Turkey drives deeper into Syria as tens of thousands flee

Turkey drives deeper into Syria as tens of thousands flee


Turkey drives deeper into Syria as tens of thousands flee

Turkish forces pushed deeper into northeastern Syria on Friday, the third day of Ankara's cross-border offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters that has set off another mass displacement of civilians and met with widespread criticism from the international community.

There were casualties on both sides and Turkey reported its first military fatality, saying a soldier was “martyred” in the fighting.

Trump’s unexpected decision came as he faces an impeachment inquiry at home. It drew swift criticism from Republicans and Democrats in Congress, along with many national defense experts who say it has endangered not only the Syrian Kurds and regional stability but U.S. credibility as well. The Syrian Kurdish militia was the only U.S. ally in the campaign that brought down Islamic State in Syria.

In Syria, residents fled with their belongings loaded into cars, pickup trucks and motorcycle rickshaws, while others escaped on foot. The U.N. refugee agency said tens of thousands were on the move and aid agencies warned that nearly 500,000 people near the border were at risk — in scenes similar to those from a few years ago, when civilians fled Islamic State militants.

Mourners in the Turkish town of Akcakale carried the coffin Friday of the slain baby boy, Mohammed Omar Saar, as many shouted, “Damn the PKK!” in reference to the Kurdish insurgent group in Turkey.

Speaking during a visit to Turkmenistan, Putin said he doubts that the Turkish army has enough resources to promptly take control of prison camps holding Islamic State militants and sympathizers, saying he fears the captured fighters who have been until now held by the Syrian Kurdish militia “could just run away.”

“It is not enough to say you understand Turkey’s legitimate concerns, we want to see this solidarity in a clear way,” he said.

He said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s threat to “open the gates” and let Syrian refugees flood into Europe was “totally out of place,” adding that the EU will never accept “that refugees are weaponized and used to blackmail us.”

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Hit it from the S-400. Idiots. TrumpGenocide chaoskid

Turkish forces seize targets in northeast Syria offensive - ministryTurkey said its forces seized designated targets on the second day of an offensi... TurkeyJustKilledKurds Could the Syrian regime be anymore useless? They is no Syria any longer as Ezekiel Prophesied over 2500 years ago.

Turkish Jewish community supports Turkey - Israel supports PKKChristian organisation says the YPG has “oppressed vulnerable” Christians while Turkey’s Jewish community speaks out in favor of Turkey’s operations in northeastern Syria We Kurds , Turks , Araps and Armenians live in Turkey in harmony. The foreign countries have always been trying to stir Turkey by using terrorist organization like PYD_PKK

Thousands flee northeast Syria after Turkish offensiveTens of thousands of people are fleeing fighting in northeast Syria, according to the United Nations refugee agency, as world leaders warned that Turkey’s invasion could spark a new humanitarian crisis. The middle easts greatest export. Good job Donald Dump! It's not an invasion. Turkish soldiers are fighting with Syrian soldiers together. Helping them to stop the terrorists. Stop manipulation!

For Putin, Turkish move into Syria a chance to ramp up Middle East roleTurkey's incursion into Syria is an opportunity for Russia to dial up its i... Haklı

'We will win or we will die,' say defiant Kurds facing Turkish operation in SyriaThe road into Tal Abyad was eerily empty. The Syrian border town's shops were all shuttered, following a steady stream of artillery strikes on its outskirts that began Thursday. The role of Kurdish fighters has been very important in defeating the Islamic State. In fact, the biggest reason behind the defeat of the Islamic State is that the Kurds bravely confronted them on almost all fronts. Aren't you tired of lying? FAKE NEWS!

Death Toll Climbs as Turkish Offensive in Syria Enters 2nd DayAt least 16 Kurdish fighters were reported to have been killed as Turkish ground forces assaulted towns in northeastern Syria. Ug. terrorists confided in trump and deserved to die , turks are real warriors , they do not eat or drink but battle for their homes AJIunit cnni AlJazeera dwnews AP BBCWorld Una pena. No existe otra opción ?! Conversar ?! Negociar ?!!

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