U.S. extends expiration dates on J&J COVID-19 vaccine to six months

U.S. extends expiration dates on J&J COVID-19 vaccine to six months

7/30/2021 5:04:00 AM

U.S. extends expiration dates on J&J COVID-19 vaccine to six months

Federal health regulators have again extended the expiration dates on Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine by another six weeks.

WASHINGTON — Federal health regulators once again extended the expiration dates on Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, providing health workers with six more weeks to use millions of doses of the shot.The Food and Drug Administration said in a letter to J&J that the shots remained safe and effective for at least six months when properly stored and refrigerated. Wednesday’s action was the second time the FDA had

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extended the shelf life on the vaccinessince June, when the agency said they could be used for up to 4½ months.When first authorized in February, the FDA said the vaccines could be stored for three months at normal refrigeration levels.Health authorities in many states recently warned that they could be forced to throw out thousands of doses of the one-shot vaccine without an extension.

AdvertisementThe change gives health providers more time to use remaining shots sitting at pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. After plateauing earlier this summer,vaccination rates have begun climbingagain as the highly transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus surges across many parts of the country. headtopics.com

Vaccine expiration dates are based on information from drugmakers on how long the shots stay at the right strength. J&J previously stated that it continued to conduct stability testing with the aim of further extending the shelf life of the shots.

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Hey I understand. There are times when I extend the expiration date on my loaf of bread until I start to see green mold growing around the edges or until it starts to have that strong alcoholic yeast smell. A FDA person said to me that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 60-65?% effective the first 2 days and then 100% effective on days 8 and 9 and 10 after that- many competitors have lied by quoting only the first 2 days effectiveness %. Are you one of those liars? How much $$$foryou?

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Biden to Say Federal Employees Must Get Covid-19 Shots or Wear Masks, Test RegularlyPresident Biden is calling for $100 payments to every newly vaccinated American, to be paid by state and local governments with stimulus funds Took away our right to hold manufacturers liable for unintended side effects then offers $100? Psh... Ntm JoeBiden was lying the last time he said he'd pay me. Where's my $2000 check, Joe? LOL way to go Mr. President...obvioulsy bribery nothing new tou you...LOL... Nope.

Biden announces COVID-19 vaccine rules for federal workersBreaking: President Biden will require federal employees to wear masks, physically distance from others in the workplace and get tested regularly if they’re not willing to get vaccinated against COVID-19. We think it's time to start calling it 'immunization', rather than 'vaccination'. Less political baggage. A greater sense of invincibility.

Joe Biden To Announce Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement For Federal WorkersPresident Joe Biden, seeking to curb the spread of the Delta variant, will announce a new mandate for the federal workforce that requires them to attest to having a Covid-19 vaccination or to under… Be on the right side of history and opposed this neo segregation. NoVaccinePassports We have been patient with the unvaccinated, but too many lives have been lost and our patience is over. If you refuse to do the right thing for society and get vaccinated, it is time for you to return to quarantine and stay out of our society. Interact with society via twitter.

Biden announces Covid-19 vaccine incentives, mandates for federal workersPresident Biden announced new Covid-19 vaccine incentives including encouraging states to use federal funds to award unvaccinated people $100 if they get the vaccine. He also announced new Covid-19 vaccine mandates for federal workers and contractors and urged other workplaces to follow suit. Baby steps. There's so much more you could do POTUS. Ask major corporations to require vaccinations for their employees and customers. Make it mandatory for the military. Ask governors to do their part. Good deal means if you are family of 3 kids will get $500 not bad At least he is trying to get through to the dumb people

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House Republicans stage protest in Capitol over new COVID-19 mask rulesA group of House Republicans marched to the Senate floor Thursday to protest the new House mask mandate imposed by the Capitol's attending physician. Americans always complaining about things. Here in Asia, to innovate and to adopt temporarily, we make face masks as a fashion statement. Keeping safe in style! Hahahaha. Stupid stuff I’m tired of this stupid stuff it insults my intelligence Making fools of themselves and endangering lives with their ignorance smh