New fears raised about ISIS resurgence as Turkish military operation in Syria continues

'It always seems to come bouncing back to Russia. We've never gotten fully to the bottom of why, and maybe we will some day... All the people we don't want to be helping, we're helping.' - Washington Post's Eugene Robinson


'It always seems to come bouncing back to Russia. We've never gotten fully to the bottom of why, and maybe we will some day... All the people we don't want to be helping, we're helping.' - Washington Post's Eugene Robinson

Politico’s Jake Sherman, former chief of staff at the CIA and Department of Defense Jeremy Bash, former congresswoman Donna Edwards, and Wash Post’s Eugene Robinson on the conflict in northern Syria escalating which started after Trump told U.S. troops to withdraw from the region

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So heartbreaking Turkish Erdogun is a wild beast animal just like a new Hitler in the rise. Killing poor people who already suffer for no reason. Whoever is behind this new Turkish Hitler is wrong and must stop it. Why killing people? PamelaPatriot Active Measures is a great documentary to watch to explain this.

this is happening right underneath the government's nose but nobody knows anything, we got the blind leading the blind, open your damn eyes, ain't none of you blind, how can we have faith in a system that is so corrupt, & the few honest one we have, know one will believe them The Result of Killer of Kurds, Men, Women and Children, by Trump. The question is How Can American Military Troops go in Save Lives and Keep ISIS in Jail or Completely Destroy them so they don't Rise Up to Kill Americans.

As I’ve said, ALL roads lead back to Russia I think it is as plain as the nose in anyone's face. Besides, logic dictates logical conclusions. ISIS will be on usa soil soon That’s the multi trillion dollar question Eugene!! Your job sir if you choose to accept it: Answer that question and unlock what is I’m sure is the holy grail of information regarding the corruption of our democracy!!!! Thank you for your HONESTY 🙂

It is what happens when your president is a career criminal, delusional narcissist, owned & operated by a well-organized, international political crime syndicate. Any human with a pulse can see how deeply wrong all of this tragedy is for everyone involved. It is a lose-lose. 😥 45 gave Turkey specifics on where the kurds were located to make it easier to bomb them also. New info since this was aired. Disgusting. Sanctions for murdering our allies. Reprehensible. RemoveTrumpNow A traitor to our country & allies.

Turkish forces seize targets in northeast Syria offensive - ministryTurkey said its forces seized designated targets on the second day of an offensi... TurkeyJustKilledKurds Could the Syrian regime be anymore useless? They is no Syria any longer as Ezekiel Prophesied over 2500 years ago.

We already know why. Putin has kompromat on Trump, and Trump wants Trump Tower Moscow. If Trump is a good servant and remakes the world for Putin's advantage, Putin will protect the career-ending facts he has on Trump, and he gets his tower. My ❤ goes out to the Kurds and their families.. it has to be very frightening ..

Erdogun is a new Hitler from Turkey ISIS is going to come back....!? “...gotten fully...” ? Lol. It always falls to women to save the world. It’s sickening it sickens me for this administration quash the good work the Sunni Democratic forces of whom well over 10,000 paid with their lifes Look what 45 has forced our Second to none Military to do In our name I just can’t f**king stand his betrayal to this country GREED

Except you're off by a bit. It's Ukraine, and everyone having family on board of directors over there. Maybe some real journalist might actually investigae this embezzlement of our tax dollars.

Turkish artillery fire comes close to US forces in SyriaTurkish artillery hit close to a US special operations unit near Kobani, Syria, a US official familiar with the initial assessment says. There are no US injuries in the early reports and no indication it was deliberate, the official says. Fake news. There is coordination between US and TR despite poor relations to ensure such accidents are avoided. Anyway just take your troops back 10000miles so they can be with their fsmilies instead of propping up pkk/sdf terrorists on Turkey's border. Simple. Although we betrayed by America but we still protect our land and fight those jihadi Turkish terrorists till we die

Because the country is led by an incompetent president. Shame Shame

Thousands flee northeast Syria after Turkish offensiveTens of thousands of people are fleeing fighting in northeast Syria, according to the United Nations refugee agency, as world leaders warned that Turkey’s invasion could spark a new humanitarian crisis. The middle easts greatest export. Good job Donald Dump! It's not an invasion. Turkish soldiers are fighting with Syrian soldiers together. Helping them to stop the terrorists. Stop manipulation!

Turkish minister says France's Macron wants to divide SyriaTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday accused French President E... Syria is already divided, what the hell is he talking about ? How many Kurds did his government bombarded during this tirade against Macron? I think it's an 'inside job'. The Turks are divided themselves and trying to hold Europe at random by applying blackmail

For Putin, Turkish move into Syria a chance to ramp up Middle East roleTurkey's incursion into Syria is an opportunity for Russia to dial up its i... Haklı

'We will win or we will die,' say defiant Kurds facing Turkish operation in SyriaThe road into Tal Abyad was eerily empty. The Syrian border town's shops were all shuttered, following a steady stream of artillery strikes on its outskirts that began Thursday. The role of Kurdish fighters has been very important in defeating the Islamic State. In fact, the biggest reason behind the defeat of the Islamic State is that the Kurds bravely confronted them on almost all fronts. Aren't you tired of lying? FAKE NEWS!

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