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Stephen Miller, Breitbart News

Stephen Miller attacked Marco Rubio, immigrants through Breitbart's 2016 news coverage, leaked emails show

Stephen Miller attacked Marco Rubio, immigrants through Breitbart's 2016 news coverage, leaked emails show


Stephen Miller attacked Marco Rubio , immigrants through Breitbart's 2016 news coverage, leaked emails show

During the 2016 presidential primaries, Miller used Breitbart News to call Rubio a 'pathological liar' and to label immigrants as 'child sex offenders.'

highlights Miller's role as an"uncredited editor" of the Breitbart website and reveals how he used the popular right-wing news outlet to rail against Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and a slew of other rivals to candidate Donald Trump

In one email condemning both Rubio and immigration, Miller wrote,"I also think the words 'immigration reform' should be used exclusive [sic] to describe proposals to limit immigration. Rubio is an extremist who wants unlimited immigration, the American people are moderate and want to hit pause after the deluge."

The series of leaked emails straddles Miller's transition as an aide to Sessions to his role after joining the Trump campaign in early 2016. The former Breitbart editor who leaked the damning email exchanges to the SPLC, Katie McHugh, said

"It should raise significant alarm that an organization consistently manipulated coverage out of public eye in order to influence a political party's primary while insisting it was objective," she

An October 2015 email exchange between Breitbart editors and Miller show he used a bogus"Breitbart News Staff" byline on his article railing against immigration.

McHugh was fired from Breitbart in 2017. The site issued a series of statements to the SPLC denouncing the former editor and her leaking of the emails.

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Emails show Stephen Miller targeted Rubio, had editorial sway at Breitbart Stephen Miller , the controversial senior White House policy adviser with hardline immigration views, coordinated with editors at far-right news site Breitbart to shape its immigration coverage, pushing criticism of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio 's immigration policies, and otherwise directing editorial coverage, newly released emails from 2015 show.

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