Trump’s Press Secretary Appears to Have Exposed President’s Banking Information

His account and routing numbers were clearly visible.

5/23/2020 4:50:00 PM

His account and routing numbers were clearly visible.

Kayleigh McEnany held up the $100,000 check that she said Trump would donate to the Department of Health and Human Services.

That information could be used to withdraw or deposit money from an account and could also help hack an account. Experts say that any bank would likely have extra protections around such a high profile account but that doesn’t mean the private details should be flashed around. “This is one of those situations where setting the example is very important,” Eva Velasquez, the president and chief executive of the Identity Theft Resource Center, said. “It’s very important for your average person to understand this is not a best practice.”

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The Trump administration has long made a point of highlighting how Trump donates his salary every quarter, fulfilling a campaign promise. But as many have pointed out, Trump makes plenty of money during his presidency considering he refused to divest from his business interests. “President Trump’s decision not to divest his businesses netted him $434 million in personal revenue in 2018 alone—the last year for which data is available,” Robert Maguire, research director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington,

tweeted in March. “That’s a thousand times more than his presidential salary.” Plus, the donation to the HHS comes as his administration had previously called for a cut in the agency’s budget. “Essentially, Trump is actively working to dismantle HHS and other government agencies that respond to outbreaks like the coronavirus while falsely posturing as their generous benefactor,”

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The Mar-a-Lago as the president's adress? I thought he is confusing the world from the White House ? Now show us his taxes. Sorry I don’t get what’s the controversy . My account & routing number are clearly visible whenever I write a check. You can't fix stupid word so I can finally get my stimulus check?! 🤣

DOH!!!! Banks have all of this security, vaults, armed guards ... and then anyone with your account number can withdraw money. 🤔 There’s no money in it anyway. *I hire the worst f*****g people* Well, she wasn’t hired for her brain.

'Here is the check:' Trump’s press secretary shows off president's check, bank info and allClearly visible was an address for the president's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and other personal details, like accounting and routing numbers. Not the brightest bulb Why didn’t Obama donate his checks? Wait ... what did Obama even do? Criminal justice reform and trade deals.... all done by trump! Nothing like another blonde, bimbo in the WH right KellyannePolls

Trump’s Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much DetailThe check that Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, held up to show that President Trump had donated a quarter of his salary to a government agency appeared to be real — complete with bank account and routing numbers the clownery These people are morons.

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