'Here is the check:' Trump’s press secretary shows off president's check, bank info and all

Clearly visible was an address for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and other personal details, like accounting and routing numbers.

5/23/2020 6:50:00 AM

Clearly visible was an address for the president's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and other personal details, like accounting and routing numbers.

Clearly visible was an address for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and other personal details, like accounting and routing numbers.

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Write stupid on my forehead!!!!!! Thank you realDonaldTrump there are many of us that appreciate your caring about the people of the USA...I hope they can find a vaccine soon because I for one can't breathe in them. Ok, who gives a shit What a JOKE. 新长出来的黑发染黄了👍🏼 🙄 LMAO Hahahahaha. As bright as she is genuine

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Stupid is as stupid does! TrumpAdministration Who cares A see fraudsters 😂 You might need to call the bank before you deposit that rascal! That bleach on your hair fried your brain PressSec kayleighmcenany You know darn well that check is a total fake. I see them a lot from fraudulent companies. Duh to her and serves him right as karma will get him somehow bit by bit!! Vote Trump out!! Pass it on!!

That is only his pornstars and dead hookers account. So? So maybe a thief would get a buck fifty? What a dope she is Only because you people freeze framed it and then slapped it all over the i internet. That’s so Putin and MBS can dump some money into the account. She can definitely get it!!!!!!!! Clearly she fits the role of dumb blonde

Maybe she shouldn't have held that document up. 'Morons. I've got morons on my team.' Percy Garris Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Why do you keep posting this story and photo? Just like all checks are required to have. Stop Lying fake news 🤥 WE SPENT THAT MUCH ALREADY ON SECURITY AT HIS HOME IN FLORIDA!

Donated sure tax cut last year got his investment back $30 millions Only the best and brightest work for Trump I'm not good at math. Can someone tell me what is $2 Million minus $100,000.00? or what is $134,000,000.00 minus $100,000.00 Because I'm fairly sure this parasite is making out like a bandit. She dumb

And if you have the check ( dated in April) and haven't sent it, you haven't paid anyone. That info has probably been shared hundreds of times on the Dark Web. So a supposed billionaire who gained at least 50 million dollars from his inaugural fund alone, is donating just part of his salary back to the richest government in the world, instead of 1 of the millions of families in financial crisis right now!? That's nothing to brag about!

And your point is? Lololololol! It's a resort, the address has never been private. And every single person who has ever written a check to anyone, anywhere, has shared their routing numbers It’s possible that nobody would have noticed that thank you for alerting every thief in the world! I hope Karma finds you real soon.

Somebody's getting fired. This is a proof everything she said is the truth. Why try and make it evil? We already have enough evil coming from goggle... POLITICAL TRICK. DO NOT BELIVE. 😂 This is not a Cheque Trump has signed. It is fake. She needs a shower and sleep. Ask her to vacation. She is on thin ice with that one.

Until she shows us the canceled check it means nothing. And we care about this for what reason? Always the negative spin. Journalism! How can someone so pretty be so ugly? Uh, yes, because those are not confidential Have you ever seen a personal check? Routing and account numbers are printed on it this is what happens when you employ dumbasses

Go to Trump and ask why he did so. What the public have to do with that? We are not hackers. 'I only want one dollar! One dollar!!! ' That check he gives away is peanuts to all the money he’s scamming from America, for the idiots who still believe otherwise TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpHasNoPlan Que estupida!!!😂😂😂😂

Nobody says trump hires smart people. His only qualifications are they lie for him and they will bend the knee. It would be cheaper for America to have a POTUS who took his salary, was competent and not be corrupt. realDonaldTrump actually giving up money means he is raking in big $s. A bankrupt 'billionaire' who won't show his tax returns. + PressSec is dumb for a Harvard graduate.

Remember you are not black enough if you don’t vote for Democrats that is what Joe Biden said racist! Oh, the horror! A real ol’ timey check. Racist! He’s racist! They can't lack the brains to show a real check, it probably fake He gives $100k to HHS, but takes in over $1mil by having secret service stay at his hotels/golf courses....I'll just go fuck myself

Well the check is in the wrong hands. And the check can easily be ripped apart and the number canceled I think people are going to need more proof than that You can’t make this stuff up fast enough incompetence at it’s best. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She is so dumb. In the business world boardcasting banking information like that is something that would get someone fired. Cant expect anything better from this White House

Why are you worried? It's not your info. Go handle your sexual harassment claims and shut up. Nobody would have noticed until the news media blasted it....... Fake News!!! Tired of Stupid yet? And yet people wonder why we have dumb blonde jokes. I ask again, is she even old enough to drive? I am surprised NBC decided to blur the video. That was nice of them. Too bad everyone else just shared it without a blur.

They hire only the best Clearly visible is NBC's anti American leftist agenda! The Barbie doll may get fired over this faux pas So, the takeaway / headline is that the DONATION check, with address, etc., was shown? NOT that the President donated his salary to HHS? Wow, uh, okay....and now I understand why he has such a hatred for the media. Great job reporting!, maybe 1 of you will match his donation

realDonaldTrump wins again. Only way to get the libtard media to report he donates his salary. Clearly you are the enemy of the people! 🇺🇸💪🏻! Why is this news? 100s of millions for golfing nothing for the working poor 😼 NBC is pathetic 🤣☺😸 Wonder if he has multiple checking accounts one just for his presidential earning and then he donates when he gets it and balance is always at zero? Or the $25-$100 some places make you keep in the account to keep it open.

On the same day he’s costing tax payers millions to play golf. 🙄 By the way the president doesn't have direct deposit. Or better yet who in the hell uses checks now besides the federal government. This girl really was a talk show host on Fox News 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How about tax returns, too!!!!! Now, what about the 500 Billion he and Mnuchin are sitting on. If you aren't gonna use it for the designated purpose give it back to the taxpayers.

Interesting to see if hackers of the world pick up on it. I don't believe for a moment that one thin dime of that check(?) will make it to the HHS financial bucket. And, if they're stupid enough to hold up that private financial info on camera to the entire world then they deserve whatever happens next.

Acount and routing numbers are ALWAYS printed on checks that we all routinely give to complete strangers. Or do you 'investigative journalists' not understand that? 😂 So funny NBC focuses on a mistake and not the fact he donates his entire salary! How much salary did Barack Obama, Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders ever donate to any cause out of their annual presidential or Senate salary?

We only see it if the media shows it. So there's no problem. Am I the only one that thinks she looks like his daughter? A bank employee would have been immediately fired exposing PII data.. that too of head of state 🤕 FAUCI INDICTED FOR HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS Showboating propaganda I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that NBC news doesn’t want Donald Trump to be President...

Why does she always have that, blow-up doll, look? Lol! You have tweeted this a dozen times but left out the part when she ate the medias lunch 😆 Trump did predict that the media wouldn't report on the actual donation, I suppose he was right in a way. Take a pic and have some fun. All checks show the routing number &account number. As astute as DT &his accountants are, I m sure the account is protected. It might even be an account just for this purpose. His fortune is not kept in a bank checking account. Swallow a camel &gag on a gnat

Stop the world!! and what reject, fake news station keeps posting the same tweet every 15 minutes it’s NBC the biggest loser corporation in the planet, move to China!!! And today he is making money, while playing golf at his own resort. hapkidogal Kayleigh McEnany the same one that spread Propaganda Lies, Bullshit about BarackObama

Please, what's his PIN? Got a new car...thanks Donnie this is powerful Really NBC? He donates his salary + and this is your report? Meanwhile Nancy not only kept her salary for 40 yrs and filled her pockets with special interest $$$$. BREAKING: Remember America? We do. ImpeachmentDay Dear Nigerian Princes, Tip: Try calling the White House press office.

... you mean the information that is visible on *every single* personal check? oh, the horrors. 📺 Mourning In America Our first CoronavirusLiar ad is here! Let’s make it viral! Trump needs to show this bottle blonde the back door Someone's getting fired I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

Was anyone ever stupid enough to believe that realDonaldTrump would ever give money away to anyone (except maybe Putin)? He spent that today golfing Only the best people. This is probably supposed to distract you from the fact he somewhere playing golf right now🙄 So, how about Trump reimbursing taxpayer dollars spent on Trump's golf trips ?115 Million dollars is 287 years of annual President’s salary

Mar-A-Lago isn’t in an undisclosed location. They’re in the Greater West Palm Beach Yellow Pages. Buffoon PressSec. She finally got a job PressSec is as ignorant as realDonaldTrump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mar a Lago isn't that where the bedbug problem is ? She took religion as her Major.... Banking school was her minor.. give the girl a break

Let’s hope all those talented hackers are on this How about reporting about the culture of sexual harassment at NBC? So he gets the actual money, oops. Great job, firefighters. So lying NBC News spins this story to skip over the main topic (donation of 3 months salary for COVID-19 research) and talk about the President’s personal information being on the check. By trying so hard to belittle his every action they only prove their stupidity once again.

She's a joke. Barely months on the job and already a laughed stock. Morons in charge. Her bottle of blonde dye seeped into her little brain! So what? He's stolen millions from us. Does he also get a tax-deduction for that personal payment (from his Mar a Lago address)? A distraction and everyone jumps on this none news item.

Ah-hem....I reiterate 'dumber than stone' Question is Does she get fired or will she say it was a Fake check If he is a real billionaire, 100k is peanuts for him. If he wants to make a difference he should donate more than $1million. 'I am the new blonde press bimbo and today I want you to know, like I said on day one, I am only going to lie when I am told to, and to show full transparency. To prove my point, here is President Donnie's bank account, check it out, see how much he is taking in as president'.

Buying votes, we need to see a receipt, so we know it actually made it to the intended destination. trumpPullingAFastOne Harvard called. They want their degree back, PressSec. PressSec no one ever said she was firing on all of her 7 cylinders. She is the twit of twits. NBC runs this part but not the part when she torched the media 😆

Trump is a thief, liar, cheat, and Russian collaborator. No wonder he wont show his taxes. Well at least she didn’t show us the nuclear code! So...do you really believe that Trump or his press secretary would show his actual bank account and routing numbers to the press? Only NBC would believe those details are real I guarantee you at the very best, accounts have nothing in them, are closed or not real. Why don't you grow up and do some journalism for a change?

Yes it’s a check.... not his taxes that they are asking for you dumb blond!! Umm so? Not a big deal. It’s probably going to bounce or will be paid by line of credit from Russia. Nothing to see here. MoronInChief why doesn't the media follow the Fynn fiasco? because they were in on it. shameful. Brilliant

That’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to the money fed making/taking from the American taxpayer BUBBLEHEAD IS IN TROUBLE PressSec LOL....PressSec COVIDIOT NBC- Nothing But Crap. Thats amazing. The president donating all of his paychecks back to the government. Send that to Nigeria Don’t worry - not like realDonaldTrump has any money in there.

Only the best people. 🤪 Does it show any tax deductions? & NBC advertised it This guy is up to something. Everyone can't be this stupid. It's a trap Uhhh people hand their checks out with their own personal routing and account numbers ALL the time. This is not a big deal at all. Hahahah this seems like a sore looser's response from , just go, get some ointment for the burn and be prepared to get more....

Hey China and Russian hackers. Did you get the routing numbers and other information? Gee. That was easy. That was nice He makes that much and more with one golf trip to Mar-a -Lago. And we all know he is too busy to golf!! 'Here is the check:' Trump's press secretary shows off president's check, bank info and all Clearly visible was an address for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and other personal details, like accounting and routing numbers.

A check? Really? Why does the president of the United States make use of such an antiquated means of banking 🤭? Congress can subpoena the record of that account Hey PressSec.... Hackers gonna love this 😂😂😂😂 Bunch of idiots! 😂😂😂😂 I wonder who the new press secretary will be. Wow...What a crock....

'Russia, if you're listening...' If he actually paid someone why does she have the check? Its dated 4/21 by the way. Nobody ever said she was bright!!! He hires the best people! Harvard grad. They're not sending their best. Now they are going to blame his empty accounts on hackers. Gotta love her stupidity!!! That's the only positive thing I can say about a dumb blonde bimbo!!!

Kay is really crawling up the back of her boss. She will climb over him for fame anyway she can. I know brains is not the administration's forte. But how long do you think she's going to be there? She, unfortunately, reinforces the stereotype of blondes. Dumb blond in the Whitehouse. She might be looking for another job after this stunt.

Ooops, that's what you get when you hire still another Marla Maples 'look-a-like' with questionable intelligence. 🤪🤔😱 The signature on the Cheque and the specimen on record may not tally. Or there may be specific instructions to identify the transaction permitted by him. And she didn't have a 'Sharpie'?

HillBeverlyhill 🥺 B I M B O, B I M B O - B I M B O, and BIMBO was her name O heels 👠 👠 People still have no idea how checks work.... All this information is on every single cheque sent out by every single company/person in the country... this isnt news, like at all. Of all the news, this is what you focus on? Guess the fact that every MSM news organization got owned by cthagod really stung. He actually conducted an 'interview,' which is what all you so-called Journalists should be doing. Instead you continue to do the DNCs bidding.

Not real bright this blond one. And FakeNews NBC reaches a new low. I find it bizarre that you guys still use cheques. What century is it in America? Roflmao! Whole new levels of stupid. The secret service is going to busy tracking down the financial crimes on this one. Wow, so you intentionally point out how someone can do your dirty work for you? Where 's neon sign that says, 'rob the President?' New low. Anyway, how's it going w/ your homework from slide show? We're all waiting to see if you'll be real journalist & answer them, we'll wait...

🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 realDonaldTrump does not hire the best people. It’s evident every single day. He is stealing enough from the country to cover that I’m sure. Well I don’t know... And if that info wasn’t visible your headline would have been that it was fake. We know your MO. NBC has become a news joke

It's stupid to think that way. No one risks offering anything. Bad for him on the press cameras. It would have been better for all the newspapers to adopt this news. Trump knows it's okay to put this check on the hypocrite's screen. Thanks Kayleigh! Now do his tax returns. NBC finds a way to criticize a charitable contribution. No bias there at all.

No one ever said that they are the sharpest tools in the shed. Do you all scribble out your bank and routing numbers when you write a check? Dumbasses I hope someone worth putting in jail tries to use it. Heads up to Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Barry, Michael, Wingman. Please make my day. Dumb dizzy dame نعم

is promoting criminal behavior by reposting this in the hopes that someone will steal from realDonaldTrump I think these press secretaries get dumber and dumber the longer he is in office. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Dumb and dumber This is the same con artist who misused funds from his fake charity for his pathological narcissism: Donald Trump fined $2m for misusing charity for political ends

Breaking News: Kayleigh McEnany is leaving her post as WH Press Secretary. Lol. Why does she feel the need for show and tell? Whipping around and shuffling papers like that means something good is happening. It makes me chuckle. 🖕WTG NBC. Yards Are you going the fallow up with Obama with the question she laid out for you? Or are you just gonna keep posting this trashy distraction smut... this will back fire cause now everyone will watch that press conference.. TrumpLandslide2020

Total clown show. NBC did their best to amplify it being seen. so i guess the password for trumps account is 'Spanky' Perfect... FunnestBestest Hackers, do your thing. Ok let's keep repeating it and bringing it to the attention of most people who didn't even notice you sick twisted individuals ReportSomethingImportant Like UkraineGate ObamaGate or the all infamous one that got no looking into PizzaGate

Have you asked St. Barack the Infallible about Flynn. Spying and meddling in the 2016 election yet? All the education in the world can’t fix stupid. Not a big deal. Who would WANT to steal the identity of a class-A moron with a double-digit credit score? That's a good gotcha. Congratulations! But it hasn't been sent or cashed.

PressSec THIS is what you’ve chosen to report on? Lol. You can’t make this kind of stupid up. YouAintBlack Why aren’t you talking about Joe and his Black commitment? THAT'S DUMB ON TOP OF DUMB. WHERE THE HELL DID SHE GET HER DEGREE. Bwahahahaha!! What a joke Don’t you feel any shame at all? Focus on his donation to help this country instead of your petty hateful kneejerk reactions to everything he does. FakeNews

She’s a bright one.... Dumb Another last minute visual prop to appeal to his base. Made a copy, enlarged it, and rushed to the podium to tout his generosity. 🙄 Moron. And they said he never had a PressSec that did anything good. Fucking bimbo. lol Barbie isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier She's a bit thick that one

Hahahahaha ha. It is literally Idiocrasy She went to Ha'va'd. She is a gen'us. Whole new meaning to blonde-bimbo! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Damn, are they dumb. Trash all trash Thanks for publishing it!! Nasty media, again. Patriotism She’s a lying phony Another sham. He steals from the American people and profits from office much much more than his annual salary could ever amount to.

PressSec giving WhiteHouse PressConference Now here's a stable genius Really nailed him this time. Don't tell them that this information is on literally every check someone writes. This PressSec might be a bigger idiot than the other ones. Trumpanzees Hahahahahaha You might want to fact check. The numbers on the bottom are the check number 003611, then Capital Ones Routing number then the account number the check was written from-NONE of that is Trumps information. Gaslighting should be illegal! For the love of god are you a news source

Too stupid to live. And yet... This woman is slayin’ y’all I look forward to waking up November 4 from this daily shit show. she didn't, did she? Like there is any money in that account... 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤣 'hire only the best people' News flash -- everyone who ever received a personal check from anyone, including the Presidents of the United States, has received at least their back account information, and likely their personal address. Clearly visible in the response to your 'breaking news' is ignorance.

Why is this news..bank routing numbers are public information, it’s usually the first thing on a banks website...and any check you write includes your account on the front. It’s not like he gave out his debit card and pin.. Oooo lemme get those Where are checks from Pelosi or Obama? You had to make something out of kind gesture.

“I’m going to hire the best people...” The proof of the pudding will be displaying a check that has been cashed. I don't blindly accept that the check will ever be mailed or that it won't bounce. This is Trump we're talking about. And if any hackers who know how to weaponize that information, just did it. These idiots just keep doing extremely dumb things. Wow.

This is what NBC and your Press correspondents are concerned about. If this was what Obama was doing you would be praising him ! Disgusting narrative and why I never watch NBC! Now show the charities he uses to pull the money others donated into his personal accounts ? TrumpIsACompleteFailure She really is that dumb.

pahlrs Ninny Nanny talks fast and changes the subject constantly, but no one has ever accused her of being very bright. Of course it could be a complete fake. There isn’t an intelligent person in this entire administration Mar-a-Lago address is hardly a secret. As far as his bank info, that's not hard for hackers to get either but good luck doing anything and getting away with it

She got the job because she’s smart - apparently What’s the purpose of this tweet NBC? Someone needs to ask her what street the Current Occupant grew up on, and the name of his first pet. Another....well I'll stop there And? Account numbers, addresses and routing numbers are on all checks. This isn’t top secret information here. If you still have checks, look at them. I fail to see what all the butt hurt is about, except he donates his salary. Get out of the bubble wrap, TDS you rubes.

Amateur hour All day every day in the Trump administration realDonaldTrump ICYMI THATS ALL NBC GOT OUT OF THIS?! His address and routing numbers?! Wtf is wrong with the msm lately! They are so desperate for positive spin for Trump BorrelliGerlach She’s a real rocket scientist. I guess a Harvard education ain’t all it’s cracked up to be....

Tax returns, get your tax returns here! My President is always completely transparent and honest! Best President Ever!! Or is it all fake. PressSec WhiteHouse parscale realDonaldTrump It is just a matter of time before the black web uses those numbers you so thoughtfully provided to their adavnatage. It will also be just a matter of time before THE WORLD sees IdiotInChief true balance VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Guess what genius every time you give someone a check they get your address, your routing number and your account number. What’s the big deal here? As press secretary, I swear never to lie 🤣🤣🤣 Mime it Fear is the first step to failure, I never believed bitcoin investment was real until I was introduced to crytolinda and now I'm currently earning $9000 on a weekly basis

Did she just get her diploma :) AWW! Congratulations! Doesn't she look like a high schooler in a gown to you? Me too. This was newsworthy? 🤨 These people are putzes. Truth is shown to World, World just pukes in Reply! Okay liberals. Let’s see you successfully use his info to buy stuff. Let us know how that goes.

Goldie Hawn's Laugh-In personae would be perfect to play Kayleigh McEnany in the TV movie adaptation. Sock it to me. trumpcheck Have at it Russian, Chinese and North Korea hackers! Someone alert those Nigerian-based scam artists!!! This was no mistake. This was a grifter's version of a Go Fund Me effort.

MerriweatherSun Since the entire Crooked tRump misadmin are liars, there’s a possibility that the check is fake. Did anyone verify if it’s a valid acct or bank routing? It could be as fake as the pile of files filled with blank sheets of paper they tried to pass off as tRump’s tax returns. no direct deposit?

My name is Talita and i’m Marina’s mother. She’s a 1 year n 8 month old baby who was born with a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy and needs the most expensive medication in the world. Help share the campaign to get her medication! PLEASE HELP!!🇧🇷 Any time you write a check the recipient has both your account number and routing number. So what?

Lol “Only the best” This is the fucking D team, it’s not going to get any better America TrumpPressConference Impress me when he donates all the money tax payers have paid to his properties for all of his golfing trips. That lil check ain’t shit🤣 Imagine if someone posted the routing numbers on that check~ and it went viral! 😂

Ppl do good deeds in the dark.. not at the podium for votes🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 This kind of reminds me of the wealthy klepotocrats who ran African countries in the 1980s making a big show of donating money to build a school or to help build a hospital. “➡️Deposit bribes money here” You know what he could do in honor of Covid? Cast a wide net for testing & tracing Create a national plan for testing, tracing, supplies, factual data & treatment Pay our essential employees hazard pay Stimulus to the people not corporations! Pay unemployment Step down

It's an account number, no an accounting number. Do you even read your headlines before posting? Can she accidentally reveal his tax returns while they are still being audited? It's good to know the press core is willing to share such details with the public... This is how you know trump's taxes are bad he likes to show off and brag about everything but not his taxes if his taxes were legit they would be part of a White House briefing like this check!!

And here is trump whor$ Is this like sitting down at the bar and reaching for a bill and 'accidentally' dropping an atm receipt within view of the hot woman beside you? A staged bank account reveal to show how rich he is? Lol! If it was real, I suspect hackers will use this info. How stupid! Zoom in to see if it is real or fake.

And here is trump's paid B nothing that can be used malicously was exposed. Presser is a hottie Now get one from him for all the golfing trips. PressSec 👇🏻 MIDDLE AMERICA is subsidising COUNTRY CLUB AMERICA ( OPEN BUSINESS | SAVE JOBS | SAVE LIVES ) The level of stupidity is funny but at the same time very scary.

Blocking your news organizations now. I just have to say how stupid it is your news casters wear masks facing the camera when they aren’t interviewing anyone....the mask protects other people. brittanykastens She certainly has not raised the level of competence in the while House. This is news? It's a check. Of course it has routing and account info. As does every check everyone else in the world writes.

Well ain't that super duper What are you getting at? Are you REALLY gonna fall into the Presidents trap, yet again You FakeNewsMedia fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! You just love stepping in dog shit twice! MAGA Lol The Goldilocks Goebbels will not last much longer hopefully. Then again, I’d hate to miss out on nbcsnl ‘s Heidi Gardner doing a killer impersonation in September.

Too many fails to list from this administration. FAIL!!!!! She could literally be the first women president and I’d be ok with it! $100,000! Isn’t he supposed to be a goddamned billionaire? Give me a fucking break. An obvious venmo signal to Putin. If Obama did this NBC would be praising him. NBC is the enemy of the people!

You can dress up stupid, but you can’t fix it. The stupidity and aloofness of this administration outdoes itself on an almost daily basis... You don't think that is real do you? They know you have zoom lenses lol. She was disgusting today. She's doing what he did in his press briefings. Praising him, bragging about what he's done, still not saying ONE word about the lives lost, etc. No empathy. Dodging questions, changing the subject. Called reporters names, walked out. The new Trump Rally

She is a hot mess Why the hell is she holding the real check? Why is it Trump's business address (of which he said he had severed ties to and was having his sons run it)? This adminstration is beyond dumb. Not only mean and rude to Americans but she is so incompetent that she is a security risk. PressSec couldn’t answer questions and gave a list of what she should be asked! Then she disrespected us by questioning our freedom of religion! Another realDonaldTrump FAILURE!

So dumb didn't joe biden say something extremely racist today? So unbelievably stupid- wait- she works for Trump. Carry on..... Brb I'm going to send some mail . (Just kidding LE dont worry) The check is dated 4/21. Why do they still have it? It's not a donation unless you actually send it. It's not an act....these people are really that dumb.

So, where did the remaining $300,000 of his $400,000 go? Into his personal account or to other government entities or to legitimate charities? I hope somebody hacks the s*** out of that. when someone gives alms to the poor, or donate things to noble causes, wanting to gain something in return, it loses its value in the eyes of God.😕😕 it becomes hypocrecy 😕😕😕 (my opinion)

She is so stupid. Smh Imagine the disappointment of every hacker who jumped on those digits, only to find moths and a few Chapter 11 receipts sitting in his account. You can’t fix stupid 🤷‍♀️ Dumb -Dumber... VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 She was not hired for her brains, but for her allegiance! Nothing but the best....

IDIOTS. If she doesn't lose her job over this, suspect something weird about that. Why would he allow to hold up in front the world? Something is off about that. Tell people don't try anything with that info. I love her! So smart Inside. There you go. I have my employers bank account info, too! Can you believe they were stupid enough to print it on my paychecks?!?!?!

She's one dumb ....... Slow news day? News Flash: He donated the money! Now move on DNC NEWS! I don’t get it. He donates $100K, so what? They did it to see how many in the press pool would attempt to get money out of his account. Umm you can't say enough about the stupidity in that. However I'd like to point out that suuurr trump may donate his quarterly salary but let's not forget trump is the first president allowed to continue operating his business while sending military to stay at his hotels. A ploy

Next weeks press conference will include social security and PIN number...stay tuned Nobody said Pres Sec. Barbie was super smart. She is there to bat her lashes and try to spin horseshit into ice cream. They can't be this stupid How many golf trips have we paid for? Get the fuck out of here. And yet how many 'Senators' have donated their $$ salary? Not even 1!!! Especially those who keep criticizing the President the most!! PRESIDENT Trump keeps on giving!!!

Obama oh how we miss your leadership and intellect You’re doing great, Kayleigh. 🤣 creepy press sec They are not playing. This stupidity is genuine HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You post this stuff, yet you get mad when he calls you fake news hahaha. How about your network answers those questions she asked...better to get out in front now...

At least Steph was smart enough to stay drunk and not speak in public. This twit 🙄 The address he is not allowed to list as a residence and vote from legally? What a dope I watched that and that's not the paper she showed at all. Did NBC photoshop it? Not too smart for a supposed Harvard lawyer. Well she's blonde so ? Hey China if your watching lol

I can't wait till this whole corrupt gang is out of the WH. Their lack of understanding public service is astounding. Big deal he funnels millions in taxpayer money into his own businesses. Kayleigh wasn't hired for her intelligence. she was hired because she's a shameless liar who will say anything to appease trump. she also has plenty of plastic surgery which trump thinks is attractive.

The headline should be: President Trump Donates $100,000 to HHS to find new treatments for coronavirus. Fake news is gonna fake news Nothing like another blonde, bimbo in the WH right KellyannePolls Why didn’t Obama donate his checks? Wait ... what did Obama even do? Criminal justice reform and trade deals.... all done by trump!

Not the brightest bulb

Kayleigh McEnany Is Now Complaining About Bad 'Coverage' Of Trump -- From A ComedianTrump's press secretary blasted Jimmy Kimmel for mocking the president's claim about taking hydroxychloroquine. Isn’t she a little late to be complaining about this now? Nobody cares. We're voting for Joe Biden, we're ready to move on. Fuck Kay-lie Mc Enemy

Trump’s Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much DetailThe check that Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, held up to show that President Trump had donated a quarter of his salary to a government agency appeared to be real — complete with bank account and routing numbers the clownery These people are morons.

President Trump's Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don't Believe in GodPresident Trump's Press Secretary said out loud today ... she senses White House correspondents don't much believe in God, for daring to ask her why the President is defying some governors who do not want churches open this weekend because of the pandemic. And how is that a bad thing?

Pamela Anderson Talks Baywatch Movie, Who She Keeps in Touch With and Clarifies Her Infamous 'Sex Tape'Anderson shares what she thinks made the original show so special and checks her sexual compatibility with 'RHONY' star Ramona Singer on 'Watch What Happens Live.' TooFab Ok TooFab Whoa who is this dog? TooFab

‎Pivot: Spotify’s podcast boom, Amazon checks out JCPenny, Kara loves TikTok and a prediction on Shopify on Apple Podcasts.karaswisher says that TikTok could become a serious competitor to Facebook in a way that other social platforms like Snapchat were never able to. Listen to the full conversation: karaswisher They’ll just buy it. karaswisher My teen daughter agrees with you Kara and makes the following points: “there are so many sides to TikTok it’s always interesting” “I drop TikTok’s into iMessage to show my friends and they do the same and that drives us back to TikTok” “Nobody cares about the China thing” karaswisher How could TikTok spinoff from China?Are you essentially asking founder/CEO to relinquish his Chinese passport?

Harvey Weinstein’s Former Assistant Breaks Her NDA for an InterviewHarvey Weinstein's Former Assistant Breaks Her NDA for an Interview (via JustJared) JustJared SPILL THE BEANS!! JustJared “He forced me to lick his anus after not having showered for several days”. My god this is graphic. How about a warning? JustJared An NDA in this situation should not be allowed.