Biden announces COVID-19 vaccine rules for federal workers

President Biden will require federal workers to wear masks and get tested regularly if they're not vaccinated.

7/29/2021 11:06:00 PM

Breaking: President Biden will require federal employees to wear masks, physically distance from others in the workplace and get tested regularly if they’re not willing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

President Biden will require federal workers to wear masks and get tested regularly if they're not vaccinated.

AdvertisementThe White House has previously been wary of any kind of vaccine requirements, preferring to focus on making the shots easily accessible and nudging people toward getting inoculated.The Department of Veterans Affairs announced its own vaccine requirement this week for the agency’s healthcare workers and gave them eight weeks to comply.

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Similar steps are also being taken by private companies and local governments.Los Angeles announced Tuesdaythat city workers would need to submit proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing.“We need unvaccinated Angelenos to stop dragging their feet,” City Council President Nury Martinez said. “As the largest employer in the city of Los Angeles, this is us doing our part.”

AdvertisementKatrina Taormina draws the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine into a syringe at a high school in New York on Tuesday.(Mark Lennihan / Associated Press)Google said Wednesday that it would require its employees to get vaccinated before returning to the company’s offices around the world.

Mandates or vaccine passports have been controversial ideas, especially with some Republicans and right-wing commentators dialing up the outrage over heavy-handed government initiatives.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Wednesday that some people are “sort of allergic” to mandates of any kind.

Advertisement“I don’t want to turn them off,” she said in an interview with Dr. Marc Siegel on SiriusXM’s “Doctor Radio Reports.”Her agency already faced some backlash on Tuesday when it recommended that people wear masks indoors in public settings in areas where COVID-19 is surging, even though it does not have the authority to require Americans to follow its guidance.

Walensky said that requiring vaccines at this point could be tricky because the Food and Drug Administration has authorized them only on an emergency basis and the full approval process could last several more months.However, she added that she would “endorse any way that we can get more people vaccinated to prevent severe disease and death.”

AdvertisementJennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said she worried earlier this year that vaccine mandates could backfire.“We’re at a different place than we were then,” she said. “I can see employers deciding, we have to get back to business.”

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Masks on. Masks off. Masks on again at the White House as Delta threat growsBiden made adherence to COVID guidelines a cornerstone of his campaign to defeat Trump. He beat Trump, but beating the pandemic may be harder.She said it was particularly important to require healthcare workers or nursing home employees to get their shots.

Advertisement“It’s just simply too risky to not have staff in those places vaccinated,” Nuzzo said.The country remains just shy of Biden’s goal to have 70% of adults receive at least one shot by July 4th, a reflection of how difficult it can be to reach and convince holdouts.

“What we have now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden said after touring a Mack Trucks facility in Pennsylvania. “Please, please, please, if you’re not vaccinated, protect yourself and the children out there.” Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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We think it's time to start calling it 'immunization', rather than 'vaccination'. Less political baggage. A greater sense of invincibility.

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Masks and vaccine mandate show CDC and Biden taking emergency action amid Covid-19 surgeThe moves reflect a dramatic shift from earlier messaging about the pandemic waning and signal the fight of Biden's presidency is far from over. The fight in our Country for all of us. This is not political- or shouldn’t be. We do not care about Politicians anymore especially those older than 40 years

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Biden to Say Federal Employees Must Get Covid-19 Shots or Wear Masks, Test RegularlyPresident Biden is calling for $100 payments to every newly vaccinated American, to be paid by state and local governments with stimulus funds Took away our right to hold manufacturers liable for unintended side effects then offers $100? Psh... Ntm JoeBiden was lying the last time he said he'd pay me. Where's my $2000 check, Joe? LOL way to go Mr. President...obvioulsy bribery nothing new tou you...LOL... Nope.

Vast majority of ICU patients with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, ABC News survey findsDozens of hospitals surveyed by ABC News across the country report that very few fully vaccinated people are ending up in the ICU with COVID-19. Of course. What would you expect Don't care Come on now. Are you telling the truth?

‘We waited too long’: Woman urges vaccinations after losing husband to COVID-19'I will miss my husband every single day,' Mia Ponte Vinnard told TODAY. People that were vaccinated reported they caught it again so what a joke this so-called vaccination is! 🙄 No, you were listening to Mr. Trump. Listen to the scientist. Getting vaccinated os smart. Take politics out of it and it becomes about health. Save ourselves and each other.