U.S. troops to withdraw farther in Syria as hundreds of ISIS supporters escape

Turkey's invasion of northeastern Syria began Wednesday after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. troops to pull back from the area to clear the way for Turkish forces.


BREAKING: Defense Sec. Esper: President Trump has directed 'a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern Syria,' as the US has learned that Turkey plans to 'expand their attack further south than originally planned and to the west.'

Turkey's invasion of northeastern Syria began Wednesday after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. troops to pull back from the area to clear the way for Turkish forces.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said early Sunday that close to 800 members of a camp holding the families of ISIS fighters had escaped after Turkish shelling.

NBC News has been unable to independently verify the claim.

Multiple U.S. officials told NBC News the video, which appeared to show the execution of a Kurd, appeared to be genuine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed"grave concern about Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria" in a call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Saturday, his government said.

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America, leave these Arab countries to their own Hell! Progressives have saught to tear down Christian values using SATANIC LGBTQ AND ISLAMIC POISON!!! exposeCNN will show the Soros controlled network for what it is: COMMUNISTIC NN! 🙈😱💰🙈😱💰🙈😱💰🙈😱💰🙈😱💰🙈😱💰🙈😱 I thought that trump was beyond stupid. I never thought that he would not only condone murder but actually commit it. Life in prison, 6 by 6 foot cell. Give him a book and a pacifier. He said he doesn’t read but he will suck the pacifier. He sucks.

Turkey fights against PKK and ISIS terrorists, not Kurds. The goal is to clear our border and allow the refugees to return to their homes safely. The world should support Turkey rather than buy into PKK/YPG propaganda. It's fascinating that NBC new talk about human rights atrocities without any proof or confirmation. If you like to report something that is proven, report about human rights atrocities of USA. I bet no one in NBC news can even show Kobani on map.

DeptofDefense DeptVetAffairs will our troops coming back from Syria be given special debriefings to allow them to vent their anger over being forced to abandon the allied Kurds? EsperDoD thejointstaff They Serve for us, but we should not have added betrayal to their mission. Soooo it IS a bit more than 50 troops that RandPaul has been spouting off about these past few days....

TheWarMonitor With their tail between their legs. Shameful cowardice displayed by America in the Levant. 'These colors don't run' was the US mantra the last few decades. Bone-spur Donnie can't run but he knows how to retreat and abandon his allies. veteransunited I guess he knows something that we don’t.

Vladimir Putin doesn't think Turkey can control ISIS fighters in SyriaThousands of ISIS fighters are being held by Kurdish-led forces in northeastern Syria, but the Turkish assault threatens the security of the detention centers there. Sooo I bet he wants to lend a hand? translated: Putin's oligarchs take over gas and oil, suck it NATO. I'm waiting for an 'accidental' bombing of the ISIS prison.

Someone knows how chess is played don't know which one but the one who can save the most lives will be the Master!! SecPompeo EsperDoD Trump,you are right. This is a war with no end that Obama started to benefits Europe¬ the US. Staying in Syria just wasting times&money. Let Assad to get hold of Syria back to stop all the destruction,refugees&ISIS.

Free_Media_Hub realDonaldTrump is the most courageous president of the united state .. finaly a president that decided to get rid of the kings of Arabia pressure and the blackmailing of the Israel lobbyist. Wow !!! Finally America is a free county ...!!!! Who died and left him boss ⁉️🤪😜🥴 Trump made the decision for further withdrawal from northern Syria on Saturday night...during a commercial break.

Not our monkeys, not our circus. Glad to see they are hauling ass to get out of there. This is almost as great a military campaign as Dunkirk.

Turkey drives deeper into Syria as tens of thousands fleeTurkish forces pushed deeper into northeastern Syria on Friday, the third day of Ankara's cross-border offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters that has set off another mass displacement of civilians and met with widespread criticism from the international community. TrumpGenocide chaoskid Hit it from the S-400. Idiots.

That’s our Commander in Chief, pack up and move to Saudi Arabia because they’ll pay us top dollar to defend them. To hell with our allies and less fortunate Kurds who will probably meet their doom at the hands of Russia backed Turkey. Bad man! Forget impeachment he needs to go to Jail. Guilty We have a TraitorInChief in the WH. UN and world allies must get involved.

Trump and his defenders are complicit in genocide, instead of fixing his mistake, he doubled down on his treachery. Our Dictator Trump made the call. The GOP has blood on it hands also. Party over peace. Will anyone ever help us again? what for so we can be totally disloyal to them? Donald Trump is a disloyal rat!

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Turkey claims its first town as offensive into northern Syria intensifiesTurkish forces took control of their first town in northern Syria on Saturday, the defense ministry said, as the country's offensive intensifies. When ISIS begins attacking Turkey, Erdojan will blame the Kurds. little boys with little toys The time Trump sold out Kurdish Christians to reform ISIS.

America runs, I guess our colors do run! realDonaldTrump who made you king of anything; oh yeah (Russia) in trade for no more fly overs so putin can do whatever he wants now to strategize against us without our knowledge & 4 you to pull troops out of his way so he can Rule Turkey & Curds And sending over 2,000 to Saudi Arabian masters. Report that too

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Did he think all of troops have bone spurs like him or just giving in to his Overlord Putin. Well. Guess that means my cousins coming home. Can’t wait to get his point of view on all of this! Trump is the ISIS Employee of the Month. Baby Killer YPG/PKK Why promote a cycle of perpetual presence & involvement in issues that do not concern the US. There is an Arab League, the UN....Where are they?

New fears raised about ISIS resurgence as Turkish military operation in Syria continuesPolitico’s Jake Sherman, former chief of staff at the CIA and Department of Defense Jeremy Bash, former congresswoman Donna Edwards, and Wash Post’s Eugene Robinson on the conflict in northern Syria escalating which started after Trump told U.S. troops to withdraw from the region Shame Shame Because the country is led by an incompetent president. Except you're off by a bit. It's Ukraine, and everyone having family on board of directors over there. Maybe some real journalist might actually investigae this embezzlement of our tax dollars.

Lock up children. Free ISIS. TrumpGenocide THANK GOD FOR PEACEFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP! When with the bloodshed be enough? No foreign entanglements. Bring them all home for all over the world. Protect the United States of America. Don’t abandon the American people. HELL YES KAG BABY! Now if you make a deal with GretaThunberg on muh carbon and support Medicare for all you got my vote in 2020 bro. realDonaldTrump TrumpLandslideVictory2020

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Militants Backed by Turkey Kill at Least Two Prisoners in SyriaTurkish-backed militants fighting in Syria killed at least 2 Kurdish prisoners on Saturday, according to a video and a fighter who said he witnessed the killings So sad to see my fellow Syrians dying in a war that was avoidable and could have been prevented so easily. We don’t deserve to die this horrifically. Our people have suffered enough for a lifetime. I hope someone somewhere would move to end this ongoing tragedy 💔 They killed baby who was just 1 years old. Why don’t you post when PYD,YPG,SDG attack civilians ? We know this newspaper show who they are. Don’t manipulate situation. Show everything. They were keeping themselves inside of hospital to attack civilians who are settled in Mardin. AramKrdstn It's not rebels it's turkish army

Everything is just working out perfectly, isn’t it? For Putin... He must have been watching SNL and had one of his ‘gut’ episodes. Trump is traitor trash. Impeachment is too good for him and his complicit party leaders Trump's gift to Putin. I wonder who Turkey will call in Russia gets involved and attacks their air bases ? This could back fire if you have planed an holiday or thinking of doing it think again !

bulldoghill So US has vacated and Russia has taken over! People only need to look at history to understand. This has happened before... Exactly as Putin desired. This is exactly what Putin wanted. If Patton or McArthur was alive they would be LIVID. Trump handed a total victory to Putin and Assad. Putin now has access to Syrian oil in the south and Kurds had no choice but to join up with Assad. And ISIS was given an opportunity to regroup

Let’s hope

Turkey pushes deeper into Syria as U.S. draws red linesOn the Turkish side of the border, in the town of Akçakale the streets were mostly empty Friday after officials told locals to stay indoors or to relocate. ^*342 PKK-SDF-YPG terrorist group! If Trump had a conscience, maybe he'd care that he effectively sentenced these allies of America to their deaths.

Russia - 1: US - nil realDonaldTrump you hearing this? Trump claims WE don't have the means to protect the Kurd's so we have to get out of Syria. Syria WAS going the right way with the Kurd's. We have F-35 jets so Trump's claim doesn't hold water. Trump is complicit in Committing Genocide & Spreading Chaos. Also Starting a World War.

Clearly, Trump is acting with treason intend, abiding by Putin orders. Insanity. So, was the news about Russia bombing four hospitals a hoax? FactsMatter Seek the truth. America, cut and run EsperDoD is merely trying to protect realDonaldTrump from the KurdishGenocide caused by Fuhrer realDonaldTrump . KurdsBetrayedByTrump

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As if Trump didn't already know this well ahead of time. Was probably in Trump phone call with Turkeys President, & forgot to mention to military. Turkeys near miss shells were reminder. What did Trump get other then Turkey not threatening to seize Trump Twin Towers in Istanbul that Trump admits having conflict of interest over.

Let the blood bath continue 45IsARussianAsset ActiveManchurianCandidate All part of Putin’s directions When the last time our military has cut and run? This order is BS America is 100% complicit in the war crimes being perpetrated. sanctionTheUSAnotTurkey Endless war, the middleast is a wasteland of man destroying man

WTF are we doing?! This is the darkest era in American history. We have surrendered to turkey without even putting up a fight! And we got the Kurds slaughtered in the process. We will all be stained by the orange clown for the rest of our days.

Where’s NATO Where’s the European Union 🇪🇺 Where are TheDemocrats running for POTUS - why haven’t you asked them if they would send American troops back into Syria Starting with ewarren JoeBiden BernieSanders WalkAwayFromDemocrats MTP SundayMorning CNN chucktodd There's no need to listen to the 'experts' when your gut tells you what to do.

PFTrudel When does the GOP admit Trump is not working for the US and do something to stop him? USA has taken further wise decision to pullofits trops fom north syria .kobany area completely. it is now totaly turkeys responsoblity to safegurad that area and those people and safe us money and lives.syrian and turkishpeopel wil get more respect for american people

So Turkey is directing the USA Troops to leave the area hmm and as trump has learned there are us forces in syria? If it’s not your war anymore, then why are you standing beside the deceitful Saudi’s, could it be your god (money) that you are protecting? realDonaldTrump “originally planned” - Grifters being grifted.

POTUS now cowardly selfish 1st time an UN Pres fearing Turkey forces !!! Its a big betray to Kurdish who fought hard against ISIS & WhiteHouse StateDept helping ISIS TO DOMINATE what a drastic step!! SecPompeo

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Notice how many of Trump supporters support Abandoning the Kurds? I honestly believe they want ISI S to grow again. Notice - Esper puts withdrawal in Trump’s lap. Says everything. Then how about you grab a gun and go over there and make things all better! Our President is bringing our people home and it's about time we got out of there! Obama propped up terrorists by pulling out of Iraq and leaving every instrument of war they needed plus billions to Iran!

Cowards As news breaks Sunday morning of the expanding US withdraw from Syria, President Trump tweets of the US abandoning Kurdish forces: 'Others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other. Let them! We are monitoring the situation closely. Endless Wars!'

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