President Trump's Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don't Believe in God

President Trump's Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don't Believe in God

5/22/2020 10:35:00 PM

President Trump's Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don't Believe in God

President Trump's Press Secretary said out loud today ... she senses White House correspondents don't much believe in God, for daring to ask her why the President is defying some governors who do not want churches open this weekend because of the pandemic.

FOX NewsPresident Trump's Press Secretary said out loud today ... she senses White House correspondents don't much believe in God, for daring to ask her why the President is defying some governors who do not want churches open this weekend because of the pandemic.

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Friday's White House briefing was a s*** show. Trump wants all churches open this weekend, despite the orders from some governors who want them shut because the virus is still out of control in their states.A reporter dared to ask Press SecretaryKayleigh McEnany

if Trump was asking people to defy their governors. She dog-whistled for sure -- urging people to follow Trump's direction and go to church -- but would never squarely say her boss wanted people to defy the governors. Fact is, that's exactly what she's saying.

And, then it got real ... you gotta watch the video. When pressed, she mused that it was interesting these reporters wanted houses of worship locked up like a drum. At least one church-going reporter became indignant.In case you forgot ... there was a church service not too long ago, where 2 people had the virus, and it spread to 30 people in the congregation.

BTW ... Trump is flip-flopping more than a 50-pound tuna that was just reeled in. A few weeks ago he said everything was up to the governors. Now he's saying defy the governors. Read more: TMZ »

Just by their animal like behaviour, lies and arrogance you can tell these so called “journalists” don’t have God in their lives twunt The same way trump doesn’t believe in science I don't think it's fair to say that they all don't believe in God, but I think it's fair to say that the majority of the liberal media don't believe in decency

With her around, believe me there is a god 🙂🙂🙂 BIMBO Fake news Most of them don’t. Another Evil God Said, “Hey fine with me 😉 I save another empty spot in my House” This. Bitch. Mood HCockWilliams ignorant like Comrade Trump... No one is stopping anyone from praying. I didn't realize we had to ask permission to pray!

LOLOLOLOL where’s this clown from I don’t believe in fairytales either however, I would not portend to tell anyone else what they do or do not believe in! You know god is a Republican 🤡🤪 Why should anybody? 🤔 Donald does like them young IRREVELENT. WHAT A CREEP. But didn’t democrats boo God at their DNC?

Closing line of the article 👌🏼 notabot OpenUpAmerica Fake news! Is Kim Jung Un dead? Love how she keeps them in line She's an angel...Harvey, you'll smoke a turd in hell for talkin' shit about her. PressSec Kind of seems that way. JFC. Why would u believe in something u never seen? They believe in God but they don't believe in you. Or your boss or his administration. It's way to early to be that close to other people. This virus is real.

Nope, they just don't believe her. No she didnt, just watch the whole thing...reporters lost their fung minds that a president was protecting the first amendment and she said she was shocked You can pray every day of the week you don't need a church to do it. Trump is only doing this because he thinks it will please his followers. He doesn't even GO TO CHURCH!

She’s a pig Stick to celebrity gossip, TMZ. US news is so entertaining.. What’s so horrible about not believing in god? Why can’t the weirdos just read the Bible and pray at home? That's not all she said!! She asked them to do their job. So selective what you decide to report on...Pathetic!! FakeNewsMedia

Well, she should know since she works for the devil. She is the best!!! Alway nonsense with TMZ 😐 Talking snakes, micrales a plenty, sacrifices to said lort.. sounds like a bunch of Hocus Pocus to me.. 🧙‍♂️ Biden tells black people they ain’t black if they refuse to vote for him and you guys refuse to cover it? I’m done with TMZ. Ridiculous group of Aholes parading as gossip journalists. Is Biden paying you guys like the Kardashians?

YouAintBlack Seriously she never saod that!! This is what is wrong with the media!! Ok so people just stopped praying because of a building... pray meditate or whatever whenever anytime.. stop making it complicated folks For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Press pool meet mean girl She did a good job handling all them devil's . The way I see church is where ever you take time out to pray it can be anywhere so to all you fake holy rollers need to stop churches aren't the same anymore ain't that right creflo Dollar people are more concerned about $ Not true. How is KimJungUn

Sigh! Hi guys, this would mean THE WORLD to me. Small YouTuber trying to grow here. Please support and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel via video link below featuring my latest fashion LOOKBOOK. Thanks guys! Here's the LINK ↓↓ YouTuber Oh geez, she was being bombarded with the religion question. How many times does she have to answer the same question? Come on Harvey! Maybe try not slumming sometime. She’s in water with a bunch of sharks! PressSec DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

That's because they are liberal controlled and brought by Geo. Soros. Fair question/suggestion I think this one drank The Clorox. She is having a very slow painful death here isn’t she. To quote the president “sad” She acts just like trump...doesnt let the one reporter talk...what a bimbo Is she wrong? True, America 🇺🇸 been rejected God throughout the years.

Click Bait. Go away TMZ. God believing Democrats in 2020. LOCKTRUMPUP She’s right. Tmz you are so dishonest.. you know that's not what she said but you know your followers are sheep so you could say anything and they will believe it.. sad I swear this entire presidency has been nothing but an embarrassment to this country and anyone who feels differently is an embarrassment as well

Why are they pushing GOD on anyone Not everyone believes the same, doesnt make them any less! When “christians” are the biggest war mongers and spread hatred! Damn, the conspiracy theorist, qanon morons are full effect today. Correct , because not one of them thinks that churches should be opened ! They are all hacks that just go along with the bullshit

She is right, most are God hating pieces of 💩! My opinion This is a completely false headline. She didn’t say that. The “journalists” were hounding her with the same question and she stated it seemed as if they didn’t want them to open or people to worship. Stop with the spin! She was speaking directly to the Trump base, just as Trump was when he announced churches would reopen Election2020

Kayla McEnemy Learn to love thy neighbor , not just the ones in a man made building . Where they shake hands and cut the same person off in the parking lot .. I was taught God is with you all the time . They should probably act like it then. Boy- this lady can kick some ass. fakenews watch the video for yourself my peoples.

President Trump's Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don't Believe in God? Ha,ha!!!!!!!! Uh, no. That's a bit silly. For Months, or even YEARS, there will ALWAYS be a risk for gatherings. If YOU, YOURSELF, do not feel comfortable taking those risks then you should not attend. Well what's the issue she's right actually

That’s because that unlike our President they are intelligent and believe in science That’s not what she said, but ok. She is a beaut! she needs SOMETHING to distract from her holding up trumps private banking information live on television... where do they get these nitwits? So Trump jump from the messiah to God maybe that’s why they don’t believe?

Only the sheep believe what comes out of that mouth anyway so who cares. tcevans87 Well the good ones anyway 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is hilarious seeing her boss is such a good ‘Christian’. It’s true That's a fact That’s probably because they report on fact not fiction.. That’s not what she said. Then again the truth doesn’t get clicks.

Quality shit, we've got a bleached blond bimbo stripper fighting with journalists...throw a bottle of peroxide and some Adderall to distract her... These dummies are creating more chaos in the country Lmao if God’s gonna be disappointed in anyone it’s NOT the reporters 👀 The office is a complete joke Most don’t, that’s because they are Communists. Communism and Religion can not coexist.

TMZ is 🚮 Nope not until they pay tax So?!? She didn’t say that. She was questioning them on why they didn’t want the churches to be open but she never said they don’t believe in god She's just a child, nothing more. OK AND?🤔🤔🤔 Can’t imagine anyone at this point caring what anyone in that administration thinks.

How ignorant as always! As if Trump is a Christian. Reporters don’t believe in reporting the actual news.. they believe in pushing their agenda. She's horrible. Lmfao she got her job by lying about the size of Trumpitos junk. What else did you expect from PressSec ...ok...? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Love her I mean people believe anything so I could see them believing in God.. She and 45 need to attend church together tomorrow ....without mask on FakeNews She’s vomit Trump said that they should be declared essential, (just like grocery stores). If they can congregate safely together with safety protocols present, they should be allowed. She reiterated this, the press blew up, just for suggesting it. She called them out on it. End of story.

Too bad tmz didnt let kayliegh finish . She successfully blasted the liberal media. Oops i forgot tmz liberal t.v. reporting. Fake news They act pretty godless. Lying to the american people daily to manipulate us is pretty evil. Telling the truth knowing the power of your position is what would be considered right here and reporters most of them are filthy. But hey, I’ve only been keeping track of the lies 15 yrs

I’m guessing most don’t believe in God. She answered the question properly it's just cause the media and Demo Rats have Shit for Brains. That because she and the rest of them are going to hell! I'm sure they'll find some supporters to follow them Oh interesting twist CNN/. She did not suggest they don't believe in God. She 'suggested' that she was in a room with a bunch of people that did not want churches open. In other words DemTurds.

Yet she always rocks the cross and hair that indicates she just gave some head .... People have ALWAYS been allowed to pray. They’ve been asked not to gather in large groups. There’s a difference. No one is stopping anyone from praying. This administration is ridiculous 😏 Love her! They dont You can pray at home and have virtually congregation. Corona dont give a damn about a church. These pastor are going broke and they need their sheep to keep giving them money.

Separation of church and state. Stop subsidizing churches too. I don’t. So what. Lol. Who does I believe that; GOD is your FAITH..... Just say her name. She has more followers than you do. Clown! PressSec & Neither does she Joe Biden suggests if u don’t vote for him your not black! No. Thats not what she suggested and you are complete liars for putting out such a misleading headline. then again, its tmz so - what can you expect.

She said the reporters have failed to cover the OBAMAGATE Even TMZ was part of liberal media covering all former presidents BarackObama atrocities As a friend once told me, let Trump’s followers go to church. 😉 No she didn’t What’s the big deal? I don’t believe in that fairy tale 🤷🏻‍♀️ laughteristhebestmedicine

Fake news They don't to they all scum Do they? And must press secretary be a woman? What they believe in Ghandi? Which god would that be Another Trump/ Trump team bashing story🙄 Where’s the story on Joe Biden and his latest gaffe? Yeah I didn’t think so😡 She's right She destroyed the press. If other things such as Walmart, casinos and planned parenthood are open, church better be open on Sunday. 🙌🏿

Once again, liberal left gets it wrong! Certainly do not believe in yourself, that's for sure Well, let them open the churches and see if their beliefs can help them pray the virus away when they all get sick. Just don't use the science of our doctors to help u get better! I don't care what she suggests because she's a woman. Yet I will say she is quite beautiful and should send me lewd photos of herself. I would appreciate one with only breast and one with her bare bottom and breast in one.

Your article is patently false. No, it's🐘s who act like God doesn't exist. 🐘s only act like they worship satan whose an ah&le, two cheeks one hole, nothing special, every, human, has a set of those. No, it's🐘s who act like God doesn't exist. 🐘s only act like they worship satan whose an whole, two cheeks one hole, nothing special, every, human, has a set of those

She's so hot. 🔥🔥🔥 Of course she and they don't. People pray don't have to be in church to worship or pray!! Girl bye did jesus wear bad makeup and bleach his hair and support caging human beings? i think not Everyone who works tmz is a moron Pathetic TMZ she doesn't once say that but once again you have to do anything to not support this administration. She was very clear on the White House’s position that they feel that churches should be allowed to open according to the federal guidelines.

These press conferences can certainly drift off the rails rather rapidly. She also asked them to do some real journalism yawn PressSec What ever happened to the day where the press sec just answered the questions asked instead of being a smart ass or acting like the victim that they had to open their mouth and their brains fall out? I miss the days when we had intelligent press secretaries.

God isn’t real. But religion is You’re Americans, you have that freedom to believe in whatever you want or not. It’s not even an issue, I respect your choice just keep your communities safe and practice in your own house. Oh, that KimJongDonnieDotard & the Feeble Weebles. Not a bad looking broad, though !

It would be nice if they actually supported Lucifer but they’re just usually nihilist WASPs and Jews. I don’t believe in GOD, I believe in TMZ ! 🤢 ugh, even fucking worse ! This is news? All Drive-by Media types have been atheists since they took up Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, Planned Parenthood tropes in college. God? They all belong to the Church of Satan. Or all most a witches coven. No demon can serve two devils...

obviously This lady is unreal. She is straight fire. She makes me want to be a republican!!! Love her! Keep up the great work! Nice try! Keep up the terrible work! You’re good at it. PressSec is an absolute nutjob. Anyone who believes in god should be embarrassed. Isn't it more important to believe in the care of Americans lives right now than God?

If there was a God. he would snatch that big wig off Your head........... And make Donald Trump a supervisor............ at McDonald's. Pukel She didn’t say that. Here we go again putting words in people’s mouths. I believe in God! And if I was there, I would be asking the same type of questions. Is it safe to re-open now? Are atheists the only people who would ask such questions?

When will we be allowed to return to church. This is probably a smart way to refuel the economy because tithes aren't being given. Churches can open if casinos can open I bet tweety trump is trying to grab her by the pussy!!! I don’t recall these same reporters asking the powers that be why places like Planned Parenthood and liquor stores were deemed essential and remained open. Why is it they seem so emotionally invested in keeping churches closed? 🤔

This woman is completely incompetent. She can’t answer the questions. She then gives a list of acceptable questions? PressSec America was founded on religious freedom. Go to Hell! I can worship the devil if I want to. Did Biden say anything controversial today? How does she know who believes in god. I don’t think she believes in god. Now what?

Now TMZ is fake news 😂 TMZ is trash. She never suggested the reporters don’t believe in god. Watch the video. In fact, she takes their questions like a champ. Coming from someone who speaks for satan? That’s rich She is awesome 👏🏽 Yeah there was a huge pandering to evangelists today after it was shown that he was losing traction with religious people. Makes you think that Trumps administration is directing and coordinating with OANN. Which they are.

Neither does Trump... Good for her!! You are young and blonde..the presidents have no clue ... There is no God...for merica 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We have to align with the devil to make that kind of statement! She got a purdy mouth. 🍆 Those who actually think the orange man is a god fearing Christian are delusional. There's another agenda and it ain't cause he wants people to worship this supposed God. In all honesty I didnt listen to the press conference and I'm jumping in clueless which is norm these days

So? I believe they don't either. So they do? PressSec People don’t have to go to church to pray. You obviously aren’t a spiritual person or you would know this already. outofyourleague They aren't happy she gave them homework on a holiday weekend. See if anyone answers 1 of the 5 questions she posed.🤣

I mean to be fair I’m sure some of them don’t She’s a ROCKSTAR! Worship where ever you are daily. In coming “fake news” comments I don’t think that was the statement she made, but sure. True they don’t IHitThat This is what you got out of today’s verbal bashing of piss poor journalists?!? Not even some of the issues she shed light on? TMZ, you are a joke!

Which god? Oh stfu filth Fake News 🤔 That is a very gross assumption! PressSec you’re really on a short tight leash from Fake president trump saying that bullshit 0/10 Cynical/Miserable folks in media? Shocked! Well, they don’t act like they believe in God! Well, they are God-less scum... And who cares if they do or not lmao. Why does that matter at all....

Wrong no that’s not what she suggested but I am sure she would be right if she did suggest it Zero stories on Joe Biden's YouAintBlack misstep today🧐 Reaching for straws when she has no answers. True. They are atheists many of them...only believe in facts as if their existence is not fact enough to prove that someone created them...peew😡

Damn PressSec is feisty. She doesn’t put up with the fake outrage and journalists shit. Isn’t that why God invented televangelists, so, you don’t have to go to church? Just another bobble head spewing his bullshit so that she could be 'part of something' .... This is not something to be proud of. I see we went from bad to worst.

prayer never stops ..carry on Praying is something you can do anywhere and it does not involve passing a deadly virus. Post is complete BS! She clearly did NOT suggest they do not believe in God! She’s probably right! 😂 I think you are fulled with hatred. Aren’t you tired of ruining people’s life. Kaylie Macaroni has been saying ridiculous shit on CNN for years and is not worthy of the coverage she gets.

Judge not the you be judged As is their right protected by the Constitution. But since she had probably never read the Constitution and he’s doing everything to burn it, I am not surprised she would come to that conclusion. that's like regressing tho, that's what i've been forgetting. how he stands for who

Is it a crime? You don't need a church to pray 🤦🏼‍♀️ Here comes the loud mouth JudgeJeanine and FoxNews to defend the president and his administration again Silence about the VP Joe Biden remark 🤔youaintblack Why the hell is McEnany bringing up the 1st Amendment?! This is NOT a 1st Amendment issue! It's about safety. I guess nobody told her about what happened in Arkansas not too long ago.

PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING STOPPED FROM WORSHIPING OR PRAYING... YOU CAN PRAY ANYWHERE... YOU DON'T NEED A SPECIAL BUILDING Ugh this little freak! Same thing the liberal media says about Conservatives. Zero tweets about Biden today. Naw that orange dude don’t believe in GOD! He is the devil himself! She also suggested TMZ is a credible news outlet 😳 naaaaaaah

Make no mistake about it, the Rodeo Clowns who work for tmz seriously believe they know everything The idiots that work for tmz not only have imaginary degrees in medicine, they are also experts in Theology. Lmao, idiots Yet they convinced the dummies that Donald does 😂 Someone should ask her if she believed in God especially with her pass life style? Someone should ask her if her Racist husband believes in God? Someone should ask her if her kids believe in God. They could never be this evil an believe in God. So she's talking a load of crap

She suggested they didn't want to see churches open, you propagandist......BTW, since you're in the race game. Have you seen or reported on this. If they do or don’t that’s literally their right; so in actuality she said nothing important. Nothing. Wow If your scared of the virus don’t go if you want worship in a group then go! Pretty easy

And is there something wrong with not believing? She is the biggest deflector bullshitter of them all - congrats Kaylee - you made it 😂😂 I didn't realize I had to pray in a church building. God sure is strict lol 🙄 Politics aside she's fine af Well there is no surer way to get closer to God* than dying. And there’s no surer way to spread a pandemic than to pack people in together when cases are not subsiding. *God is a fictional character.

Because this trash believe in something else than her ego?! Bet she has a nice booty hole BE YOUR OWN CHURCH. Many don’t!!! They don’t. No one that supports abortion and homosexuality could say they actually believe in God. They don’t and they admit it Of course Trump2020LandslideVictory Dear Lord... please don’t do it, just let this one go, Amen. (takes a sip of my ice water)

Fck that btch DUMBO that pres sec is a pretty one! Yep because that’s the Christian way to think! Liarsandracists so fucking what if they don't! no she didn't. dumb headline Why is this being reported? Her comment has nothing to do with anyone or anything. She's a nothing. A nobody. Ignore her. According to Wikipedia: While in law school, McEnany appeared on CNN as a paid commentator and although not initially a supporter of Donald Trump, went on to support him in the 2016 presidential election.

Shes the devil herself ! 😂 Which god was she referring to? The dudes have feminine mannerisms and the chicks hate real men .and they both HATE CHRIST! (LEFTIST MEDIA ) You mean believe in God like this FakeChristians that support Trump do? SHES AWESOME!!! We have been praying..that's why you're opening up churches

I can go down so many different avenues with this.... She said nothing like that. Which from a point of view is accurate as some Reporters are Atheists, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, etc. I guess the key to this idiot (presssec), is that reporters don’t believe in BAAL - the orange god of Aaron (brother of moses) and Parscale ( he who raids the reelection funds of realDonaldTrump )

Please investigate pizzagate and comet ping pong. Also why does joe Biden touch so many kids? Did Obama break any laws with the general Flynn case? Write about this stuff please But They dont So this is where we are - they believe in facts and not Trump's lies, so they must not believe in God. Well I was once a reporter - you can ask my pastor.

Well, they DO continually perpetrate misinformation and lies. Do they? She needs to get dicked down by a black guy Earth? If so, who cares? Wait till they find out God is black! They don't though. 😈 I suggest she slept her way to the top. Who's going to believe in God, what with all these bad things happening for years, even with people praying now or for life.

Puke Well............ This Sunday? I pray every day no matter where i am,and i know God listens. You should try it sometime. She can barely keep a straight face. TMZ, there are lots of interesting stuff that Kayleigh said during her press conf. Yet you pick this one only. Typical! And that’s a bad thing because?

Reporters should believe facts and god being mythological is a fact. Who cares? Its a free country. Not true Don't call yourself a Christian if you need a church to pray. The White House Press Corps is so lazy with their questions Oh boy Because trump goes to church every Sunday & Wednesday night, lol...I can't count the number of times I've saw video of him carrying a bible, because it's NEVER happen

I don’t because I’m an adult. a woman working for trump is calling the reporters Godless Whores.. LOL I’m a proud Atheist. She’s awkward, hard to watch her presentation. Not sure if it’s her mannerisms, her tone of voice or her face Some of them don't many on the left don't Well, fuck her. Who cares if they dont believe in god. This world could use alot less religion.

That’s true also JoeBidenIsARacist And yet another ploy to manipulate people into voting for trump, because what he demands churches open he believes in God! Not falling for that! Vote Blue! I don't believe in God, who cares lol What about the one she works for in that case? God's everywhere. You don't have to be in a church to pray to him.

And why do you need to be in a church to worship God? Think he will be sitting in a pew Sunday? TMZ with the garbage fake news 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ She destroyed them all They want me to part it out and slowly throw it away. Cause we like to take things apart.. NobelMuseum Good for her. When you’re trying to divert the attention away from Biden saying republicans “ain’t black”! 😆

What about the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? Or UNICORNS? They can’t pray from HOME? And its got wheels so i can roll it like im traing Kaepernick7 OMG. She is an idiot just like donnie They don’t believe in truthful journalism either! And how is that a bad thing?

Trump claims he wore mask at Ford plant but didn't want press to see - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Pathetic He's lying Lol i love seeing your heads explode

What happens if President Donald Trump catches coronavirus?He's taking an unproven medication but not wearing a mask. What would happen if President Donald Trump falls ill with coronavirus? Stuff happens

Ukraine’s President Finally Delivers Favor Trump Was Impeached OverTrump's Ukraine scheme is back to being what it started as: grist for generating headlines that imply some kind of wrongdoing by Joe Biden. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait I would rather you end the article with: stay logged. jonathanchait oh, no, that poor horse is dead. stop beating it. please, for the love of god, just stop beating it. jonathanchait Oh have you actually listened to all the Nabu tapes yet, because it kind of sounds like an illegal quid pro quo between Joe Biden and the president of Ukraine.

President Trump has a choice to make about overturning Obama-era student loan ruleThe president now has 10 days to make a choice: Either sign the legislation and affirm that his Education Secretary made a mistake by attempting to overturn the Obama-era rule or veto the bill and risk a political fight over debt relief in the middle of a pandemic. Trump will find a third and much worse option.

Trump Is The Most Anti-Conservation President In History, Analysis FindsThe Trump administration has worked to weaken safeguards for nearly 35 million acres — nearly 1,000 times more than it's protected. Trump must resign!!! B/c wildlife can't vote That’s not news, he’s been doing that since day he got in office!

Ford asked Trump to wear mask during visit, Pres. Trump removed mask while in publicFord asked Pres. Trump to wear a mask while touring production plant Shaq Brewster says, “They [Ford] said, ‘Bill Ford encouraged Pres. Trump to wear a mask when he arrived. He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs … the president later removed the mask.'” shaqbrewster The mask was tied to a Ukrainian national with whom Trump had a phone conversation mentioned in the dossier that implicated Russian collusion that ...... Wait, what? He just didn't wear a mask, after he already tested negative the same day? You're running out of good stories here shaqbrewster Glad he wore a mask 😷 2 protect the 🚗 shaqbrewster Ford should be selling lots of those GTs Trump looked at. To all Trump's rich buddies who grabbed the Trillions in PPP money. Everyone else will be riding a Bike.