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Biden to Say Federal Employees Must Get Covid-19 Shots or Wear Masks, Test Regularly

The president also is set to call on state and local governments to make $100 payments to newly vaccinated Americans.

7/29/2021 10:32:00 PM

President Biden is calling for $100 payments to every newly vaccinated American, to be paid by state and local governments with stimulus funds

The president also is set to call on state and local governments to make $100 payments to newly vaccinated Americans.

President Biden will announce that federal employees and on-site contractors must get vaccinated againstCovid-19or wear a mask on the job and submit to regular testing, and he will call on state and local governments to make $100 payments to newly vaccinated Americans.

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Mr. Biden also will direct the Defense Department to examine how and when Covid-19 shots could be added to the list of vaccinations required for members of the U.S. military, the White House said Thursday.The seven-day average of new cases in the U.S.

approached 64,000on July 29, up from 11,480 on June 19. Despite the administration’s monthslong push to promote the shots and encourage people to get them, the overall pace of vaccinations has slowed.The White House said the federal government employs more than four million people, including more than two million civilians. Mr. Biden also wants his new requirements to apply to all federal contractors and will encourage private employers to take similar steps.

The White House said any federal worker who doesn’t attest to being fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask while at work, regardless of geographic location, get tested one or two times a week, abide by social-distancing guidelines and be subject to restrictions on official travel.

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MKlugmann I'll do it for 150,000 Free of charge and also pocketing $100 for getting a vaccine, you should be very gratefull meanwhile many countries in the world begging for vaccines or insufficient dose of vaccines for thier people. Going to have to pump up those numbers. We can start talking when you hit 1000.

Oh😯, this is so wrong! Doesn't he see the message it sends and how much it can hinder vaccination efforts in the future when the world faces similar challenges? Even people that would like to be vaccinated will be motivated to wait for later to get their handout. Wrong call. Why is that guy drenched in sweat while getting a vaccine?

Ridiculous Grandpa is the gift that just keeps giving. Is Biden going to refund $100.00 a piece to those who are already vaccinated? Where is my $100 for getting vaccinated in February? Reparations for ALL vaccinated people!!!! The idiocy is real 😆😆😆😆😆

Biden Calls On States To Give $100 To Every Newly Vaccinated PersonBREAKING: President Joe Biden has called on state and local governments to give $100 to those who opt to get a COVID-19 vaccine. katalin_pota $100 is only $70 in Biden math. They should’ve paired pandemic relief checks with proof of vaccinations Give states and tribes resources to get their own incentives. I’ve been saying give out door prizes at vaccine events. Add a take home dinner so everyone gets something.

It cost just $10 to sign up to boost our immunity at the gym💪 Poll tax. Another government program to reward losers. How much do you get paid if you do the right thing early on? The more I hold out The more I’ll probably get paid in the future. HODL Wow! What a compassionate act from Biden to save ALL American lives! Had it not been for him, I wonder if any other president would have made this kind of appeal!

BUT WHAT ABOUT UNICORNS? Make it 40k and I’ll think about it. Wait this better not be only given to vaccinated people who refused until now (ie irresponsible morons) I want my goddamn $100; if anything people who didn’t need to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing should be rewarded MORE

this disgusts me. Not a coincidence that politicians think there is a price for everything.

NYC To Pay People $100 To Get Covid-19 VaccineThe city recently imposed a vaccine or test requirement for all municipal employees.

I would prefer it if he could send out squads of jackbooted thugs with Pfizer/Moderna dart guns to forcibly vaccinate anyone who has thus far refused to get it (I’m like 85% serious) but since that’s not gonna happen I guess we have to bribe people instead Pfizer just said no harm in a 3rd shot…. So looks like I’m making a cool and breezy $100 bucks

🤬🤬 LOL, whats the next bribe going to be? and more payments we will have to cover in taxes.... LOL way to go Mr. President...obvioulsy bribery nothing new tou you...LOL... Nope. Inflation! not enough!😂 come up a little bit More importantly sign into law that insurance companies to cover all vaccine injuries treatments out of pocket Last time I had a flu shot allergic reaction it cost me $2700!

Took away our right to hold manufacturers liable for unintended side effects then offers $100? Psh... Ntm JoeBiden was lying the last time he said he'd pay me. Where's my $2000 check, Joe?

NYC To Pay People $100 To Get Covid-19 VaccineThe city recently imposed a vaccine or test requirement for all municipal employees. Meanwhile in the UK where I live we have FREE Covid drop in centres where you don't even have to book an appointment. Just turn up, walk in, get jabbed and walk out to your normal day. Oh they upped the free sandwich deal Offer $2500 from the infrastructure bill. If Covid is so deadly it would be worth it.

Opinion | The Biden Era Has Surprisingly Little of Joe Biden in It - POLITICOThe president’s low-key media strategy is working to his advantage, while the country debates culture-war issues largely outside his control. But that might not last. Simple answer: he’s not running things 2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 35a_Aims of the Papacy Liberty of Conscience Threatened - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White 35b We don't hear daily rants or complaining or drama and it's great.

Requirement for all federal employees to get vaccine 'under consideration': BidenPresident Joe Biden told ABC News on Tuesday that a mandate to require all federal employees to be vaccinated from COVID-19 is now 'under consideration.' Hopefully it is done sooner than later. States will start to follow suit. 🤸🏿‍♀️... 5 minutes after that jab

The Latest: Biden considers federal workers to be vaccinatedWASHINGTON — President Joe Biden says that requiring all federal workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus is “under consideration,” as the more infectious Delta variant surges across the United States and a significant chunk of Americans still refuse the shot. 99.4% of people make a full recovery. ----------------- The problem is that current vaccines are non- sterilizing vaccines, i.e. vaccinated people can become infected, and thus create new variants resistant to the vaccine. The problem is not the unvaccinated people. ----------------- Good news! Just DO IT! And since so many of the unvaxed are ignorant of science/data and gullible to social media lies, it will also help improve the intelligence level of our government.