Standard procedure is using secure communications between government officials to make sure both parties are protected—and everything is logged," a former military attaché who served in embassies in former Soviet bloc countries told me."Unofficial channels of communications have been used by government officials since the Cuban Missile Crisis to make backdoor deals to benefit both countries. However, this case is highly suspect since it was not between countries but between members of our government."

Naveed Jamali is a columnist for Newsweek who spent three years working undercover for the FBI against Russian military intelligence. He tells the story in his book

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